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7 Best Diet Apps For iPhone

Best Diet Apps For iPhone

The best diet apps for iPhone are ideal companions that help you watch your food and nutrient intake. A mere mention of the dreaded D word is enough to make many individuals cringe as it’s not one of the most fun activities to carry out. But with a little motivation and a pinch of determination, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle within no time. Motivational drivers come in many shapes and sizes, and now you’ll even find them stored in your very own handset. So get ready to shed those unwanted calories and begin eating right with some of our top choices available in iTunes.

1 – Tap & Track – Calorie Counter:

Tap & Track Calorie Counter

The Tap & Track – Calorie Counter app sets different goals and even chalks out your daily calorie limits and needs. Every day, your food intake and exercise regime can be accurately recorded to fathom whether you are indeed staying within the required numbers or not. There are more than 500,000 food items, 2000 food brands, 700 restaurants and 180 different exercises at your disposal, which can all be accessed offline. Besides just calories, you can also track food score, sugars, protein, carbs, fat, fiber and sodium. A BMI calculator, weight tracking option, full screen graphs and 40:30:30 pie charts of reports are also provided. The app basically helps you keep track of your calorie counts by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate and stating your daily calorie needs based on age, weight, height and gender.

Price: $3.99

2 – The Eatery:

The Eatery

Our diet apps for iPhone lineup doesn’t just feature software options that aid you in tracking your calorie intake. The Eatery app doesn’t feature any calorie charts but on the other hand, helps you become aware of your eating habits. Before you slurp the next spoon of soup or bite into that scrumptious burger, just stop and take a picture of your meal. With this application stored in your mobile, you should get an honest opinion of how healthy your food really is from friends and other diet-conscious users. In turn, you can do your bit as well by rating and commenting on their meals. You can also perceive whether you’ve been eating a balanced diet every week with the help of graphs.

Price: Free

3 – Whole Foods Market Recipes:

Whole Foods Market Recipes

Eating a healthy meal doesn’t necessarily mean that your plate must be filled with boring, bland dishes. The Whole Foods Market Recipes app offers you some delicious recipes that are whipped up from natural and organic ingredients. And if you have a certain dietary preference like low fat, vegetarian or vegan and gluten-free then the app will churn out specific recipes that match each criteria. They come complete with cooking instructions and nutritional information. Seen a yummy treat you want to prepare but are missing a few required ingredients? Now you can add them as well as their corresponding quantities to the embedded Shopping List feature. Furthermore, the store locater incorporated within the app further pinpoints to Whole Foods Market stores strewn across your neighborhood.

Price: Free

4 – intelli-Diet App:

intelli-Diet App

Procuring the intelli-Diet App from our diet apps for iPhone array is like having a ‘dietician in your pocket.’ It formulates a well-balanced diet of natural foods by taking into consideration, all the eatables that are currently residing in your kitchen cabinet or fridge. The diet is marked out as per your weight, gender and activity levels. All you need to do is opt for your desired weight loss goals and food preferences and watch the software take care of the rest.

It further includes various attributes like water trackers, meal reminders, easy food swaps and automatically generated shopping list. Your weight-loss progress is then displayed by using simple tables and charts.

Price: $4.99

5 – Fooducate:


To make the smarter choice while shopping at your local supermarket or grocery store, all you need is the Fooducate app loaded in your Apple handset. What’s so special about this particular software you might ask? Well, it has the ability to scan a product barcode and display the good and bad attributes of the contents so that you can make a healthily decision before dropping any item into your shopping cart. Boasting of more than 200,000 unique products, it clearly displays information like additives and preservatives, excessive sugar, tricky trans fats, controversial food colorings and high fructose corn syrup among others. You can also compare products and in turn, opt for a healthier alternative instead. So make sure you have this application installed into your mobile before you make a trip to the market.

Price: Free

6 – DietPoint:


Your personal pocket-size weight-loss manager is here and it enters the scene dubbed as DietPoint. It forays into our diet apps for iPhone roster bringing along 55 unique diet plans that cover different categories such as low carb, vegetarian, blood type, detox and healthy. For each plan, the software provides you with complete grocery lists, weight-loss estimates and meal reminders. Besides dishing out weight-loss tips and tricks, it also allows you to connect with others who share similar goals. This certainly helps you to get back on track especially when your motivation levels take a slight turn towards the south. Other attributes include BMI, BMR and daily energy expenditure calculators, day by day and meal by meal weight-loss guidance and a user-friendly UI.

Price: Free

7 – 80 Bites:

80 Bites

Are you familiar with the 80Bites Diet which is a 12-week nutrition program created to reverse the hunger cycle? If not, then you may want to know that the 80 Bites app literally tracks your every bite. Through research, it was found that the human stomach can survive only on 80 bites per day and exceeding that quota would lead to increased hunger. Now, the software in question enables you to tap the screen in rhythm with the bites. A graph displaying your daily and weekly bites consumption is also displayed for you to check on your progress. And even If you’re still carrying a little weight after you’ve clocked in at around 80 bites each day, the app will show you how to downsize liquid calories and have balanced meals to achieve your desired results.

Price: $0.99

Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean starving yourself to achieve your end goal. Stating quite the opposite in fact are our best diet apps for iPhone. They each offer various innovative attributes that help you stay on a healthy diet and basically enable you to watch what you eat. If any of the aforementioned delights managed to grab your attention, then do let us know by leaving in a comment below.