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8 Best Crysis Mods

Best Crysis Mods

Get ready to avail of the best Crysis mods right here. They are some of the finest mods that are currently swimming across the gaming terrain in this aspect. These delights are carefully fashioned by modders who are constantly looking for ways to improve your gameplay experience. In this case, they’ve created programs that enhance the environment, the in-game suits and weapons as well as new extensions to the titles themselves. So if you’re hungry for some main course action with a side order of ‘new,’ then waste no time in glancing at our list and procuring the ones you find most intriguing.

1 – Natural Mod:


First up is a software piece that aims at ‘transforming the ambient atmospheric lighting’ so as to endow the title with realistic elements, as you might have already guessed by glancing at the name. When you avail of this program, you can expect to see a realistic moon position, sun, dusk, dawn and ambient fog as well as darker nights.

However, the developer extends a word of caution to players – the mod in question has to be employed with high or very high graphic settings. If used with the Medium setting, you may experience several glitches.

2 – NanoSuit Ultra Customizable:

NanoSuit Ultra Customizable

This particular entrant in our Crysis mods lineup can be taken complete advantage of with the original game as well as Crysis Wars. Some of its features include mask lights, 4096 x 2048p textures, active suit and re-skinned first person arms as well as new speed and strength materials. There’s even room for customization through the inclusion of a configuration app, according to the maker.

3 – Predator – The Heat Of The Jungle:


While encountering alien scum and passing through eerie jungle settings, you now have to deal with the Predator sort as well. Yes, you’ll come face to face with the menace that’s plucked right out of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie which hit the silver screen 25 years ago.

Here you’ll be transported to a Central American jungle where you’re tasked with rescuing captured airmen from the clutches of the Guerillas. You can step into the shoes of Arnie’s character, Dutch and even opt for a trio of companions. There are also 4 game modes buried in the title.

4 – Arthias: Prologue:

Arthias Prologue

The developer of this contender in our Crysis mods roundup invites you to follow the escapades of a planetologist who journeys to the newly discovered planet of Arthias. Here you get to stroll amongst beautiful landscapes and witness eye-catching backgrounds that are lit up brightly with vibrant colors.

The character must face his past while scurrying around the vast confines of this planet all by himself.

5 – StarCry:


Noted to be a single player mod, this software forayed across the gaming scenario just a couple of months ago. When you download this virtual gem, you bargain for over 2000 textures, 1000 lines of dialog, 1000 new objects and 20 weapons.

The maker further goes on to reveal that players can expect around 8 hours of gameplay here. Now, the main highlight of this mod is its many references to renowned elements that are plucked right out from science-fiction TV shows, movies and video games.

6 – The Worry of Newport:

The Worry Of Newport

Looking out for a program that’s infused with a horror/mystery element and no combat whatsoever? Well, this delight offers you all that and much more. It’s a 2-part mod created for Crysis that focuses solely on storytelling, exploration, observation, listening and reading. There are even a few puzzles thrown into the cornucopia.

And as the brains behind this endeavor reveals, you have to watch out for ‘some engaging moments and scenes to survive.’ Here, you take on the role of the protagonist who wakes up in the ocean just outside the island of Newport. It’s now up to you to unravel the mystery that shrouds the place. The title is further packed to the hilt with ancient rites, sacrifices, deities and eerie creatures.

7 – Titanic – Lost in the Darkness:


If you’re familiar with the ill-fated vessel that plummeted to the bottom of the ocean one fateful night years ago, then you’ll know just what to expect from this inclusion in our Crysis mods array. ORM Entertainment has attempted to recreate the ship in all its glory within CryEngine 3. There’s even a complete story mode knitted into the confines of this concept.

You step into the shoes of a bank robber who must strive to save the passengers aboard the sinking ship. The interiors as well as the exteriors have all been textured and modeled with high precision.

8 – The Call of the Fireflies:

Call Of The Fireflies

Here’s another puzzle-based single-player mod you might find exciting especially if you took a liking to The Worry of Newport. You don’t have to bother with things like nano suits, explosions or guns.

The storyline revolves around an elderly gentleman who pursues the mysterious fireflies through different vibrant environments. Some of these fantastic places include dark caves, mountains, frozen woods and sleeping villages.


Developed and published by Crytek and Electronic Arts, respectively, the acclaimed Crysis series unleashed onto the scene in 2007 with its first iteration. Since then, the developer has captured the hearts, minds and thumbs of players with one more main installment and a few other engaging titles. And while many look forward to the unveiling of the third official gem which is currently in the works, they can relish all of the aforementioned best Crysis mods. Now before you get lost within the confines of these software treasures, don’t forget to enlighten us with your desired picks. Have we missed out on any of your favorites? Well, leave your suggestions in the space allotted just below.