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7 Best Drawing Software

Best Drawing Software

Unleash the Picasso within by exploiting the best drawing software options we’ve listed out just below. All those tech-savvy artists can now trade in their paints, pencils, brushes and easels for any of our artistic picks which can be availed directly on the PC or any portable device while on the go. You can bet if Leonardo da Vinci or Vincent van Gogh were currently walking among us, they would certainly have spent their days creating masterpieces using just these gems. Wondering what’s so special about the applications? Well, read on.

1 – Manga Studio:

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Manga Studio

Want to recreate those wide-eyed, kimono-clad characters gracing the manga comics? Well, Manga Studio will allow you to do just that with the virtual brush. With some practice, you’ll soon be able to sketch out fantastic drawings quite similar to the ones portrayed across anime and manga comics like Naruto, Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club and One Piece. Take advantage of inking tools, focus and speedline effects, integrated color palette, print-ready screen tones, add speech balloons, advanced shading tools and pattern brushes. Manga Studio Debut 4 and EX 4 are priced at just under $50 and $300, respectively.

2 – CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6:

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CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6

The vector graphics editor known as CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 makes its way next into our drawing software roster. It ports along a whole slew of great tools that allows you to create works of art, all on a virtual canvas. Some of these features include professional graphic design tools, website design software, content-rich images and fonts, and photo-editing capabilities.

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According to the developer of this application, ‘you have everything you need to express your style and creativity with endless possibilities.’ You can also give yourself a shot of confidence by availing of built-in help, professionally designed templates and training videos. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 can be yours by parting ways with just under $500.

3 – Artweaver:


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Prepare to splash your creativity across your Windows-infused PC with a little help from Artweaver, of course. You’ll be able to dabble in a wide range of painting tools which lets you experiment with colors or create sketches from photos. And if you’re a professional, you can always take advantage of more intense options such as effect filters, group layers, classic effects and support for the PSD file format.

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Artweaver comes in 2 versions namely a free one that can be acquired without shelling out a penny, and the Plus version which bears a cost of €29.

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4 – OpenCanvas:


The computer graphics software program known as OpenCanvas is the brainchild of Portalgraphics and calls on all artists to ‘draw, enjoy and be fascinated.’ This particular entrant in our drawing software array even lets you record/replay your complete drawing procedure. It’s been blessed with a simple, user-friendly interface and comes complete with various layers, tones and filters as well as realistic brush, watercolor and fountain pen strokes. Compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Vista, OpenCanvas can be picked up for a price of just under $60.

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5 – Skencil:


The free software interactive vector drawing application christened simply as Skencil is a great option to rely on especially when you are on the lookout for flexible diagram and illustration tools. Some of its major attributes read as transformed text and images, gradient fills, bézier curves, blend groups, ellipses and the ability to write EPS files. Some of the platforms that currently support the software are FreeBSD, Solaris 8, 9, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. And did we mention that it’s absolutely free to use Skencil?

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6 – DrawPlus:


So what if you aren’t that good at drawing or painting? You can always try your hand at doing it on a virtual platform and who knows, you might be able to create interesting works of art. Well, aiding you in this endeavor is the DrawPlus drawing and graphics software solution that comes to the forefront absolutely free of cost. This inclusion in our drawing software lineup also boasts of including quite a few attributes like blend modes, realistic pen, brush and pencil tools, and text on a path. As the maker reveals, this program comes in quite handy while designing creative print projects and web graphics. DrawPlus is compatible with PC infused with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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7 – Autodesk SketchBook:

Autodesk SketchBook

After putting a smile on the faces of computer owners, we now bring an interesting app known as Autodesk SketchBook to iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android-powered device users. It’s noted to be a professional-grade paint and drawing application that comes packed to the hilt with different sketching tools as well as an intuitive user interface.

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YouTube video

A few features embedded here include multitouch interface, high quality brushes and tools, layers and even an integrated SketchBook News panel. So whether you’re on the bus, at the airport departure lounge or lazing around at home, you can simply pull out your handy gadget and begin creating splendid works of art. The Pro iOS and Android versions of Autodesk SketchBook are priced at $1.99 and $4.99, respectively.


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All the aforementioned best drawing software choices will certainly appeal to you, irrespective of whether you’re a professional artist or an amateur who simply loves to dabble in drawings and the like. And all you need to avail of these goodies is just a Windows, Mac or Linux-based computer or a portable device that’s infused with iOS or Android.

So which ones have you decided to try the next time you get the urge to unleash your creativity and tap into your inner artist? Do let us know by dropping a comment or two about your selections in the space allotted just below.

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