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6 Best Bookmark Manager

Best Bookmark Manager

Finding the best bookmark manager can be a tricky task what with the plethora of options that are available out there. So just how do you zero in on a reliable one that will cater to all your needs in this aspect? Well, to make your search a little easier, we’ve jotted down a comprehensive list of solutions that will enable you to juggle all your archived links, web pages, photos, interesting online articles and more.

1 – Xmarks:

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This handy extension is available for a host of web browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And since it supports a wide range of options, the downloadable program also has the ability to sync across all these browsers as well as keep your saved content backed up and well synchronized. It further proffers you a smarter search feature that highlights the top sites based on how other individuals have rated them.

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What’s more, you can also view additional information about the portal you’ve currently landed on as well as discover other similar websites. What’s more, you’ll be able to edit, view, delete and add content online and even share your preferred links with loved ones. Premium users can further gain access to Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone apps.

2 – Linkman:

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This entrant in our roster lets you archive large amounts of web pages, links and more with ease, according to the brains behind the endeavor. It further complies with a host of web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera so that all your data is synchronized between these options as well as different computers. You can choose whether you want to handle your archived links by employing folders, keywords or both. And getting started is a complete breeze with its introduction video, screenshot tutorial and PDF manual for the same. This software is available in 2 versions namely, a Lite one that’s free to procure and a Pro edition which will cost you just under $25.

3 – Diigo:

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Launched in 2006, this interesting option forays onto the scenario with the tagline, ‘collect and highlight, then remember.’ Besides just tapping into the feature that’s in the spotlight here, it also allows you to gather up and neatly organize anything from screenshots to notes. The built-in research tool even lets you endow web pages with highlights and sticky notes as well as share specific pages with annotations through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz.

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There’s also an option that enables you to create groups so that you and your friends can collectively share resources, pool in findings and curate content. And apart from Chrome and Firefox add-ons, the program can even be accessed via the iPad, iPhone and Android-powered devices. Besides the free version, there’s also Basic and Premium editions that are priced at $20 and $40 per year, respectively.

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4 – Google Bookmarks:

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Our array won’t be complete without the mention of this handy inclusion. The free online archive storage solution extends its reach to Google account holders and can be taken complete advantage of from just about any computer. All you have to do is sign in to your Gmail account and access the pages from the toolbar or Google homepage.

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The cloud-based service that was launched nearly 8 years ago also makes it easy to search for specific items by scanning through the complete content text besides just notes and labels. You can further sort your data by title, label or date.

5 – iFaves:

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Wondering what you bargain for when you exploit this service? Well for one, you’ll be able to save all your desired notes, links, web pages, photos, news feeds and more with just a touch of a button and gain easy access to them when required. It even lets you share them with friends and family as well as displays your most-visited links at the forefront. Some of its other features include calendar view, hierarchical tag tree and ability to import existing browser links. You can also keep track of the ones you’ve received from others. And last but not least, you’ll even be able to save and organize all your valued notes right here.

6 – Webbla:

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With this particular contender in our roundup sitting in your Mac OS X PC, you can espy all saved content by visuals instead of just glancing at titles, all thanks to the tag stripe feature. You can further form collections for your archived data bits by simply dragging them to their respective folders. You’ll also be able to seamlessly share content with others through social networking sites. What’s more, the developer has thrown into the amalgamation a useful Spotlight attribute which lets you gain quick access to your bookmarks. The Finder is a great option to turn to for flipping through your entire compilation. The application further supports different web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, OmniWeb, Safari and Camino. This software piece can be found on the Mac App Store tagged at just under $22.


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Are you still relying on your default browser’s little star shaped icon that’s situated on the address bar? Well, how about switching to some great options that will smartly achieve all your desired links and web pages without you ending up with a heap of scrambled content? Well, we’re sure you’ll find the best bookmark manager lying somewhere within our aforesaid lineup. And when you do, don’t forget to leave a comment or two about the same in the box below.