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15 Best Chrome Themes

The best Chrome themes are set to endow your Google browser with a splash of color. Say goodbye to those dreary backdrops as we bring you the acme lot of layouts that’ll definitely brighten up your web-surfing experience. There are numerous themes formulated by Google designers as well as renowned artists from all across the globe. Scanning through the whole online bulk can indeed be a tedious task.

Best Chrome Themes

Well, we’ve roped in some of the best gems out there so that you can continuously change your backdrop whenever you get bored of the last one.

1 – Angry Birds:

Angry Birds

You’ve seen the irate avian sort take the world by storm with their video games. The feathery and furious friends along with their evil piggy nemeses have invaded not only the virtual terrain but also nearly every aspect of our lives. Besides just being the cute characters of the addictive game, their images have even been slapped onto t-shirts, mugs, toys, accessories and other such memorabilia. Now they’ll also pop up every time you open your Google browser or a new tab.

2 – Yammi:


Love strawberries? Well, here’s a pair of the juicy fruit being dunked into a sea of strawberry milkshake. Now take this image and couple it with excellent photography, and the result is staring right back at you. Yummy, isn’t it? Even the tabs get to share in the scrumptious shades of pink.

3 – Brushed:


When you opt for this puppy, you can expect your browser to sport gradient shades of gray. With this design, your start screen page will look similar to that of a smooth, steely surface.

4 – Pikachu:


‘Ash, you seem to have left your buddy behind.’ As the name reveals, you’ll be blessed with a bright yellow theme that features one of the most lovable Pokémon characters Pikachu. Complete with his lightening-shaped tail, rosy cheeks and black-tipped ears, you’ll find the adorable critter sleeping across your browser.

5 – Caroline Gardner:

Caroline Gardner

With this entrant in our Chrome themes lineup downloaded onto your PC, you’ll be bombarded with different designs of the petal and pollen sort. Flower power is brought forth by a designer who is noted for crafting beautiful greeting cards. What’s more, you’ll even be able to catch a glimpse of that aspect right here.

6 – Panda Dumpling:

Panda Dumpling

This one seems to be inspired by the lovable character called Po from the animated movie, Kung Fu Panda. It features an adorable panda cub lying on its belly, blowing at a delicate bubble. There’s even a Yin yang symbol sprayed across the side. And the icing on the cake is that the whole scenery sports a hand-painted appearance.

7 – Grass:


Do you miss the lush wide open garden spaces while being cooped up indoors at office? Well, this seems like just the solution you’ve been looking for. It portrays a wide patch of grass that covers every inch of your screen.

8 – Puppy:


Calling all tech enthusiasts who have a soft spot for adorable furry creatures. If you love all things cute, then you’ll surely appreciate this one. It has a picture of a cuddly Labrador pup placed upon a simple white background. It’s so charming that every time you open a new homepage, you’ll find a little ‘awww’ escaping your lips.

9 – Christmas:


It’s that time of the year again when carols can be heard echoing through the air and all the houses are decorated with bright lights and buntings. The festive season is upon us and what better way to feel all Christmassy than by taking complete advantage of this eye-catching layout? It sports a red backdrop that’s decorated with white designs and snowflake silhouettes. And just where the tabs are located, you’ll find a whole string of colored light bulbs, sparkling brilliantly.

10 – Bob Marley:

Bob Marley

If you’ve got tunes like ‘No Woman, No Cry,’ ‘Buffalo Soldier’ and ‘Redemption Song’ blaring out from your PC speakers, you know you simply have to get your hands on this very interesting one. This inclusion in our array features the tricolor and a picture of the star himself along with an image of a lion. It sort of reminds you of his famous song, ‘Iron Lion Zion,’ doesn’t it?

11 – Star Gazer:

Star Gazer

With this gem splashed across your PC screen, you’ll probably feel like you’re lounging out on cloud 9, simply lazing about staring at the stars around you. You can espy tiny stars, cloud puffs and even a little cartoon figure peacefully lying on one white tuft.

12 – Captain Pooh Bear and Crew:

Captain Pooh Bear

If you have little kids that use the PC, then why not give them that extra dose of cuteness by downloading this layout? It features the fun trio namely, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet setting out on another wild adventure, costumes and all.

13 – Raindrops:


Miss the pouring rain falling on your window pane? Well, you can now reminisce about those serene times by picking up this beautiful layout. This gem shines brightly amongst the other templates with its realistic droplets of water dripping across a window screen. It almost looks as if you’re peering out through your window or windshield of your car.

14 – Glow:


Here’s a simple theme that provides you with a plain black background which is coupled with only hazy lights at the top where the tabs reside. This seems like the perfect option for anyone who prefers to keep it simple yet pretty.

15 – Beautiful Landscape:

Beautiful Landscape

Want to just escape the daily hustle and bustle of work life and stare into a picturesque scene? Well, this solution will definitely be a sight for sore eyes.


There’s something for everyone in our list. We’ve include all sorts of layouts and pictures that’ll cater to just about anyone’s taste. From grassy backgrounds to cartoon themes, we’ve covered them all. If you like simple, plain ones or bright figures and hues, you’re sure to find them here. So what are you waiting for? Do give each one of them a try and don’t forget to mention your favorites in the box just below.