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7 Best Cricket Apps for iPhone

Best Cricket Apps For iPhone

We thought putting together the best cricket apps for iPhone was a good idea since the IPL fever is currently in the air. While a number of candidates in the lineup do what they do best – bring you information, a couple of others work at keeping you entertained. So go ahead and look at the entrants that we have pulled up just for your consideration.

1. iCricket


iCricket is an interesting option to consider if you want live match updates at your fingertips. You can simply glance at the information to know what’s happening on the ground with this software in tow. The application also delivers ball-by-ball commentary and scores along with cricket news from a number of sources. It displays match schedules, videos, player rankings and statistics as well as live weather reports for fans of the sport. It lets you set match alerts on the basis of teams so that you don’t miss out on following your favorite ones. Additionally, you can test your knowledge of the sport with the in-app quiz or simply dabble in information about cricket.

Price: Free

2. ESPNcricinfo


Run through the features on ESPNcricinfo to know why this happens to be among our cricket apps for iPhone. For starters, you receive live game coverage and ESPNcricinfo videos, select features from the company’s Magazine and audio podcasts. Score updates, wicket alerts and more can be delivered to your smartphone by employing push notifications. The regulars such as news, results, fixtures, records and rankings are easily available from within the application. Furthermore, you can set it into the ‘Lean back’ mode and let the iPhone rest on the table for allowing you to follow scores even when caught up in a busy day at work. The entrant is available for download on the Apple App Store.

Price: Free

3. Cricbuzz


Like most other apps in this roundup, Cricbuzz is complete with the push notifications service for you to receive match updates every 5 overs or when a team loses a wicket. You also have the option to view ball-by-ball updates for the entire match. Alternately, the app plays out radio commentary for international series. There is a search feature integrated within the offering wherein, you can put in the names of players to look up their profiles. Plus, you may view Series Archive, Points table and Player and Team Rankings for ODI, Test, and T20 matches as well. The application is currently available on the Apple App Store.

Price: Free

4. Yahoo! Cricket

Yahoo Cricket

When you simply want to give the live scores a fleeting look or use swift shortcuts to view other cricket details because you are pressed for time, then you may want to turn to Yahoo! Cricket. This software in our cricket apps for iPhone roster also brings along an interactive scorecard featuring the batting line-up and other details that will give you an overview of the current match. While you can easily view scores on the app, you could also dabble in ball-by-ball commentary. Photo galleries and the latest news articles are some of the other attributes within the software. Apart from results of completed matches, schedules of the upcoming ones are available as well.

Price: Free

5. Cricket Booth

Cricket Booth

Our next candidate is titled Cricket Booth and it lets you dress up your own images with a slight twist. If you have always harbored the desire to become an international cricketer, then with this neat offering, you can try to look like some of your favorite cricketers at least.

YouTube video

The app lets you adorn your photographs with different hairstyles. You have options ranging from Malinga’s stylish locks to Warne’s neat cut and more. You can instantly share these morphed images on Facebook or send it via mail to your family and friends.

Price: Free

6. IPL 2012

IPL 2012

With the IPL having started already, we wouldn’t be surprised if most iPhone users who happen to be fans, are seen turning to this app to get the lowdown. IPL 2012 boasts of an updated new Team Squad amongst a host of other features it tags along for cricket buffs. This one in our cricket apps for iPhone lineup is complete with the push notifications attribute so that you can receive updates to the game. Plus, the entrant claims to proffer information on all the IPL matches as well as events. You could launch the app and find out which teams are playing at what time and where witha few simple swipes. All in all, it’s quite a handy tool to have this IPL season.

Price: Free

7. Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is one game that can provide the added fun during half-time, that usually seems to last an eternity. So you could indulge in testing your skills at the Stick Cricket academy and take on the All Star bowling team as well. There is a Premier League onboard that is replete with nine new teams and a two-over game format for you to push yourself at and try and land up with the trophy. What more? Well, there are 3 World Domination levels that gives you the liberty to take one country at a time and prove your mettle as a cricketer.

Price: Free

So which of these best cricket apps for iPhone has become an integral part of your smartphone? Do share your experience with these offerings in the comments section below and let us know if we missed out on any of your favorites.


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