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Best Buy sells Virus-infected Digital Picture Frames, Security Warning Issued

Insignia's Alert

It’s quite ironical when the excitement of buying a product dies out on opening it. Just around a month back, a little girl in Cookeville, Tennessee got explicit content loaded on her MP3 video player as a Xmas gift. And this time around guess what, you get a virus free with the purchase of a digital photo frame.

A frenzied Best Buy is getting in touch with all the likely buyers of a particular range of digital picture frames (Part number NS-DPF10A) that displayed much more than pictures. Apparently the products contained malware that could infect Windows PCs.

The 10.4-inch frames were sold under the retail giant’s Insignia brand name. Before things got worst, sales of the frames were discontinued and according to Best Buy only a “limited number” of the products were sold during the holiday season. The frames were priced at $230 each.

The cable that enables photos stored on PCs to be displayed via a USB cable was affected because of which unspecified malware could spread onto computers.

A notice posted on the Insignia site stated that the digital frames werecontaminated with a computer virus during the manufacturing process.”

Though the exact name of the virus wasn’t revealed, Best Buy did note that the malware could be detected and disabled by the present day anti-virus softwares. But incase you’ve bought the frame and your system is not you could buzz Insignia’s customer care at 1-877-467-4289 for further measures.