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7 Best DJ Apps For Android

Best DJ Apps For Android

The best DJ apps for Android allow you to take the party along wherever you go. Whether it’s a beach bash, house jam-up or pool party, you can step up and be at the very heart of the celebrations by posing as the DJ for the night and dishing out great mixes. The software options listed by us enable you to rise to the occasion and always be prepared with the necessary tools that are needed to rock and rule the roost.

1 – mix.dj Pro Android:

mix.dj Pro Android

We kick start our roster with a bang as the mix.dj Pro Android app slides first onto the scene. This software puts more than 50,000 DJ mixes right at your fingertips. The tracks are spread across 65 genres and 24 pre-set moods which are plucked from all the four corners of the globe. These include Chillout Party, Minimal Party, Reggae Party, House Party, Disco Party, Electro Party and Trance Party, among others. If you have a particular DJ, producer or song in mind, simply punch in the name or title in the search section and the app will emerge with the related results. All your favorite DJ mixes can be saved by creating specific playlists and hitting the ‘Add to Favorites’ option.

2 – DJ Studio 2:

DJ Studio 2

Keeping the tech party rolling is the DJ Studio 2 application which enters next in our DJ apps for Android lineup. With this tool sitting pretty in your Android-powered device, you will be able to scratch, pitch and loop your songs just the way you want. Ignite the dance-floor by scratching and mixing different tunes with just a few flicks of the finger. The app boasts of hoarding a treasure chest of attributes such as MP3 and WAV real time pitch shift, instant song loading time, real disc physics, background loading option and advanced disc engine. You will also be able to perceive twin decks on one screen as well as a single deck mode and a jog size auto-fit option. DJ enthusiasts can expect to be doused with smooth and responsive controls so that the foot-tapping music can continue to flow without any interruptions.

3 – Droid DJ:

Droid DJ

Full pitch, twin mixing visual decks and cross fading are just some of the various features present in the Droid DJ app. The makers have packed in twin decks with pitch and MP3 support as well as a visual mixer, BPM counter and auto pitch set into the entrant. Compatible with radio rip, this application comes complete with four different types of skins which add beauty to your sound. However, if you want a more responsive and fast GUI, it’ll be wise to choose the lowest resolution option, according to the developer. This app is a great solution for individually mixing house, trance and hip-hop tracks at local parties. And what’s more, you don’t need to be a professional DJ to impress the crowd.

4 – Pocket DJ Vintage:

Pocket DJ Vintage

There are a lot of software options out there in Google Play which work best only when employed with high-end and sophisticated smartphones. But what happens when you have a low-end handset and still want to unleash the DJ in you? Well, for this very purpose, we have included the Pocket DJ Vintage application in our array of DJ apps for Android. Although it lacks a few enhanced features like MP3 pitch shift and playlists, you can still expect decent performance coupled with nice graphics. It does however cover other attributes like MP3 and WAV playback, cross-fading, cue save and recall, real-time scratch effects and simple loops. The cherry on top comes in the form of a twin DJ deck that can be viewed onscreen.

5 – Virtual DJ Turntable:

Virtual DJ Turntable

The Virtual DJ Turntable app requires you to plug the Android-powered tablet or smartphone to your DJ mixer in order to successfully merge songs. This professional software steps in with features like a pitch preservation/lock functionality, waveform generation and seeking, auto-silence skipping and fully featured music browser. There is also a 3-band equalizer with kill and reset switches as well as intuitive DJ controls thrown into the amalgamation. You can show off your DJ skills by exploiting the different professional performance modes and options. Furthermore, your gadget can be held in either portrait or landscape mode, depending on each individual’s preference.

6 – Party Mixer:

Party Mixer

So you want to be the next David Guetta? Well, the Party Mixer application in our list of DJ apps for Android is another awesome application that gives you a head start of sorts. Besides simply playing music and mixing like a pro, you can also dabble in two songs at a time and cross-fade between them with ease. After lining up your desired songs in the form of a playlist, all you need to do is drag-and-drop your picks into any of the player decks. There is also the option of enabling the Auto DJ feature which automatically mixes the tunes for you. Either way, you’ll have the power to put the audience in a frenzy with your own mash up.

7 – 8tracks:


After jotting down various DJ-specific tools, here’s an app that possesses similar properties to the aforementioned mix.dj Pro Android application. This handcrafted internet radio blares out with over 450,000 mixes which have been crafted by music lovers from all across the globe. The software provides a great platform for DJs to showcase their talents, gain exposure and dish out fresh sounds for listeners. You can surf through genre tags such as jazz, electronic and indie as well as free-form tags like study, sleep and chill. The beauty of this app is that you can listen to different tunes just about anywhere like while you’re relaxing at the beach, working out at the gym or on your way home from office.

Whether you’ve had professional training or simply love pleasing the crowd with your tunes, the best DJ apps for Android offer something for everyone. Well known DJs world-over like Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, Fatboy Slim and Deadmau5 have inspired many enthusiasts out there. And with these portable solutions at your disposal, you can put some soul into the upcoming weekend soiree. Do let us know which of the apps helped up get the party started. And if you have a couple of favorites in this genre, why not share it with us?


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