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10 Best City Building Games

Best City Building Games

Put on your virtual hard hat and indulge in the best city building games out there. You’ll be able to erect massive structures, create civilizations and manage whole societies, without leaving the comfort of your home. We have formed a list comprising of 10 great titles that perfectly allow you to exploit the strategy genre. Check out the following construction simulation games and get ready to breathe life into your creations.

1 – SimCity 4:

SimCity 4

Developed by Maxis and published by EA, SimCity 4 lets you play God by digging riverbeds, sculpting mountains and seeding forests, among other activities. The decisions you make here will have diverse effects on your city and its inhabitants.

For example, if you send the authorities to take care of a riot, it could calm the Sims or worsen the situation by maybe spurring a revolution. According to the creator, you have to be their guide and help your civilization flourish through thick and thin.

2 – Anno 2070:

Anno 2070

Arm yourself with the tiles of tomorrow as you prepare to reconstruct a world that’s undergone loads of alterations due to climate change and the rising level of the ocean. You are entrusted with the task of creating a prosperous society that’s packed with colonized islands and successful megacities.

Master trade, resources and diplomacy and craft your very own prosperous society. You’ll also be able to witness engineer production chains such as robot factories and diamond mines crop up in and around your cities.

3 – Cities XL 2012:

Cities XL 2012

In Cities XL 2012, you’ll be able to erect different prosperous places and connect them to each other. You can decorate your vast barren plains with nearly 1,000 buildings and over 60 different constructible detailed maps.

Ever wanted to wear the sash with the words ‘Mayor’ etched on it? Well, this entrant in our city building games array gives you the opportunity to do just that. You’ll have to see to the citizens’ every need and solve problems like lack of transportation and shortage of energy.

4 – Imperium Romanum:

Imperium Romanum

If you think it’s all Latin to you, well that’s probably because it is. Translated in English as Roman Empire, Imperium Romanum is noted to be a city building game that puts players in the toga of a governor who must strive to maintain a prosperous civilization amidst difficulties. Erect bridges, build great towers and fashion large gates to show off your thriving society.

Infuse into the arena historical buildings like the Circus Maximus or Gladiator schools. And as the developer quips, ‘Will you be able to earn the mercy of the gods and rule the empire successfully?’

5 – Tycoon City: New York:

Tycoon City New York

From the Eternal City, we now travel to the Big Apple. In Tycoon City: New York, you’ll be able to give rise to your very own modern Manhattan empire. This can be done by taking advantage of more than 100 business opportunities and true-to-life neighborhoods.

You can also employ the use of familiar landmarks and real world brands. Since the Big Apple is now your playground, you are free to organize a Thanksgiving Day Parade and even host a Central Park concert.

6 – The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom:

The Settlers 7

As the name aptly suggests, you are called upon to opt for your own desired path to victory in The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom. This title in our city building games roster offers players an interesting story which unfolds as they proceed further in the title. Here, you are tasked with building a kingdom that’s endowed with loads of small villages, fortified towns and productive settlers.

Expand your realms by making difficult decisions and constructing new buildings, production chains and transportation systems.

7 – Children of the Nile:

Children Of The Nile

We now transport you to a region in Africa that’s responsible for the Great pyramids of Giza and the gigantic Sphinx. In Children of the Nile, you’ll begin your quest with just simple hunters and gatherers and journey and work your way through the ages, creating a flourishing civilization.

You can build tombs, huge temples and majestic tombs. See to the needs of the priests, laborers, scribes and entertainers and be the pharaoh they’re looking for to guide them through floods and famines.

8 – Tropico 4:

Tropico 4

Take on the role of El Presidente and tackle the various challenges thrown at you in Tropico 4. Gain the loyalty of the indigenous and be prepared to face the wrath of Mother Nature as she dishes out quite a handful of calamities that will truly test your leadership skills.

The game is also packed with loads of interesting attributes such as Twitter and Facebook integration, a new campaign mode made up of 20 missions on 10 maps, and 20 new building structures like an aqua park and shopping mall.

9 – City Life:

City Life

While some city building games pulled you into the past, here’s a delight that lets you create a modern 21st century city. City Life enables players to shape their dream metropolis as they erect tall skyscrapers in the financial district and beautiful villas in the residential areas. Please your inhabitants by providing them with health care, work and entertainment facilities, among other amenities. Strike a balance between the booming development and the traffic that is a subsequent effect of the former.

10 – Caesar IV:

Caesar IV

Get ready to wear your laurel wreath and grand robes as you step into the sandals of provincial governors during the flourishing Roman Empire. You get to develop cities across 5 distinct geographical regions which include the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Middle East.

And depending on the climatic changes, you must alter your strategy on the fly. Be on your guard as each environment has its own unique challenges.


Dabble in the 10 best city building games and let your imagination run wild so that you can look down at your wonderful creations and marvel at the wonders you’ve created. We want to hear from all you strategy fans. Which ones appealed to you? Did we miss out on any of your favorites? Do let us know by leaving a comment or two in the box below.

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