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7 Best Bible Apps

Best Bible Apps

The best Bible apps are set to serve up spiritual food for the soul. These software options are fashioned for the iOS and Android-infused portable devices so that followers of Christ may take the Word of God along with them, close to their heart wherever they go. And even if you aren’t the church-going sort, you can still download the same and familiarize yourself with the many interesting values it has to offer. Take a page from the life of former American president Ronald Regan. He said, ‘within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.’ So, on that note we proceed to the virtual gems.

1 – Bible:


The developer of this delight calls on all ye faithful to ‘read, listen and share God’s word.’ There are more than 150 free translations in languages such as French, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Norwegian, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Czech, Bulgarian and Romanian. You can also avail of nearly 200 Bible reading plans that let you keep track of your progress. And even if you’re offline, you’ll still be able to access many of the translations. Some of the other features include audio Bible versions, daily reading plans, easy search options, Facebook and Twitter connection and note-taking abilities. This free software is available through Google Play as well as the Apple App Store.

2 – ESV Bible:

ESV Bible

The English Standard sort is up next in our Bible apps array. Through this entrant, you’ll be able to dive right into an intuitive spiritual experience. You can footnote or cross-reference with ease as well as search the application for a particular verse in the good book.

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What’s more, the content can be neatly displayed across either in landscape or full screen modes. Record notes, highlight verses, manage and share quotes with loved ones. This free app is available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone.

3 – Bible.is:


‘Read, listen and see,’ is the call to arms here. This software is translated into more than 600 languages and even features dramatized audio bits. It also comes complete with the Jesus Film project that breathes life into the holy chapters by relaying them out in the form of videos. You can further share verses and Psalms with friends and family members via Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS.

You’ll also be able to check out daily Bible programs like New Testament in 40 Days and Proverb a Day. Go ahead and highlight, bookmark and add notes through your portable gadget. The application unfurls across the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android-powered devices minus a price tag.

4 – Glo Bible+:

Glo Bible+

Fashioned for the iDevice, this entrant in our Bible apps lineup is looked upon as an interactive holy book. How, you might wonder? Well, watch as the application splashes high resolution images, HD videos, 360-degree virtual tours and articles across your touchscreen, bringing the scriptures to life. The iPad version features 4 lenses namely Atlas, Bible, Media and Me Lens. Some of the translations available here include NIV, KJV, the Message, ESV and NKJV. There are more than 25 free reading plans that include Wisdom, New Testament in a Year and Essential 100 passages. And it won’t cost you even a penny to procure this one.

5 – Logos Bible:

Logos Bible

Looking for a portable program that’ll help you indulge in a more fruitful mobile scripture study? The app brings forth over 40 free bible versions namely, NKJV, ESV, NASB, GW, KJV, NLT, HCSB and NCV as well as other spiritual books. You’ll also find summarized editions of the New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic Theology by Augustus Hopkins Strong and Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon. What’s more, you can even highlight important words, add notes, share verses, compare sections, search for your favorite Psalm and get detailed commentaries right here. iPhone and iPad users can pick up this app absolutely free of cost.

6 – Mantis Bible Study:

Mantis Bible Study

With this contender in our Bible apps roundup sitting in your portable gadget, you’ll be able to glance at the powerful word of God, anywhere, anytime. It also proffers followers of Christ a very handy advanced Bible Study tool. The application comes complete with different downloadable resources as well as more than 250 add-ons such as commentaries, devotionals, dictionaries, translations and other such books.

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Some of the navigation options listed here include quick history, inline verse-display, grid mode and tap-and-drag corners for accessing chapters, verses and volumes. This one can be procured by all iOS and Android-infused device owners.

7 – Olive Tree Bible+:

Olive Tree Bible+

Claiming to provide a deeper Bible study, our finial inclusion lets you gain access to loads of resources such as dictionaries, maps and commentaries from great scholars. You can also highlight, add notes and bookmark passages directly through your trusty Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. You’ll even be able to conduct offline bible studies, fast verse navigation and side-by-side study.

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The different translations featured here include NKJV, NASB, Amplified Bible, HCSB, NIV, ESV, The Message and NABre. While this particular delight is free, the one that comes attached with maps can be brought for just under $10.


The holy book is a very sacred thing. The confines are filled with words of wisdom poured out by numerous holy men and women, prophets and the disciples of Jesus. It comprises of the New and Old testaments as well as meaningful Psalms and songs of praise and worship to the Almighty. The revered scripture compilation is also the most read book in the world. Before indulging in the festivities of Christmas, there’s a solemn period of Advent that many Catholics follow. And since we are already at the beginning of the same, it’s a good time to reflect on the scriptures.

With these aforementioned best Bible apps, you’ll also be able to stay enlightened irrespective of whether you’re at home or waiting for the train. Do you have any favorites? Did we miss out on any application that might be residing in your handset or tablet as you read this?

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