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Best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5S

If you’ve got the latest Apple smartphone, you might also be in search of the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5S. Well, we’re not going to tell you which specific wireless accessory to pick. Instead, we’ve compiled a list of several options so that you have a wide choice of different designs and features, since not all of us have the same taste. Also, we’ve taken price into high consideration and have listed devices that fall under different cost brackets.

1. Jabra Style AE:

Best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5S Jabra AE

We’re starting off with the Jabra Style AE that’s a simple, yet gorgeous looking device constructed from steel. It can also be used with the iPad and iPod Touch and sports intuitive controls. A simple tap on the side will allow you to managed calls. Speaking of which, the speaker incorporated here utilizes HD Voice technology for crisp and clear audio output. Then there’s the Intelligent Volume Control that automatically adjusts the output level depending on ambient sounds.

Apart from voice calling, the Style AE can also be used with other applications for music playback, internet radio and GPS directions amongst others. With the Assist app installed, you’ll also be able to locate the device from your iPhone when misplaced or find out where your car is parked through the Find My Car feature. The Jabra Style AE is priced at $49.99.

2. ERA by Jawbone:

ERA by Jawbone

If you loved the Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker‘s design, then you’ll definitely fall in love with the ERA headset. There are many reasons why this accessory is on our roster of Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5S. Firstly, it features a lightweight design and offers a very comfortable fit. The device has some pretty nifty capabilities as well. You get a programmable button which can be used to quickly access important features.

The accessory can also be used to bring up Siri and ask questions for a hands-free experience. Along with HD audio, the company has thrown in military-grade NoiseAssassin technology which reduces background noise. There’s also a dedicated mobile app available with a built-in locator. On a single charge, the device can deliver up to four hours of activity. The Jawbone ERA costs $99.95 and it comes in color options of red, silver, black and purple.

3. Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2:

Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

The Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 is one of the most attractive devices on this compilation and it’s also one of the costliest. At $149.95, this accessory offers a very modern design and it’s built for each ear. This basically means that you can order one for the left or right ear, depending on your preference.

The company has designed it with its proprietary TriPort acoustic structure and Adaptive Audio Adjustment which deliver clear audio even in loud places. The StayHear tip which comes in three sizes, is what prevents the device from falling off, while support for A2DP allows the accessory to stream GPS directions, podcasts and more. You can expect up to 4.5 hours of talk-time or 175 hours of standby.

4. Plantronics Voyager Legend:

Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is one of the highest recommended options we’ve come across and it definitely deserves its place on our Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5S lineup. Unlike the aforementioned options, this one has a traditional form factor where a grip keeps it secured around the ear. Plantronics has designed this accessory to be extremely simple. You won’t need to press any buttons to answer or reject calls as it features voice input.

With this, you can even check the battery level with ease. Then there are sensors that detect when you have the device plugged in. This automatically answers calls or routes it from the phone during ongoing conversations. The Voyager Legend can deliver 7 hours of talk-time and it sports a triple-mic DSP for noise cancellation. Plantronics is offering it for $99.99.

5. Samsung HM1700:

Samsung HM1700

The Samsung HM1700 is the cheapest and one of the best option on this list. It costs just $39.99, but has a good deal of features to offer and an attractive brushed metal-look on its polycarbonate body. Pairing is made simple as it automatically connects to the nearest device and you won’t need to provide any pass-code. You can have it connected to multiple gadgets at the same time also. To deliver clear audio, there are noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies onboard.

Where battery life is concerned, the Samsung HM1700 can deliver up to 9 hours of talk-time, approximately 8 hours of music streaming or around 350 hours of standby. You’ll also get voice prompts when the device is connected or low on power. Since it’s manufactured by Samsung, you can be sure that it’ll work with non-Apple devices and even PCs.

6. BlueAnt Q2:

BlueAnt Q2

Our last recommendation on our Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5S lineup is the BlueAnt Q2. Touted as a smart accessory, this one functions quite similar to the Voyager Legend. There’s voice recognition onboard which allows you to carry out various commands like dialing a specific contact. The device can inform you with the name of the caller and even read out messages.

The Q2 features dual microphones and voice isolation for noise cancellation and there’s wind sound reduction as well. The device works on Bluetooth 2.1 and it offers decent battery life of around 5 hours of talk-time or 100 hours of standby.


As you can see, we’ve not picked just any random options. Each of them offer high quality futures, be it design or capabilities. So which of these accessories is the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5S in your opinion. If you’ve got any recommendations for our readers, head south and drop in a comment.