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6 Best DJ Softwares

Our best DJ software lineup comprises of some great programs that allow you to spin crowd-pleasing tunes. With any of the following options stored in your PC or laptop, you’ll be able to mix all your favorite tracks and blast them over the speaker anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s a house party, a poolside soiree or at the local club, a reliable option will make you the star attraction as you scratch, crossfade and mix your way into the attendees’ hearts. So all set to show off your talent? Well, read on and check out the gems that will help you become a professional disc jockeys in the business.

best DJ software

1 – Traktor Pro 2:

Traktor Pro 2

Enjoy complete freedom while mixing with 4 decks that incorporate TruWave colored waveform displays and a plethora of creative features. The latest version of the program comes with Remix Decks, powerful looping, impressive effects suite and cuing functionality. Did you get handed a song request scribbled on a napkin? Well, you can find the desired track with ease thanks to full iTunes and iPod integration, and Crate Flick cover art browsing.

There’s even an integrated mixer that proffers a whole load of EQ and filter types. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 and Windows 7 or 8, you can try a demo version of the program or directly shell out $89 to procure the complete version of the same.

2 – Ableton Live:

Ableton Live

‘Create, produce and perform,’ is the call to arms here. Sporting a familiar working environment, this entrant in our DJ software roster also provides a Session View sketchpad that allows you to toggle with any number of MIDI loops and audio bits. You can even put your own spin on things by taking complete advantage of different instruments and sounds like 5 synths and 3 samplers, 390 drum kits, more than 3000 sounds and 4000 loops that range from 60’s soul to modern hip hop.

You’ll also find embedded here 34 audio and 7 MIDI effects. The latest version forays onto the scene dressed in 3 editions namely, Intro, Standard and Suite which are priced at $99, $449 and $749, respectively. Although they share common attributes, the latter duo is packed with additional instruments, effects and features.

3 – Serato Scratch Live:

Serato Scratch Live

The vinyl emulation application created by the New Zealand based Serato company is aimed at pleasing all professionals in the business. This one allows you to seamlessly mix and scratch all your favorite tracks via your PC. Packed with quality mixers and interfaces, it also comes with plenty of creative tools like the SP-6 Sample Player, looping, DJ FX, keylock and cuing, among others.

As the brains behind this endeavor reveals, you’ll be able to create foot-tapping mixes on up to 4 decks. Also thrown into the amalgamation is a unique control signal for tracking the record’s motion. Fashioned for Windows and Mac OS X PCs, the latest 2.4.4 version is now available for download from the company’s official website.

4 – Mixxx:


This inclusion in our DJ software array lets you create stunning mixes by proffering a whole slew of handy tools. For one, it includes quad sampler decks that enable you to infuse an air-horn or vocal sample into your track. You can also organize your songs just the way you like with iTunes integration, disk browsing, playlists and crates.

The program even provides BPM detection and sync as well as a handy Auto DJ feature that automatically crossfades the tracks you’ve lined up in a quick playlist. Additionally, you’ll find 5 exclusive designer skins, and a mixing engine that supports various file formats like OGG, MP3 and FLAC audio as well as timecode vinyl control, EQ shelves and Shoutcast broadcasting. The application plays well with Windows and Mac OS X PCs and can be obtained absolutely free of cost.

5 – Virtual DJ Pro 7:

Virtual DJ Pro 7

Here’s a fine program that will help you churn out great mixes. As the developer states, you can avail of not just 4 or 6 decks but any number of them up to 99. During live performances, you’ll be able to link your decks to different programs and even visualize the beat-waveform, apply additional effects and beat-match.

Some of the other features embedded here include advanced master tempo, pure scratch mode, improved database management and predefined mapping for many controllers. Available for Mac OS X and Windows PCs, the program can be acquired through electronic or postal delivery priced at $299 and $329, respectively.

6 – KraMixer:


The final mention in our DJ software roundup has been around for more than a decade now. Embedded with the FMOD sound engine, this program features automatic BPM matching, variable frequency range, manual and automatic BPM counters, real-time recording to MP3 format and support for WAV, MP3 and OGG file formats. It even includes 8 integrated sound effects like flange, compressor, echo and reverb. This Windows-compatible treat is attached with a $0 price tag.


Do you have what it takes to rule the crowd with your funky mixes? You might possess the bombastic beats but do you own a reliable program that will aid you in dishing out these delights? Fret not as our aforesaid best DJ software collection is fitted with some pretty comprehensive gems that will help you gain your audience’s appreciation by spinning out groovy tunes that will have them partying all night long. So which one are you planning to pick up? Have we missed out on any of your favorites? You can also check out our respective lists created for disc jockey enthusiasts wielding the iPad or any of the Android gadgets.