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Best Codec Pack For Windows 7

Codec Pack For Windows 7

The best codec pack for Windows 7 should allow you to seamlessly play all sorts of audio and video formats without having any worry lines appear on your brow. Now the Microsoft OS in question here doesn’t really cover all your desired file types even though it does boast of adhering to quite a lineup of compatible formats. Well, that’s where our list of best options comes in. We have brought forth a whole slew of useful options that help to seamlessly play all your file types without you facing any disappointments. So what are you waiting for? There are half a dozen choices laid out here, just waiting for you to find your winner and download the same to keep your woes at bay. So go ahead and indulge yourself.

1 – K-Lite:


The user-friendly solution is noted to be a compilation of VFW/ACM, DirectShow filters and various other innovative tools. With this virtual puppy embedded into your PC system, you’ll also be able to play content that’s drenched in a less common format. It even complies with Windows Media Player and Media Center as well as other DirectShow players like ZoomPlayer, KMPlayer, GOM Player and PotPlayer. And did you know that the solution is lightweight in nature and can be acquired in different sizes, with each variant being completely customizable? Well, it forays onto the scene with 4 alternatives namely Basic, Standard, Full and Mega. And besides just the OS in question, the software piece is also compatible with x86 and x64 versions of XP, 2003, Vista and 8.

2 – Shark007:


Another fine catch that’s swimming around the vast virtual sea is this next entrant in our roster. According to the developer, this software set lets you enjoy high definition audio and video playback. It further lends support to various file types such as amr, ofr, mka, flac, flv, mkv, ogv, rmvb, mpc, divx, ape, evo, m4b, ogg, ogm and xvid. Some of the other features include full color thumbnails, Preview Pane for all file types, Explorer properties for non-native file types and single-click setup of Bit-streamed Audio. You can also create playlists that can be used with Media Center.

3 – Windows 7 Pack:

Win 7

As the brains behind this endeavor reveals, the free software in the spotlight here allows you to install plug-ins, filters and splitters without even breaking a sweat. It claims to support nearly all compression and file types found with current audio and video files. A few of the former sorts you can decode include Hi10p/10bit x264, h.264, divx, mp4, mpeg2, avc, xvid and mpeg4. Some of the formats it supports read as mkv, evo, flv, ts, m4v, ogm, dts, ape, ogg, mpc, bdmv, avi, mp4, webm, m4a, ac3, flac, aac, ofr and 3gp. And apart from 7, you can also pick up this delight for Vista, 8, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008 OS.

4 – Windows Essentials:


This particular inclusion in our array is filled to the brim with filters, splitters and a slew of other noteworthy tools. And with this clean and compact dish sitting in your PC, you’ll be able to enjoy nearly all music bits, movies and Flash files that are stored on your PC. Also known as WECP, it even has the ability to enhance the quality of your content so you won’t have to compromise even the least bit when it comes to exploiting your favorite video and audio. Furthermore, the software can easily play audio CDs, VCDs , DVDs and XCDs. And in case you’re wondering, it lends support to various formats such as 3gp, ac3, avi, 3ivx, h.264, avc, dts, flac, mpeg-1, m4a, mp4, mo3, mod, tta, ogg/ogm, s3m, vob, xvid, xm, wv, umx, atrac3, aac, ape, divx, dat, x264, mp3, nero digital and flv.

5 – DivX Plus:

DivX Plus

When you download this interesting delight, you bargain for a complete set of filters and splitters. What’s more, you can even take advantage of the embedded pre-set profiles for HD, DivX certified home theaters or mobile gadgets. It also features advanced encoding settings and hardware acceleration. The roundup of formats it supports reads as xvid, x264, divx, h.264, aac, mp3, mp4, mkv, avi and mov. And besides this gem, you’ll also be able to procure other goodies that are embedded within the Plus software bag, such as the DivX Plus converter, player and web player.

6 – Media Player:

Media Player

The final contender in our list claims to support nearly all video and audio compression and file types. This easy-to-install software also includes advanced settings for high-end users. As per the maker, you’ll be able to decode 10bit x264, h.264, divx, mp4, mpeg2, avc, xvid and mpeg4. You can also enjoy files that are drenched in formats like mkv, webm, m4v , ac3, ape, ofr , avi, flv, mp4, ts, m4a, ogm, dts, flac, aac, ogg and mpc. And lastly, it’s further compatible with other Microsoft OS types like 8, Vista, XP, 2008, 2000 and 2003 as well as Media Player 9, 10, 11 and 12.


Are you having trouble playing all your favorite audio and video files via your PC? Well, chances are that their respective formats aren’t supported by the Microsoft OS. So what you require is a handy solution that will help you enjoy all your desired content without facing too many hassles. Now all of the aforesaid gems in our best codec pack for Windows 7 lineup proffer a large range of features that boast of doing just that. So which one are you planning to opt for? Do leave your preferred mentions in the box below.