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7 Best Calorie Counter Apps for iPhone

Best Calorie Counter iPhone Apps

The best calorie counter apps for iPhone listed below may just prove to be your companion if you are trying to get rid of that stubborn flab. And if not, they might just help make sure you don’t end up with love handles. Ever. Steal a glance at the array to find out some easy ways to achieve the fitness levels you always wanted.

1 – Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker:

Calorie Counter And Diet Tracker

With a database consisting of over 1.1 billion food items, you are sure to find a calorie count of practically anything you wish to devour. And if you do not happen to have a data connection, this application comes with a streamlined database that can be accessed when you are offline. It lets you save entries as favorites and add multiple dishes at once or even an entire meal, which can be accessed through the web too. And besides keeping tabs on calorie intake, it can also be used to track exercises and follow your friends’ diet regimes.

Price: Free

2 – Lose It:

Lose It

Lose It is the next alternative on our calorie counter apps for iPhone roster that may be helpful if you plan to watch your weight by eating right. The application allows you to set a calorie budget so that you do not end up taking in more carbs than needed. The simple and user-friendly software offers a comprehensive database of food products and lets you add in new items and exercises.

Certain shortcuts like my foods, previous meals and more takes you directly to the desired section. It also gives you an option of emailing or printing reports from the Apple smartphone itself and accessing the information via your account on the official website.

Price: Free

3 – Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary:

Calorie Counter By MyNetDiary

If the developers of this application are to be believed, MyNetDiary is one of the smartest and easiest iPhone calorie counters. A free barcode scanner, over 30 screens, a food database of more than 400,000 items and daily analysis to improve eating habits are just some of the many features that this software has to offer.

Besides remembering your favorite servings, the tool lets you set goals and assists you in achieving the same. And like many similar apps, it backs up your data on the app’s official web portal.

Price: Free

4 – Calorie Counter by FatSecret:

Calorie Counter By FatSecret

Next up in our lineup of calorie counter apps for iPhone is a simple-to-use application that tells you the exact nutritional value of the food you eat. Besides your favorite dishes, it also takes into consideration popular brands and restaurants to help you choose wisely. A barcode scanner and a manual barcode input accompany the tool. In addition to this, it features a food and an exercise diary that you can maintain to keep track of what you eat during the day as well as your fitness regime. Some other attributes of this calorie counter are inclusive of a diet calendar, a weight tracker, recipes, meal ideas and a journal to record progress.

Price: Free

5 – DailyBurn Tracker:

DailyBurn Tracker

The DailyBurn Tracker app not only tracks your diet efficiently, but also helps you with your exercises and overall fitness that can be managed from the iPhone as well as through the web as it backs up data on the official website. FoodScanner included in this app allows you to log in food items without having to type anything out as it can scan the UPC barcodes for the required information. It boasts of a database of over 350,000 foods and tools to help you with your workout sessions and with setting up a training plan. Its Trainer Inbox function lets you interact with certified trainers too.

Price: Free

6 – My Diet Diary:

My Diet Diary

My Diet Diary has found a place on our array of calorie counter apps for iPhone due to its attributes that include tracking food, exercise, weight and water consumption amongst others. Its Facebook and MedHelp integration lets you share your experiences with others and encourage friends to achieve their goals. Besides graphical representation of your progress, it also lets you know about the personal nutritional requirements on the basis of your basic details like age, gender, height or weight.

Price: Free

7 – 40.30.30:


40.30.30 is yet another calorie counter, which calculates the percentage of calories from micronutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fat. By simply entering the amount of these nutrients in a food item, you can figure out the calorie count of each of them and whether the food source adheres to the widely followed 40-30-30 rule for carbs, proteins and fats. Besides this, it can also be used to balance nutrients for any other program too.

Price: Free

We hope our best calorie counter apps for iPhone roster gives our reader an incentive to shed those extra pounds. Feel free to share your views about these applications with us. And if we’ve missed out on anything that you think deserves a mention, do drop in a line to let us know about it.