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6 Best Backup Apps for Android

Best Backup Apps For Android

With these backup apps for Android installed in your phone, you will never have to fret about losing out on important data. Be it all those vital contact numbers or the heartwarming messages that you stored in your device, the applications listed below should ensure that they remain safe in your Android smartphone. Scroll down to find out more about them.

1 – APN Backup & Restore:

APN Backup And Restore

In order to ensure smooth internet functioning on your Android phone, it is necessary to have a backup of the APN settings. And this can easily be done using the APN Backup and Restore application. Besides buttons to backup and restore APNs, it comes with options such as ‘Delete Backup Files’ to do away with old backup files and ‘Delete APNs’ so that you can perform a ‘restore’ on your handset. You can always read the help section to understand its working and enable logging of errors for troubleshooting purposes. Another advantage is that it lets you mail your backup file via its ‘Send by Email’ option. It works with all Android platforms but cannot restore settings on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.

2 – SMS Backup +:

SMS Backup Plus

Not many will deny that they have ended up accidentally deleting their messages or call logs from their phones. While this is a common phenomenon, the Android Market offers a tool that should put an end to all these woes. SMS Backup + creates backup files of your messages, call log entries and MMS in Gmail or Google Calendars. Although you can restore the call log and SMS on your device, the app currently does not restore MMS. It backs up data on Gmail and does not require your password to do so, hence you need not worry about unauthorized access to your mail account. SMS Backup + is compatible with all versions of the Android OS.

3 – Mobile Backup II:

Mobile Backup II

The Mobile Backup II application has been added to our list of apps for Android due to its capabilities of creating backup and saving the phone’s data in your SD card. It saves content like SMS, call log, contacts and calendar, which can be accessed from the root directory of the memory card. The app comes in handy when you need to reset your device or transfer personal data to another handset. Needless to say, it restores the backed up data onto the device. Mobile Backup II supports Android versions covering 1.5 to 2.3.x.

4 – App Backup & Restore:

App Backup And Restore

So you have untiringly combed the Android Market to install all the important apps that you need on your mobile device and are now looking out for something that will create a backup of all those apps? Then we suggest you take a look at the App Backup & Restore application that will store all of it on your SD card. Supporting multi version backup, it saves the market link if the app in question happens to be a protected one. Furthermore, it facilitates quick uninstalling and lets you send apk files by email and restore them back to the Android device. Some other features include sorting apps by date, size or name, auto backup on installation and information regarding the storage usage amongst others.

5 – Titanium Backup:

Titanium Backup

Next up on our lineup of apps for Android is Titanium Backup, which has gained a lot of appreciation from most of its users. While many other applications listed here are either limited to data backup or creating backups for the installed apps, this is one application that works with most of your phone’s content that includes applications, market links and more. The backup is created on the SD card for protected as well as system apps and external data.

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Moreover, you will not have to schedule backups as they can be pre-determined and restore everything to the device whenever you want. And if you are looking for additional features like freezing apps, creating multiple backups or synchronization with Dropbox, the Pro version of Titanium offers all this and more.

6 – Contacts Backup Pro:

Contacts Backup Pro

And the last one to have found a place in our roster of apps for Android is the Contacts Backup Pro. Although it requires you to shell out some money to create a backup, it sure seems worth the price. All your contacts, be it from the SIM, Google or Outlook are safe if you install this application. And as it supports exporting csv style, the backed up data becomes easily readable. Additionally, the choice of folder to which the information will be saved remains with you. You can save thousands of contacts and restore all of it back to your phone as and when you wish to.

So this is where we draw the curtains on our list of the backup apps for Android. Do tell us if this roster has proved to be of help to you or not.