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7 Best Bluetooth Headsets

Best Bluetooth Headsets

Our checklist of the 7 best Bluetooth headsets around includes those with more than just improved performance and an attractive design. Really, we went scurrying through the web for audio gear that throw in a comprehensive feature list, meeting the requirements of almost all kind of users. With a plethora of accessories being released, even in all the commotion, there’s no denying their usability. You may want to know that Bluetooth headphones can be broadly classified into three different types – single-ear, stereo and speakerphones. Your choice should mainly depend on what exactly your requirements are.

1. Jawbone Icon HD:

Jawbone Icon HD

Now if you’ve been following up on Jawbone’s interesting lineup of headsets over time, you’ll know the Jawbone Icon HD is an upgrade to the company’s hotly selling Icon. The only marked difference between the two appears to be the addition of HD audio support in the newer version, which pretty much makes up for everything else. The intelligent mobile accessory’s military-grade NoiseAssassin 2.5 feature with wind reduction keeps unwanted background noise at bay, rendering crystal clear conversations.

The large 10mm wideband speaker offers HD-quality sound for calls, music and video. The headset’s battery backup is around 4 hours. With the flexibility to easily connect to multiple devices, the Icon HD bundles in 7 earbuds for a close-to-perfect fit.

Price: $99.99

2. Jabra Supreme:

Jabra Supreme

We won’t blame manufacturers for consistently harping on the ‘exceptional Active Noise Cancellation technology’ like the makers of the Jabra Supreme suggest, only because it is one of the most important features users watch out for. Specifically, with the Supreme that we’re recommending on our Bluetooth headsets roster, you gain access to the most recent technology in audio improvement. The device further includes the Noise Blackout 3.0 dual microphone technology and a powerful 24mm speaker.

Handsfree operation for voice control and voice guidance and the ability to be paired with up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously add to the brownie points. On the whole, what makes the Jabra Supreme a great pick especially for business users, is its superior HD voice quality and above-average battery life, besides the fact that it is comfortable to wear all day long with the interchangeable soft ear cushions.

Price: $99

3. Plantronics M100:

Plantronics M100

The impressive design of the Plantronics M100 has us nodding in agreement to the company’s claims of ‘great sound in a small package.’ The smart and ultra-light form factor of the headset makes it a great accompaniment for almost any Bluetooth device. It claims to deliver your natural voice to the best of its ability, with the help of the included dual microphones.

Six hours of talk time and around ten days of standby time don’t sound bad at all. Gel ear tips in three sizes and an optional earloop cover the customization features of the headset. With active voice alerts, you may want to believe us when we tell you that if you talk to the Plantronics M100, it will talk right back at you (in whispers though).

Price: $69.99

4. Samsung HM7000:

Samsung HM7000

If you’re among the handful who think headsets and you just don’t go hand in hand owing to the complex features overselling them, picture this – you’re shopping for grocery, your hands are full and you’re interrupted by a call. Now what? A simple yet very purposive accessory like the Samsung HM7000 walks in and you’ll thank us for pushing it onto our Bluetooth headsets list. The super slim and convenient device includes a powerful feature set that won’t see you complaining.

What works for the HM7000 is the added perk of Android application support for complete control over your Android device. A plethora of commands as well as functions are at your beck and call while you surf through text-to-speech or caller ID settings. With Bluetooth 3.0 support and roughly four and a half hours of playback time, you can maximize your wireless communication experience. Besides, you get a mobile charging cradle to tag along too.

Price: $99.99

5. BlueAnt Q2:

BlueAnt Q2

Don’t mistake the BlueAnt Q2 for your run-of-the mill Bluetooth device. One look at the compare option on the official product page and you know there’s more to the headset than plain call connectivity. Showing off a receive side audio that’s built professionally, it packs in a truckload of interesting features. This includes a voice recognition command set and improved text-to-speech technology that work in tandem with one of the best audio components.

The headset includes a high quality speaker tuned to deliver superior sound, while conventional noise elimination and other adaptive controls are tweaked to be intelligent. Surely adding to the ‘stand out’ factors of this device are the dual high-performance microphones for clear voice in virtually all environments. With flexible ear hooks, ear gels in different sizes and a battery that lasts up to five hours, the Q2 is comfortable and also very easy to use.

Price: $99.99

6. Motorola Elite Silver:

Motorola Elite Silver

If not for anything else, the extended connectivity range on offer by the Motorola Elite Silver just couldn’t see us missing out on it in our roll call of Bluetooth headsets in town. Precisely, Motorola says you can move up to 300 feet away from your phone and still be connected to it via the Elite Silver. The easy pairing option lends a helping hand to NFC technology that makes hooking it up plain ‘tap work.’

The chic and stylish gear should strike a chord with its sophisticated design. We’re also giving it a thumbs up for the inclusion of CrystalTalk technology, HD Audio Plus, and a true wideband speaker. The bundled carrying case gives you the option to charge the headset too.

Price: $129.99

7. Bluetrek Carbon:

Bluetrek Carbon

‘Just what the doctor ordered’ is what’s going to instantly come to your mind if you’re an avid technology lover and you’re impressed by the Bluetrek Carbon. And we’re not going to blame you for it – the headset is the only device of its kind to be crafted from carbon fiber, after all. How does it actually help your cause? Well, it is ultra light and comfortable, making it apt for continuous usage.

The simple controls which precisely include nothing more than a single volume rocker and one main switch, make it very easy to get around the headset. On the features front, you can look forward to a microUSB port and lower ambient noise levels. It is pretty upfront about coughing up instructions too, in English, Mandarin and Spanish while the included multi-point technology means you can link up to three devices simultaneously. It offers about four hours of battery life.

Price: $69.99

You’re really be ignorant on purpose if you think headsets are wasted companions for smartphones. With most such accessories now packing in a punch, at least in terms of the improved features they have on offer, if you still don’t have one, you may want to grab it. And we’re hoping our lineup of the best Bluetooth headsets is helpful in doing just that.

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