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6 Best DECT phones

Best DECT Phones

Give our best DECT phones roster a good look to realize that smartphones haven’t really taken over the world. If you feel that the latest high-end handsets have set the course of communication, then our lineup may compel you to think otherwise. Currently available DECT devices not only offer features that their traditional counterparts did, but also come with additions for tech-savvy buyers. As if to almost showcase how this particular category has evolved over time, certain options in our roster bring forth Bluetooth connectivity, allow Skype calls and more. Whether you are looking to install one of these offerings in your abode or simply planning to replace your existing one, run through these options put together just for you.

1. Motorola L902

Motorola L902

If you are seeking DECT phones currently selling in the market, then you won’t be able to miss out on the Motorola L902 DECT 6.0. This digital cordless phone arrives with an answering system and tags along a headset which sits pretty on the base alongside the handset, to offer hands-free use. Other traits on the spec sheet spell out to be a handset speakerphone, a large backlit display and answering machine access from both the handset as well as the base. Furthermore, this gadget extends support to 4 other handsets and functions in a range of up to 160 feet when indoors and about 980 feet outdoors. Its integrated battery provides juice for around 12 hours of talk time and up to 180 hours of standby time on a single charge. The Motorola L902 DECT 6.0 digital cordless phone can be grabbed for about $56.

2. RTX 3088

RTX 3088

Next, we have the Skype certified RTX 3088 Dualphone which may probably find many takers for obvious reasons, of course. Since it’s pre-loaded with the Skype software, you can directly make calls without a PC. Skype features such as calls to phones, voicemail call history, status and online numbers are supported by the gadget. Needless to say, users can also employ this phone embedded with a color LCD screen, to make regular landline calls. Apart from automatic software updates, contacts for both Skype as well as the landline get synced with the Skype account. You can enjoy over 10 hours of talk time and 50m indoor range as well as outdoor range of 300m from the base station. The simplistic design incorporates a speaker phone for hands-free conversations with family and friends. The RTX 3088 is now purchasable at a price of $99.99 from shop.skype.com.

3. Panasonic KX-TG6582T

Panasonic KX-TG6582T

Flaunting the integration of DECT Plus technology, the Panasonic KX-TG6582T has paved its way onto our DECT phones lineup. Shipping with two handsets, the Bluetooth-enabled setup arrives with a Link-to-Cell feature that eliminates the need to carry your personal mobile phone around in the house. The cell phone can be linked to the Panasonic gadget to receive calls directly on the landline. The DECT 6.0 phones proffer clear and crisp sound so that you can enjoy comfortable chats for hours. Need we mention that this gadget comes with multi handset capability? Well, it does and extends support for up to 6 handsets. Plus, you can also enjoy straight 13 hours of talk time on a single charge. It can be obtained from shop.panasonic.com at a price of $89.95.

4. AT&T TL92370

AT&T TL92370

Next up is the offering from AT&T’s stable, the TL92370 which is basically a three-handset set up with an answering system and Bluetooth connectivity in place. After pairing up any Bluetooth enabled device to the base, it will give you the option to indulge in conference calls between both the cellular as well as the home line. Up to 4 mobile phones can be connected and calls can accordingly be managed or easily swapped between cellphones and home calls. The system even acts as a digital answering machine besides playing its regular telephone duties. The set up kicks in a caller ID and comes showered with the DECT 6.0 Digital Technology amongst other additional traits. This offering will set you back by $99.95.

5. Plantronics CT14

Plantronics CT14

Complete with DECT 6.0 wireless technology, the other entrant on our DECT phones list is the Plantronics CT14 cordless headset phone. It lands with the claim of proffering an interference-free wireless range to about 300 feet and features a convertible headset as well. So as per your convenience, you can either wear it over-the ear or over-the-head. On a single charge, the dial pad provides nearly 10 hours of talk time or 8 days of standby time. With the ‘save to phonebook’ option, you can hoard about 30 caller ID entries on the device, while the phonebook can store up to 70 numbers. Additionally, the incorporated microphone possesses a noise-canceling attribute to shut out background sound, making this a decent option to be employed in small-offices, besides homes. It is now up for grabs at a price of $159.95 on the company’s official website.

6. Motorola L301

Motorola L301

Adding to the choices of digital cordless phones, the Motorola L301 arrives with the DECT 6.0 technology. Sporting a simple and elegant design, this gadget brings in standard features to offer connectivity. It expands support for up to 5 handsets and delivers an indoor range of about 160 feet and 980 feet outdoors. There is an integrated speaker phone so that you can sip on your evening coffee while chatting with a friend. The menu languages on the device are English, Spanish and French. Additionally, like most other options in this lineup, this gadget allows saving caller ID numbers to the phonebook. So if you are searching for a standard option, this may be the one to look up. The Motorola L301 can be purchased for about $30.

If you have been looking for the best DECT phones around town, then we hope our roster proves to be of some help. Do drop in a comment to share which one of the listed options you want to see in your living room and also scribble out the ones that should have been a part of this roundup.