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10 Best Droid Incredible Apps

Best Droid Incredible Apps

Wondering why we are out with a list of the best Droid Incredible apps, when devices like Galaxy Nexus are making their way into the market? Well, because no matter which smartphone enters the tech realm, the Droid Incredible from HTC continues to be a benchmark device. And why only this HTC phone, these Android apps are equally apt for any other Android smartphone under the sun. Take a look.

1 – Paper Toss:

Paper Toss

We decided to keep all the angry birds out of our list of Droid Incredible apps and concentrate on other games that the Android Market had to offer. And we came across Paper Toss, the virtual version of the popular game from workplaces.

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All you have to do is toss a crumpled piece of paper directly into the wastebasket and kill boredom at the same time. It includes different difficulty levels which include varying fan speeds.

2 – Handcent SMS:

Handcent SMS

So you are not particularly a fan of the built-in messaging application of your Droid Incredible then allow us to suggest an app that will replace the current embedded offering. One of the most popular messaging apps, Handcent also supports MMS along with text messages.

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It can also be integrated with the Handcent online account and comes with a security feature that lets you assign passwords for individual or all messages saved in your device. Available in more than 20 languages, it also adheres to messaging protocols of most countries.

3 – Pandora Internet Radio:

Pandora Internet Radio

All Droid Incredible users who also happen to be music lovers would want to possess their own personalized radio service on their phone and the Pandora application will let you have exactly that.

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Type in the name of your favorite artists, composers, or songs and the app will automatically create a radio station especially for you which will play the kind of music you prefer. And what’s more, it streams music to your phone free of charge.

4 – Fx Camera:

Fx Camera

Taking our assortment of Droid Incredible apps a bit further is the Fx Camera application that will enhance the quality of pictures you take from this HTC offering. It perfectly complements the 8MP camera of the phone and gives you an option to click pictures with various effects such as ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Warhol and Normal.

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This application basically eliminates the hassles of editing images after clicking.

5 – Astro File Manager:

Astro File Manager

This file manager is one of the most essential applications for your Droid Incredible device as it lets you manage digital content like pictures, videos, music and more. Besides organizing your data and facilitating easy browsing through it, the Astro app also allows you to stop applications and processes which utilize your battery life.

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And with the recently added themes, you can also personalize the application by downloading icon sets of different shades.

6 – Kik Messenger:

Kik Messenger

The developers of this application are confident that you will fall in love with it. And why not, the app comes with some pretty fun features such as private picture sharing, group chat as well as instant notifications. This cross-platform messenger is quite fast and lets you access offline messages and push notifications amongst others.

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Promising a life-like chatting experience, this free app is also pleasing to the eye at the same time.

7 – Google Maps:

Google Maps

With Google Maps downloaded to your Droid smartphone, you will never require a paper map again. And well, you will never end up losing your way in a region you’re not much familiar with. Its voice-guided GPS navigation system efficiently directs you to the desired location and its Places feature not only lets you find, but also rate and recommend locations to other users. Additionally, you can check-in at places to keep a track of all cool places you have visited.

8 – Opera Mini Web Browser:

Opera Mini Web Browser

The next application on our roster of Droid Incredible apps should ensure that you do not end up spending more on data charges. No more will you have to wait for that web page to load as the Opera Mini web browser compresses it and utilizes only one-tenth of the data compared to other browsers.

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Featuring a refreshed interface, it supports most websites including Google, Yahoo, Facebook and more. And with support for pinch to zoom and its smooth panning capabilities, you will find this intuitive application extremely easy to use.

9 – Twitter:


Not many will deny that Twitter has given an all-new meaning to freedom of expression, what with users including celebrities using it as a medium to put across their points. And this application is available for your Droid Incredible through the Android Market.

This official application displays updates from friends and all those you are following and lets you tweet, retweet, share pictures and web pages, send private messages and much more. So download this application and keep a tab of all the trending topics.

10 – Google Translate:

Google Translate

The final app on our roster is Google Translate which lets you communicate in as many as 63 different languages. With Droid Incredible in tow, and this application loaded on the phone, you can translate words and phrases by typing or speaking it into the phone and receive a verbal translation in real-time.

You can also store translations and access them when you are offline. Moreover, it features the conversation mode so you can speak to a person with the assistance of the speech-to-speech translation.

So that’s our list of the best Droid Incredible apps that we think will transform your beloved smartphone. Do rate these apps in the comment box below once you are done using them on your HTC phone.