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8 Best Art Apps For Android

Best Art Apps For Android

The best art apps for Android are not just for those who take themselves as artists very seriously. Be it sketching, painting, doodling or anything related to drawing, the following list of applications will take care of all that and more. Scroll right through to explore your options in this category and select the one that offers the features you seek.

1 – Fresco Pro:

Fresco Pro

A tool that lets you create digital artwork on your Android phone and tablet, Fresco is a painting application suitable for experienced as well as novice artists. The highlight of this tool is its layer attribute and the pro version features as many as 4 layers, which remain intact when you open the picture in the PSD format.

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Add to it 21 filters and 12 effects that help you come up with your own masterpiece. And after you are done with it, share the artwork with other applications by uploading it to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter or to cloud storage services such as Dropbox amongst others.

Price: $2.99

2 – Sketchbook Pro:

Sketchbook Pro

Next up on our list of art apps for Android is Sketchbook Pro which is meant for all those of you who love to draw. Especially optimized for Android tablets running the Honeycomb platform, it lets you show off your doodling skills to the world.

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It doesn’t matter if you do not happen to be a professional artist; the intuitive interface and a toolset to go with it are enough to turn you into a pro, but virtually. The paint engine utilized in the mobile version of this software is the same as that of its desktop counterpart’s.

Price: $4.99

3 – Paint Joy:

Paint Joy

If you dearly wish to ‘unleash the creativity inside your heart,’ head to the Google Play store and download the Paint Joy application that lets you show off your drawings to friends. With over 20 brushes at your disposal, you can easily choose a color and adjust the brush size to start making your virtual painting.

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You can also enhance your existing pictures by sketching on them using this tool. And needless to say, the drawings you create on the app can be shared via Facebook or Gmail accounts.

Price: Free

4 – MagicMarker:


The MagicMarker is a blend of intuitive interface and useful functionality that assists you in creating your own neon-style drawings. As all the sketches in this software will be neon styled and you can only draw on a black background. But considering that it delivers the required glowing effect, this background ends up enhancing the images and you wouldn’t really miss using any other shade in the backdrop.

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The clean application gives you the option to choose from different brush sizes. It comes with the undo and redo functions in addition to convenient options that allow you to share the images, import a photo from the gallery or set your sketch as the phone’s wallpaper.

Price: Free

5 – Magic Doodle:

Magic Doodle Free

Taking our roster of art apps for Android further is Magic Doodle that encourages you to express your artistic talent via pictures and videos. This lightweight painting studio boasts of realistic pencil and brush simulations. It tags along color palettes, color wheel, smudge effects and layers amongst a number of other features.

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The tool allows you to export your paintings, watch a video of these drawings or upload them to Flickr in order to share it other Magic Doodlers.

Price: Free

6 – Skitch:


It’s not necessary to come up with a new drawing from scratch to show your friends how creative you can be. Skitch allows you to add that extra touch to your existing pictures by letting you annotate and edit your pictures or screenshots. And the software is not limited to existing images as it gives you an option to come up with your own doodle too.

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Adding captions, zooming, repositioning or resizing images is pretty simple and pictures can easily be saved to the device or even Evernote or shared via Facebook and other such websites.

Price: Free

7 – Picasso:


Draw, paint or doodle, this versatile application on our art apps for Android array pretty much lets you do all that you want. A feature that will particularly be preferred by most users is its preview function, which lets you try brushes to find how exactly they will turn out, before you actually use them in your painting. Besides undo, it comes with Super Fun Random and Glow modes and lets you load images saved in your native gallery. These can be shared with friends via networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Price: Free

8 – Adobe Photoshop Touch:

Adobe Photoshop Touch

And the last application on our list is the Android tablet version of Photoshop, an app complete with features like layers, selection tools, filters and adjustments to help you come up with interesting drawings. It lets you utilize the device’s camera to fill in a patch and extract a portion of image using the Scribble Selection tool.

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Integrated with Google Image Search, it permits you to upload images on Facebook and view comments through the app itself. An inspirational gallery has also been provided, along with tutorials to help you learn new techniques. The tool extends support to images of up to 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution.

Price: $9.99

So these were some of the best art apps for Android, available through the Google Play store. Do share your views regarding the aforementioned options with us if you happen to try any of these. And if you think we’ve missed out on an application, let us know about it through the comment box below.