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8 Best Download Manager for Chrome

If you’re trying to seek out the best download manager for Chrome, we have for you a list of some of the interesting options you need to have a look at. These are some of the choices we’ve come across while searching for programs that allow easy and instant download of content. In this day and age of rigorous competition among browsers, plugins, extensions as well as external software have become a massive part of the user experience. This is illustrated by the fact that all the big browsers out there have compiled their own add-on stores.

From accelerating download speeds to granting you a detailed breakdown of your acquired content, these handy programs help you out immensely in your daily Internet tasks. And while web browsers have their own managers as default, when you’ll witness the features of third-party applications, you’ll no doubt be tempted to give them a whirl. Without wasting any more time then, let’s have a look at some really interesting such products.

1 – DownloadAll

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Once of the simplest and lightest utilities available out there, DownloadAll provides most of the basic functions that you expect to find in such software. It works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux, and even supports the pause and resume feature. And then there’s its add download section which can be infused with manual downloads. Available on the Chrome Web store in the form of an extension, it bears a One Click trait which supports downloading a link with a single click.

2 – Internet Download Manager

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Also known as IDM, this neat little tool boasts of increasing download speeds by up to 5 times. And what’s all the more interesting is that it possesses the ability to restart downloads which get broken due to lost connections, network problems, power outages or other such scenarios. To accelerate your downloads, it makes use of a dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology. It essentially divides downloaded files dynamically and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages. It can be acquired for Google’s browser through its official site.

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3 – Avant Downloader

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Another extension for Chrome, Avant Downloader is essentially the same utility that the relatively unpopular Avant browser possesses. It brings with it most of the main highlights that make it such a useful too. Almost all the basic functions that you’d want such an app to perform are all there in it, and moreover, it even kicks in a built-in video sniffer which lets you instantly download embedded videos from websites onto your systems.

4 – FlashGet

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Designed for speed and management of your files, FlashGet works towards accelerating your downloads by using the multi-server hyper-thread technology. It provides support for HTTP, FTP, BT, eMule and other protocols, thus making it an incredibly useful tool. And its powerful file management feature grants you access to an unlimited number of categories, and all of them can be assigned to a different saving directory. Despite being free, it does not contain any adware.

5 – Download Master

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Yet another Chrome extension to enter this list of download manager for Chrome is called Download Master. This unique tool allows you to acquire almost everything there is on a webpage. What this means is if you wish to download all JPEG or GIF files that are present on a particular page you can do so with a few clicks without much trouble. Once you click on its icon, it renders all the downloadable files that the webpage contains. You can then either specifically select the ones you want to acquire or make use of the various filters to choose any particular type of files that concern you.

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6 – Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)

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A free software, Download Accelerator Manager helps you get your content at blazing fast speeds. And apart from this, it even bears the ability to let you grab videos from YouTube and other sites. With DAM, you can accelerate, schedule, resume, recover and manage your downloads without experiencing any hassle. And it’s so light that its download size comes up to just above 1MB. Lastly, it even supports web cookies, proxy, HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols.

7 – DownloadStudio

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DownloadStudio is about as good as it gets. This award-winning tool acts as a manager as well as an accelerator. Its superb user interface lets you easily adapt to its features, and it possesses the capability to download everything from programs, film, songs, games, photos, videos, documents, complete web sites and more. It kicks in 12 specialized downloading tools, and is available only for Windows. It’s a paid software, but it can certainly be tried by users to decide whether or not to buy the full version.

8 – Download Accelerator Plus

Image 8

Last on our list of best Chrome download manager is Download Accelerator Plus which has its focus set on speedy acquisition of content. One of its cool features is that it searches the Internet for the fastest sources, and switches to mirror sites while downloading. In addition, Download Accelerator Plus has its own set of first-party as well as third-party add-ons that can be used with it for further expansion of its traits. It’s a paid software with a trial version available for free.

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We hope to have helped you out in your search for the best download manager for Chrome. There are a large number of such utilities available out there, and it’s possible that we might have missed out on some that you may have used and come to admire. In that case, do feel free to mention their names in the comments section down below for others to see.