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7 Best Comedy Animes

Comedy Animes

The following best comedy animes have the power to tickle your funny bone. They can even get you rolling on the floor with laughter, all thanks to their hilarious dialogues, character antics and surreal situations. When you dive right into our list, you’ll be bombarded with 7 best titles that proffer a light-hearted take on the drama genre. There are oodles of humor to be had here as well as tons of funny bits that are brought forth through different scenarios. So without further ado, here are our engaging picks.

1 – Gintama:


Get ready to be transported to feudal Japan where aliens called Amanto have taken over the land. These extra-terrestrials have even banned the carrying of swords. They have enslaved the natives and are using them as laborers. Now amidst all this commotion is a trio of self-employed characters namely, Gintoki Sakata – an eccentric samurai, Kagura – a strong alien girl and Shinpachi Shimura – the heir of the Kakido-Ryu style.

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The bunch works at an odd jobs shop known as Yoruzuya Gin-chan where the three individuals offer their services, but for a fee of course. Most often, their jobs and plans go haywire and even end up causing more damage than good. Their freelancing services range from rescuing cats to saving the world.

2 – My Bride is a Mermaid:

My Bride is a Mermaid

We guarantee that you won’t find a dull moment when you tune into this entrant in our roster. Also known as Seto no Hanayome, it tells the tale of a beautiful mermaid called Seto San who saves a boy known as Michishio Nagasumi from drowning. However, things only seem to get more complicated as the former comes from a Yakuza mermaid family and as per their law, if a human happens to see a mermaid’s real form, they must both be killed.

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However, there’s only one way out of this mess. Michishio must marry Seto if they are both to survive the ordeal. Also thrown into the amalgamation are action, romance, supernatural and slice of life elements.

3 – Great Teacher Onizuka:

Great Teacher Onizuka

All Onizuka, a former biker gang leader, wants is to become the greatest teacher in the world. But things are easier said than done. He’ll have to overcome the many obstacles that stand in his way like strict administrators, unsupportive colleagues and a class filled with delinquents who have made quite a few professors quit in the past.

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But Onizuka has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. So whatever they dish out, he’ll be ready for it. Watch as he attempts to win over his problematic students and earn the trust of his fellow teachers. What’s more, GTO even features a dollop of drama.

4 – Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu:

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

This inclusion in our array is noted to be a companion series to the title known as Full Metal Panic. You’re once again invited to follow the escapades of Kaname Chidori and her classmate Sousuke Sagara. This time around, you’ll see the latter step into the role of Bonta-kun who is a gun-wielding mascot when the former gets kidnapped.

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The duo will have to face against dangers such as lovesick terrorists and a dangerous teacher who’s hell bent on revenge. According to the brains behind this endeavor, you’ll get to experience both, ‘high-yield explosives and hilarity.’

5 – School Rumble:

School Rumble

The storyline here revolves around a second-year high school student named Tsukamoto Tenma who has fallen head over heels for her classmate, Karasuma Ooji. However, she just can’t muster up the courage to approach the oblivious lad and confess her feelings for him. She instead resorts to unorthodox methods which all end up unsuccessful.

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Now adding to the complexity of the entire dilemma, the class delinquent known as Harima Kenji also has a soft spot for Tenma. Watch as the trio dabble in love and high school matters, all with a funny twist.

6 – Azumanga Daioh:

Azumanga Daioh

There’s more high school chaos to soak up right here in our roundup. You’ll be introduced to six young lasses, who each possess unusual personalities.

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The half-a-dozen lineup of girls featured here includes the 10-year-old genius Chiyo, the shy Sakaki, the resident airhead Osaka and Tomo, the loose cannon. The other two interesting characters are Kagura who is the resident jock and the short-tempered Yomi.

7 – Ouran High School Host Club:

Ouran High School

Our final mention puts a tomboyish student named Haruhi in the spotlight here. Her adventures begin when she’s accepted into an elite school, all thanks to her scholarship. She goes about doing odd jobs for all the members of the Ouran Host club who are oblivious to the fact that she’s actually a female. They even dress her up in a boy’s uniform and groom her like one too.

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She instantly becomes a big hit with all her schoolmates and teachers. And after they find out that she’s actually a girl, she still decides to keep up the act.


This Japanese art form has in the past left you teary-eyed with its drama titles, got you all pumped up with its action-adventure and fighting sorts, and even sent a shiver down your spine with some horror gems. Now it’s time for you to giggle your blues away by watching the best comedy animes. Laughter is the best medicine they say, so why not dive right into the virtual cabinet where all the comic capsules are stored? And if you’re an Otaku, you’ll certainly love the names we’ve zeroed in just for you. So which ones will you allow to crack you up first? Have we missed out any of your favorites? Well, don’t hesitate to leave your comments in the space below.