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7 Best BlackBerry Bold Apps

Best BlackBerry Bold Apps

Our list of the best BlackBerry Bold apps comes with viable options from different categories. Besides the usual applications found on most BB devices, the ones we’re going to jot down cater to various needs such as entertainment, travel or productivity and they even pack in a few utilities. So if you’re looking at equipping your Bold handset with some essential tools, read on for brief descriptions on each app’s capabilities and features.

1. Poynt –


We all love going out for movies or maybe dinners and hanging out with friends. Well, if you’re the type who likes exploring new places, the Poynt application should lead the way to nearby venues. Apart from listing out theaters in the vicinity, it allows you to search for the top 10 movies currently running, view ratings and even purchase tickets through the app. Besides these, you can locate restaurants, events and businesses nearby as well as get directions to each place. And since moving around means you’re going to need a gas refill at some point of time, Poynt claims to provide the best prices by grade or nearby stations.

Price: Free.

2. Google apps –

Google For BlackBerry

You can try searching, but you aren’t going to find Google apps in the App World. This particular selection in our BlackBerry Bold apps roundup comprises of various services such as Search, Sync, Voice and Maps. With the former attribute, you can conveniently search the web through voice input and also find places around your current location as well as view your search history. You can even conveniently access Google applications like Gmail, Latitude and Calendar. The Google Voice service allows you to make international calls at low costs and even send text messages to others, while Maps provides location-based information and free turn-by-turn GPS assistance.

Price: Free.

3. BlackBerry Traffic –

BlackBerry Traffic

Similar to Google maps, the BlackBerry Traffic app allows you to plan your trip in order to reach your destination on time. From the ETA which is based on current traffic conditions and alternate routes to averting traffic and toll booths, it comes with voice guidance capabilities for delivering turn-by-turn directions that can be streamed to a Bluetooth headset or the vehicle’s sound system. To use BlackBerry Traffic, you’re going to need an active data plan with internet browsing capabilities, a GPS-equipped device and the BlackBerry Maps application.

Price: Free.

4. Fruits and Ninja Free –

Fruits And Ninja Free

In the entertainment section, we’re got Fruits and Ninja Free in this BlackBerry Bold apps compilation. Similar in almost every aspect to the Fruit Ninja application that’s quite popular on various other platforms, this game packs in 3 playable modes, namely Classic, Zen and Arcade. From slicing different kinds of fruits while avoiding bombs to unlocking achievements, it comes with a number of bonuses such as freeze, add time and double score. And to revel in the competitive environment, you can post your scores to the online leaderboards.

Price: Free.

5. Photo Studio Pro –

Photo Studio Pro

Besides catering to business and professional needs, the Bold can even be a decent entertainment device through applications like Photo Studio Pro. With this tool, you can tweak your images by applying various effects, and adjust settings like brightness, contrast, RGB color, hue and saturation. Besides operations like resize, rotate and crop, it comes loaded with 88 effects which range between categories such as simple toning, old style, vintage, summer mood, sketch, lomo, blur and art. And along with a set of frames, this pro version wraps in a number of additional effects, frames and PicFrames. Since it’s BBM Connected, you can share images directly through the app.

Price: $3.99.

6. Text Message Backup –

Text Message Backup

Next up on our BlackBerry Bold apps roster is the Text Message Backup utility. Have you ever accidentally deleted an important text message or lost all SMSs after directing your phone to its default settings? Well, you’re not alone. Just as its name suggests, this application creates a backup of all incoming text messages by automatically forwarding them to your email inbox. It’s as simple as that. However, you will require a data connection and active BlackBerry services for the app to send emails. Text Message Backup is compatible with Bold devices including the 9900 and 9930, running on OS 7.

Price: $1.99.

7. Dropbox –

Dropbox For BlackBerry

Need extra hoarding space? Cloud storage service Dropbox, says it can help. Apart from syncing files between your computer and BlackBerry Bold handset, it allows you to safely back up and store content online and securely access it from any computer and most mobile devices, practically anywhere. Through this, you can browse the files in your account, access images and other media within the application and even share stuff with others via email. Dropbox is currently providing new users with 2GB of free storage.
Price: Free.

So these were the 7 best BlackBerry Bold apps we dug out from the App World. If we’ve missed out on anything great that deserves to be in this collection, do let us know.