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Best Buy’s trade-in plans for iPhone 5S and 5C revealed through a leaked document

Best Buy seems to be hell bent on offering deals on the new iPhones, as after cutting down the price of the $100 5C by half, the e-retailer is planning to kick off some trade-in programs for the two handsets. A leaked internal document reveals that the offer will commence on October 13 and will go on for the entire next week, till October 19.

The guys from TechnoBuffalo received the screenshot from an unidentified, but ‘trusted source.’ It clearly states that prospective customers can walk in with their smartphones and receive $100 in credit for each of them. It should be noted that damaged handsets or those with cracked screens will not be accepted. Only perfectly working devices can be traded in.

iPhone 5S And 5C

Considering that the iPhone 5C’s basic model is priced at $99, you can grab the piece of hardware for no down payments, if you trade your current smartphone. The gift card you receive from Best Buy, can only be used to buy one of these two iPhones. And if you make the most of the deal, you can walk out with the basic iPhone 5S by paying up only $99 as down payment.

Needless to say, you are required to sign up for a two-year customer agreement if you take advantage of the program as it is not valid on unlocked iPhones. Interested people will have to head over to a Best Buy store and we suggest calling in beforehand to ask whether the scheme is valid at that particular outlet or not.

We are expecting Best Buy to make an official announcement regarding the iPhone 5S and 5C trade-in program in a couple of days.