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8 Best Budget Earphones

Best Budget Earphones

If you’re looking for some of the best budget earphones in the market, then you’ve stumbled into the right place. We’ve got 8 audio peripherals lined up and they’ve been picked from some of the top brands in the business, providing you with high quality sound. So what are you waiting for? Read on for brief descriptions on each pair of earphones.

1. Velodyne vPulse:

Velodyne vPulse

Nothing beats audio gear that can withstand being removed and shoved back into the pockets constantly. That’s mainly why we’re picked the Velodyne vPulse as the first entrant into today’s compilation. The accessory is crafted with materials that aim to deliver durability, not to mention a rich audio experience. Falling under the in-ear category, these earphones are fitted with noise reduction features and tag along multiple ear tips of different sizes. What’s more, if you own an iDevice such as the third generation iPod or newer, the iPhone 3Gs or above and even one of the iPads, you’ll be able to utilize the in-line controls for adjusting the volume and answering calls.

Price: $89

2. Bose IE2:

Bose IE2

If it’s audio quality that you seek, then that’s surely what you’ll find in this roundup of budget earphones including the Bose IE2. Apart from an enhanced acoustic design that proffers a smoother and more natural output, the accessory is designed with durable materials for a robust finish. Additionally, the company says it’s ideal for on the go users. That means you can expect it to deliver hours of comfortable listening through the StayHear tips that also proffer a secure fit. To top it off, these earphones are compatible with various mobile devices such as the iPhone and gadgets running on the Android, BlackBerry and Windows platforms.

Price: $99.95

3. Skullcandy Titan:

Skullcandy Titan

If appearance matters a lot to you, the Skullcandy Titan earphones are dressed to impress with a stylish form factor and eye-catching color options. Just as its name suggests, the Titan is also designed to survive, or so suggests the bombproof metal housing. For clarity and crisp acoustics, you’ll be presented with 11mm power drivers fitted within the accessory featuring an NdFeB magnet type. The cable employed here stretches 1.3 meters in length and is braided with aluminum and nylon, while the 3.5mm tip is gold plated. The icing on the cake is still to come – the company is also throwing in a nylon carrying case for storing the earphones and a lifetime warranty.

Price: $39.95

4. V-Moda Remix:

V-Moda Remix

The V-Moda Remix is the next to earn a spot on our budget earphones roster. The accessory maker has dressed it with a fashionable appearance complemented by a lightweight form factor. But don’t let its good looks fool you as the earphones have a sturdy build as well. While the audio peripheral features an all-metal design, the cable adopted here is reinforced with 0.2mm Kevlar proffering better durability compared to normal wires. Additionally, the Remix comes with a 3-button remote control and a discrete microphone for use with portable devices. Fitted within the audio peripheral is the Bliss 2.0 noise-isolating technology and a 9mm V-Masque HD neodymium dynamic driver for rich audio playback.

Price: $79

5. Klipsch Image S4:

Klipsch Image S4

The new addition to our extensive list of earphones for the budget-minded is the Klipsch Image S4. With over 60 years of audio ‘expertise,’ Klipsch says it’s got things just right with these earphones as they’re ideal for almost any kind of music ranging from intense bass to speedy guitar riffs. For delivering clear audio, the accessory makes use of a single moving coil driver per channel, which covers a wide frequency range. Additionally, the main highlights here are the noise-isolating capabilities for comfortable and disturbance-free sessions. You even have a choice of 2 color options, namely a piano black finish with silver accents and a pristine white surface with black and silver accents. The Klipsch Image S4 earphones are said to play well with iPod, iPhone and various other MP3 devices.

Price: $75

6. RHA MA450i:

RHA MA450i

If disturbing ambient sounds are what you face on a daily basis, then the RHA MA450i touted as noise isolating aluminum earphones could be just the right pick. Well, this feature isn’t all that the accessory has to offer, there are various other characteristics employed here that make it worthy of our budget earphones lineup. The manufacturer has employed a 10mm driver for a well-balanced sound experience within its aluminum housing. Additionally, the 3.5mm gold plated connector supports iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad tagging along a remote for controlling calls, music and volume, as well as a microphone for verbal communication. You also get a carry case and an ear-tip storage box for securely hoarding the earphones when not in use.

Price: £39.95

7. Sennheiser CX 281:

Sennheiser CX 281

Next up are the Sennheiser CX 281 earphones that arrive with an ergonomic design around a fashionable profile. Fitted with dynamic speaker systems, Sennheiser says that these buds can deliver clear and detailed sound, while the silicon ear adapters aim to provide a comfort fit. The cable used is dressed with a symmetrical braided-design and is tangle-free. What’s more, the earphones are optimized for portable media players including Apple devices like the iPod and iPhone. You and a friend will also be able to listen to the same tunes through the share adapter.

Price: $50

8. Skullcandy 50/50:

Skullcandy 50/50

Last, but not the least are the Skullcandy 50/50 earphones. Simple yet elegant, the accessory is designed with a half polycarbonate, half ABS finish coated with chrome detailing. Additionally, the company has adopted an ergonomically designed form factor to deliver a comfortable fit for almost any ear size. You’ll also have a microphone fitted onto the accessory for communication purposes. And to keep the earphones safe from damage or getting tangled up, the company has thrown in a travel case as well.

Price: $49.95


Now that you know where you options stand when it comes to picking up the best budget earphones, you should be well relaxed knowing that even popular brands offer a thing or two for the budget-minded. So tell us which of the aforementioned audio peripherals you’re looking forward to own. And if you’ve already picked one up, why not drop in a line or two on how brilliant they sound?