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8 Best BlackBerry Torch Apps

Best BlackBerry Torch Apps

The following best BlackBerry Torch apps are must-haves if you are the proud owner of RIM’s Torch devices. The BlackBerry App World stocks up on pretty cool applications that let you optimize your devices to be productive as well as entertaining at the same time. So steal a glance to find out what we have in store for you and your BB.

1 – Vlingo:


So what if certain smartphones are pre-loaded with software to communicate intuitively with its users? RIM has included such tools in its App World to offer you a similar experience. Vlingo serves as your virtual assistant that understands natural language and gives you the freedom to get work done from your phone by simply telling it what to do.

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Be it sending text messages, searching the web or updating your Facebook status, this application does all this and more with your instructions. Additionally, the app is currently available for download, free of charge. But you’ll have to hurry if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

2 – BlackBerry Protect:

BlackBerry Protect

Your beloved Torch smartphone is probably overflowing with all the important information that you have stored in it. But aren’t you scared of losing it through unauthorized access in case you misplace the handset? Well, RIM has made the necessary provisions to avoid such possibilities by designing the BlackBerry Protect app. Once downloaded on the phone, you can log into blackberry.com and locate the phone, lock it, assign a password or even erase all the content saved in it.

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Moreover, you can either make it ring loudly to find it or set a message to be displayed on the homescreen. And if you are unable to get it back, simply take a backup of your data and restore it to your new BlackBerry device.

3 – Poynt:


Next up on our roster of BlackBerry Torch apps is Poynt that allows you to launch a local search for anything and everything ranging from movies, restaurants, gas stations, offers, businesses and even people. Besides letting you know the exact location of your search queries, the application comes in handy to make reservations at restaurants, buy movie tickets, watch trailers, get directions, make phone calls and a lot more.

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It is available for countries including the U.S., the UK, India, Germany, Canada, Italy, Australia, France and Spain.

4 – Dropbox:


If you employ your BlackBerry Torch for a number of business purposes, then we suggest you download the free Dropbox application onto your device. It ensures access to all your documents and other digital content on the move, without having to save any of it in your handset. The software lets you synchronize all your data saved on a number of other devices for instant access from just about anywhere and everywhere.

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Searching files in Dropbox, uploading them to the desktop or opening files in other apps should not be a problem either. It requires you to sign up for a free Dropbox for BlackBerry account.

5 – PatternLock Lite:

PatternLock Lite

Taking our lineup of BlackBerry Torch apps further is the PatternLock Lite application. Although the touchscreen BlackBerry devices are complete with password protection, PatternLock promises a fun way to ensure that your personal data is safe in your phone. You can choose any pattern you wish to lock your phone and unless this design is traced in, nothing from the device can be accessed.

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It also offers options like autolock on startup and autolock the device when inactive. You can even consider purchasing the full version to enjoy even more features.

6 – WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp Messenger

Agreed, you have the pre-loaded BlackBerry Messenger in your RIM device. But it won’t let you communicate with users over other platforms. And that’s the reason why we recommend WhatsApp. Besides intuitive and worry-free operation, the app’s main features include its incorporation in a number of other platforms like Apple, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.

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And not only instant messages, it allows sending audio files, pictures, videos and a lot more. It requires an internet connection and is free for a year, after which it needs to be purchased for $0.99 per annum.

7 – Photo Editor Ultimate Free:

Photo Editor Ultimate

Another fun tool in our list is Photo Editor Ultimate to add some cool effects to your otherwise simple pictures. It lets you edit all your images from your phone itself and send them to your friends. It simplifies assigning effects as the menu option facilitates opening the required image in the application and also uploading it to Facebook, TwitPic or sending via BBM. Besides all the common features like cropping, resizing and rotating amongst others, it offers effects, color filters and modes for enhancing your images.

8 – Hangman:


And the concluding application in the assortment of Torch apps is Hangman, for keeping you occupied when you have nothing better to do. Based on your area of interest, you have plenty of categories to choose from including Hollywood, sports, music, travel and many more. You can create high scores, earn achievements and go back to beat your own high score. And the best part is that it won’t cost you a single penny.

So there you have it. A list of the best BlackBerry Torch apps that should be part of your RIM device to stay connected as well as entertained at all times. Think we missed out on something important? Do let us know in the comment box below.