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8 Best Earbuds For Under $100

Best Earbuds For Under $100

The best earbuds for under $100 found here offer the finest beats in the business. They possess some great features that are definitely worth every penny you spend on them. And if your budget is limited to the lowest 3-digit figure, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll surely be able to find just the companion you’re looking for. What’s more, we’ve plucked the best ones from various companies that are at the forefront as far as sound is concerned. So all you brand loyalists out there, take your pick.

1 – Shure SE215:

Shure SE215

Emerging from the house of Shure, this premier entrant slides onto the scene packed with a Dynamic MicroDriver. And if you love detailed sound sprinkled with enhanced bass, then this pair is just the delight you’ve been looking for. Complete with a detachable cable, it proffers sound isolating sleeves that help block up to 37dB of ambient noise. And while the sensitivity reads as 107dB SPL/mW, the frequency range and impedance are stated as 22Hz – 17.5kHz and 20ohms, respectively.

For a comfortable fit, the company throws in a Fit Kit that includes a trio of sizes namely small, medium and large. The earphones come dressed in 2 hues, clear and translucent black as well as a 2-year limited warranty.

Price: $90

2 – Astro A*Star:

Astro A*Star

Want to show off a trendy pair of earphones that looks and makes you feel like a million bucks? Then we suggest you take a peek at this particular inclusion in our earbuds for under $100 roster. You’ll be able to get your hands on a peripheral that sports a bold design and dipped in black, silver or white. It features an in-line medallion with mic, answer/hang up button and volume dial as well as a PC splitter, flat tangle-resistant cables and a trio of ear gel sizes for that perfect fit, irrespective of the user.

According to the developer, the audio solution will slice through any noisy inferno blaring in the background, taking the audio aspects of videos, mobile games and music, to new heights. The frequency range and impedance read as 20Hz – 20,000Hz and 32ohms, respectively.

Price: $79.99

3 – V-Moda Remix Remote:

V-Moda Remix Remote

Here’s another trendy treat for all you fashionistas out there. ‘Don’t just hear the music, feel it,’ says the brains behind this endeavor. Listen as each song pulsates with vibrant bass and sound clarity. There’s even a built-in 3-button remote and high fidelity, omni-directional microphone to avail of here. It’s also fitted with a 9mm V-Masque high-definition dynamic driver, V-Port air flow system and company’s Bliss noise-isolating technology.

Enjoy the club scene or a stage performance live in your head. Tipping the scales at just 17g, the peripheral features soft silicone ear tips and frequency response of 5Hz – 24kHz. The color options extended to this puppy are chrome, blush, rouge and nero.

Price: $79

4 – Klipsch Image S4:

Klipsch Image S4

By parting ways with just $50, you’ll be able to procure a shiny Klipsch piece of art. It’s aimed at those audiophiles who are on the lookout for a long-term wear solution that offers a comfortable fit. Endowed with a noise-isolating design and angled nozzle, the gadget provides 3 different ear tips as well as a nifty storage case.

Weighing in at just 11.9g, the sensitivity, impedance and frequency response read as 110dB SPL/mW, 18ohm and 10Hz – 19KHz, respectively. Dressed in a pristine white or sleek black finish, this contender in our earbuds for under $100 array is perfectly compatible with your iPhone, iPod or any MP3 device.

Price: $50

5 – Bose IE2 Audio:

Bose IE2 Audio

One glance at this pair and the only thing that may flow through your mind is how alien-like it appears. Well, that’s because it’s blessed with an advanced design which is accompanied by unique StayHear tips. The latter further helps hold the buds in place while you exercise at the gym or jog down the street.

You can even pair the peripheral with an iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone. It also comes with a TriPort acoustic headphone structure, better in-ear stability and small, medium and large removable silicone tips. You can pick up the sleek item splashed in a black or white hue.

Price: $99

6 – Sony Premium EX:

Sony Premium EX

Could any earbuds for under $100 list be complete without the mention of a Sony spectacle? Well, this particular choice seems to be just the thing audiophiles need for grooving to all their favorite tunes anywhere, anytime. Also known as MDREX310LP, it cuts out all unwanted noise, leaving behind pure musical notes sprinkled with pristine audio quality. You’ll be spoiled for choice as the company packs in 3 sizes of noise isolation earbuds as well as 4 sizes of hybrid earbuds. Featuring 13.5mm driver units, it also proffers a frequency response of 5Hz – 25,000Hz and impedance of 16ohms.

Price: $77

7 – Logitech Ultimate Ears 500:

Logitech Ultimate Ears 500

‘Never miss a beat’ with this particular inclusion sitting firmly into your ears. Sporting a stylish micro-design appearance, it even forays onto the scene with Comply foam tips, which aid in blocking out background sound.

The soft silicone ear cushions are presented in 5 different sizes that range from XXS to L. You’ll also be able to perceive an integrated microphone and on-cord controls for toggling between your phone calls and music.

Price: $53

8 – urBeats:


The final product to be featured here jumps right out from the barnyard of Beats by Dr. Dre. All those of who are familiar with this brand will know exactly what to expect from this spectacular gem. And making it all the more appealing is its ‘under $100’ price tag. The maker has fashioned the audio accessory using precision-machined single-billet metal.

Attached with the line ‘made to take a beating,’ you can give it the rough treatment, which seems like a perfect treat for those of you who simply love the great outdoors. The earbuds also wear an in-line control microphone cable and come in with 4 pairs of ear tip fittings.

Price: $99


So there you have it, the best earbuds for under $100. You can expect to get your hands on some of the acme choices out there without having to completely empty out your piggy bank. All you got to do is save a hundred dollar bill and go get the audio accessory you’ve always wanted. Then plug in, sit back and listen to all your favorite tunes in a state of complete aural bliss. And if you’ve found your tech pal, do give them a mention right here. We’ve also listed out the best headphones that are available within this very same price cutoff.