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7 Best Bill Reminder Apps

Here we have the best bill reminder apps to help you stay on top of things and make your payments on time. Some of these applications are meant for iOS-based devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod and we have tossed in some Android utilities into the mix too. Windows Phone and Windows 8 users can scroll down to find relevant utilities for their respective gadgets as well. Read through the compilation to know more about the contenders that have deserved a mention on our list.

1 – Check – Bills & Money:

Check which was previously known as Pageonce, has especially been optimized for users in the US but is apt for those of you who reside in the other parts of the world too. With the application downloaded on device, you won’t have to worry about late fees or overdrafts. Apart from taking care of your bills, it can even be used for the purpose of monitoring credit cards and bank accounts. The utility not only does the required task of reminding you about bills, but even lets you know in case you are running low on funds.


And what’s more, you get the option of paying them right away or schedule payments for sometime later. All the bills and accounts are placed in a centralized place to let you have a quick glance as and when you want.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

2 – Bills Monitor Free:

According to the developers of the application in question, it is a smart and full-featured utility that is efficient enough to monitor your bills and finances. All you need to do is punch in a log of all your bills and the app claims to ensure that you never miss out on any due date as it sends you reminders for the same.

Bills Monitor Free

You can even track them from within the software to have a convenient schedule at your disposal or get a calendar view of bills. It shows off a clean user interface and works on devices running iOS 5 or later. And you can password protect this software to keep your details away from prying eyes.

Price: Free (iOS)

3 – BillMinder:

The guys over at return7, who have developed BillMinder are confident that if you have this application installed on your device, you will never have to pay another late fee again. Like most other apps, it reminds you about your bills, but that’s certainly not all. You even get to choose the time of the day when you would like to receive these reminders so you can make the payments right away.


Everything is listed in a manageable place and tracking expenses becomes all the more simple, thanks to comprehensive charts and graphs. Alerts can be synced between iOS devices and you can customize your list to display only the upcoming and overdue bills. It has a password protection option and backs up your data on the cloud to keep it safe.

Price: $1.99 (iOS)

4 – Manilla:

Manilla is a secure financial life organization tool that sends periodical reminders so you never forget to pay that bill again. Apart from this, it monitors travel rewards, subscriptions and more and has an organized document storage system for statements, notices and offers as well. You can download, print, email or read these documents as and when you want.


The Custom Accounts feature comes in extremely handy to keep a log of your day-to-day expenses. And if that’s not enough, this password-protected utility sends bill alerts as text messages or emails. Its Android version is compatible with devices running Froyo or later platforms, while the one available through iTunes runs on iOS version 5.1 or later.

Price: Free (Android, iOS)

5 – MoBill Budget and Reminder:

MoBill that takes up the next spot on our roster, claims to be a tad different from other personal finance apps and instantly shows all your monetary details. You get to set reminders for your bills and the application sends you alerts exactly on time to avoid overdrafts. Tracking expenses and income is hardly a difficult task and it lets you copy all the data to your Google Calendar account so you have a backup no matter what.

MoBill Budget And Reminder

There’s an option for editing recurring bills or income and if you do not want to add your details to pre-defined categories, you can go ahead and make new ones. A quick summary of your financial position, for the time being, is also displayed to give you a fair idea.

Price: Free (Android)

6 – Bill Reminder Free:

Those of you who use Windows Phone 8 or 7.5 can find a financial assistant in the form of this application. It not only reminds you about pending bills, but also color-codes them. So one look at the screen and you’ll know how many bills need to be paid and how many are past their due dates.

Bill Reminder Free

Some of the other features of the application include popup reminders, a calendar page, a double-sided live tile and more. You can create a backup folder of the data in SkyDrive and restore it whenever you want.

Price: Free (Windows Phone)

7 – Chronicles:

This application has been developed for Windows 8 users to make sure they never miss a due date again. It offers clear and beautiful icons for your impending bills and even sends popup notifications, regardless of whether the app is running or not.


And if you pin its Live Tile on your homescreen, you will constantly be reminded of the next 5 bills. Its trial version is available through the Windows Store, but it has limited features.

Price: $2.99 (Windows)


So have you found what you were looking for in our compilation of the best bill reminder apps? We are sure you have. How about telling us which one it is? And in case you are already using a utility that can carry out the said task just as proficiently, drop in a line to let us know about it.