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Best Arma 2 mods

Best Arma 2 Mods

The best Arma 2 mods list has been compiled after a lot of consideration as a large number of add-ons will be vying for your attention. You’ll see that all those we’ve picked for this catalog are awesome. The said military simulation game was released by Bohemia Interactive in 2009, and while the title itself was a wonderful offering altogether, the support its community offered it by creating several add-ons on a regular basis is nothing short of praiseworthy.

DayZ turned out to be such a global phenomenon, its developer decided to create a standalone game out of it. Its immensely positive reception had resulted in the title being thrust into the top-selling charts on Steam, as players wanted to buy it just so they could play the add-on. The standalone is just a while away from its release right now. Here, we’ve gathered some of the most sought after modifications that must be given a go by all those who play the game.

1 – Rainy Fall:

Rainy Fall

This is one of the highest rated add-ons available for the game out there. It was released in 2010, and has its story revolving around Russia’s revenge on the US. It takes place 2 years following the establishment of the delicate peace in the fictional country of Chernarus within which the main game takes place. In Rainy Fall’s campaign, the Russians are planning to go all out to reestablish control over the Chernarus territory and its natural resources.

It is around this exciting plot that the whole modification revolves. Available in French and English, it even features voice-acting bits, which do sound amateurish, but add a lot of depth to the whole affair.

2 – DayZ:


No discussion about the Arma 2 mods can be complete without a mention of DayZ, and hence we’ve decided to include it here, so that those who haven’t played it can delight in its brilliance. Firstly, to be able to play it, you’ll need to also purchase the Operation Arrowhead DLC. What the add-on basically does is that it turns the tactical shooter title into a full-blown survivor horror, zombie-filled game in itself.

It has you scrounging the world for food, water, weapons and medicine, while being threatened at every step by attacks by the undead. The new features that make their way into the game through it include fresh weapons, vehicles, objects, a medical system and tons of other additions. The standalone title based on it is slated to be launched sometime later this year.

3 – Project Reality:

Project Reality

Project Reality has been created by the team of the same name which has its focus set on concocting a realistic and immersive touch for the game. Its gameplay lays emphasis on encouraging teamwork, and is hence a really good option for those looking to jump into some team-based sessions. A complete overhaul to the main title is on offer to you through this piece of downloadable content.

Its makers have already proved their mettle with a similar tweak for Battlefield 2 which had grabbed lots of attention when it was released. Apart from the title, the Operation Arrowhead DLC is also needed so as to run this add-on.

4 – Chesty Puller:

Chesty Puller

Another campaign add-on in this compilation of Arma 2 mods is Chesty Puller which features a parallel campaign to the game’s story. It allows you to jump into the shoes of a young marine officer named Lt. Robert Shelter who’s waiting for his first combat assignment. And his anticipation is paid off when he sent to be a part of the 27th MEU which is preparing to invade and liberate Chernorus from the tyrannical regime of Chedaki.

Chesty Puller is a really enthralling experience with its distinct missions. It deserves to be jumped into at least once by all those who own the game. It does not require the title’s DLC in order to work.

5 – Advanced Combat Environment 2:

Advanced Combat Environment 2

Advanced Combat Environment 2 has been built with the aim of providing gamers with the feel of real-world weapons, vehicles, equipment and tactics. It actually adds a whole new dimension to the title, making it a completely different ball game altogether. Newer and realistic weapons and equipment encourage gamers to devise fresh strategies that translate into realistic situations. And this is exactly what the developers have set out to achieve.

Once installed, the add-on provides support for a bevy of other community-created materials which can be installed using it. And this is what gives it the immense popularity that it is enjoying currently.

6 – Invasion 1944 – D-Day:

Invasion 1944 - D-Day

Our last entry in this catalog of Arma 2 mods is Invasion 1944 which lets you experience the World War 2 days with its superb recreation of all the aspects of the game based on that period in time. A total of fifteen single-player missions and forty multiplayer missions form part of the add-on. Invasion 1944 – D-Day also kicks in more than thirty German vehicles and over twenty Allied vehicles.

Another one of its substantial aspects is its music which really gives it a sense of originality. Lots of distinct experiences are available for gamers to bathe themselves in through this add-on.


Those were six of the best Arma 2 mods that you can download right now. Like we said, there are a lot of others that we might have missed out on. So feel free to keep exploring, and in the meantime, don’t forget to jump into the above-listed ones.