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6 Best Cooking Apps for Android

Best Cooking Apps For Android

Our list of the best cooking apps for Android will come to your rescue if you find yourself in a soup over what to cook for dinner almost every day. Besides applications for suggestions and detailed recipes, the compilation features candidates that give you access to popular websites and let you save your recipes, create grocery lists and even have everyone know that it’s time for dinner. So glance through the roster and show off your cooking skills to friends and family with a little assistance from these tools.

1 – What’s For Dinner?:

What’s For Dinner

What’s for Dinner? is your complete kitchen assistant that not only keeps track of all your recipes, but also brings the popular ones from well known websites, right to your fingertips. It also comes in handy while shopping for grocery items as it lets you make a checklist of items you may need for the dish you plan to cook.

So with this application on your phone, you will never end up forgetting to buy an important ingredient. Additionally, the developers have included a voice mode in it so that you do not have to touch your device while your hands are covered with stuff you’d rather not have all over the gadget.

Price: $2.99

2 – 170,000+ Recipes BigOven:

170,000 Recipes BigOven

As the name suggests, this application on our list lets you carry over 170,000 recipes as well as your grocery list to help you with your shopping. Besides permitting you to view your recipes, the software lets you search for new ones through keywords, ingredients or course. Additionally, you may simply punch in the leftover ingredients to find out what you can do with them.

It gives you access to random recipes and popular ones. Posting recipes with pictures is extremely easy and all you require for this is a free BigOven account on the official website. The app also has provisions to save your favorite ones and flag as them as ‘Try Soon.’ And just to be of help to fellow BigOven users, you can write reviews of all the recipes and read the ones written by others.

Price: Free

3 – Digital Recipe Sidekick:

Digital Recipe Sidekick

The developers of this application call it a practical kitchen gadget that allows you to access and follow recipes. The included speech recognition and voice mode let you cook without having to touch the phone as it reads out each and every ingredient or step and even understands when you ask it to read out anything specific.

You can import recipes from Allrecipes.com, edit them or create your own using this app. The formats supported include text, Mastercook and Living Cookbook. The tool even gives you an option to export the selected recipe via mail. And what’s more, it not only speaks English, but can also instruct users in Spanish.

Price: Free

4 – Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner:

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

Next up on our roster is Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner, which ensures access to thousands of user submitted recipes via the popular website. You can launch a search by typing in the ingredient, dish or cooking time or shake the phone once for random ideas. And the scanning feature is the key highlight of this software as it lets you scan a particular ingredient to permanently add it to the spinner for a new recipe every time you wish to use it.

Moreover, you may launch a search by scanning an ingredient, instead of typing it out in the app. And this feature can also be employed to make a grocery list. The recipes can be shared via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or through emails.

Price: Free

5 – My Recipes:

My Recipes

If you are the creative type with a lot of recipe ideas, the My Recipes Android app will let you store, organize and create your own virtual cookbook and share it with people around the world. You can also upload images of the dishes along with all your recipes.

The Dropbox integration comes in handy as it can be used to back up all that you have uploaded and modify your ideas using any other mobile device or computer system. Additionally, you can change the proportions of ingredients if you need to cook for a large crowd, without spoiling the dish. Need any more reason to give this candidate a try?

Price: $1.99

6 – Lawry’s Digital Dinner Bell:

Lawrys Digital Dinner Bell

When your dinner is ready, you’ll need the last application listed on our roster, that’s Lawry’s Digital Dinner Bell. This new age way to announce that dinner is ready can be used to notify guests or family members through text messages, automated calls, emails or via Facebook.

Sending these notifications is as easy as tapping or shaking the phone once. And that is certainly not all. The tool lets you select a flavor for dinner which can then be used to launch a search for relevant recipes in the app’s database.

Price: Free


So when do you plan to try some new recipes with the help of these best cooking apps for Android? Do let us know how they turn out to be.