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Best Apps For Mothers

Best Apps For Mothers

We’re listing out some of the best apps for mothers that are highly capable of making your life much easier, especially when tasks like shopping for grocery or driving kids to school become tedious. If you’ve got a handset which comes pre-loaded with iOS, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry platforms, then go ahead and dabble in the options we’re about to compile, there are quite a lot of benefits each have to offer.

1. Dinner Spinner Pro

Dinner Spinner Pro

May it be cupcakes, bakes goodies or various delicacies, if you’re planning to whip up a special treat for your tiny-tots, the Dinner Spinner Pro application may not fail to excite the master chef in you. With direct access to Allrecipes.com, you can view almost ever recipe you desire straight from your smartphone. From creating shopping lists to search recipes by ingredients and save them in your Recipe box or email, this app could just be the best pick for most mothers out there.

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Amongst its many interesting offering is the kitchen view feature that makes previewing recipes a convenient task while you are busy cooking. The Dinner Spinner Pro application is available for download through iTunes and Google Play.

2. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

As a tech-savvy, you’re likely to have many options for cutting the right deal when purchasing home items, at your disposal. And amongst the many apps for mothers, the ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner is next to feature on our lineup. Through its offerings, this application puts you in charge by listing out the best available prices for goods you intend on buying.

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Once you put in your credit card details, a swipe is all that’s required to get things form websites like Buy.com, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and more. To receive information about the best deals both online as well as amongst local retailers, all you need to do is scan any product’s barcode with the app. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner is up for grabs on Google Play and iTunes.

3. DriveSafely Pro

DriveSafely Pro

Okay picture this; you’re driving to work and the BlackBerry next to you suddenly beeps. It’s probably a text and you’re certainly tempted to take a quick peek at it. But wouldn’t that require you to take your eyes off the road? With the DriveSafely Pro app on the App World, you can avoid putting your life at risk over a silly message. Whenever you receive a text message or email, the software will automatically read it out for you. It also obeys voice commands, so you can reply to messages or even call the sender by simply telling your handset to do so. Sounds like a neat app to ensure that you are always connected to your children and babysitter back home, even while driving, doesn’t it?

4. Lose it!

Lose it

Shedding the post-pregnancy weight can get a bit tedious, but you can let the Lose it! app take charge and keep tab on your fitness. Amidst the other apps for mothers we jotted down, this one in particular arrives with a simple, yet attractive UI. You can set up a daily calorie budget and keep up to it for getting back into shape with ease. It also enables you to stay put on your chosen path by recording daily food intake and exercise patterns. This ad-free app displays a complete list of activities and foods and allows you to set up healthy recipes and much more. Both Android and iOS users can get their hands on the Lose it! application by heading over to Google Play or iTunes based on the device owned.

5. Handy Scan

Handy Scan

If you are a proud owner of a Windows Phone 7-powered handset, then you can access the Handy Scan app. Just as its name suggests, this offering works as a scanner of sorts. It gives you the liberty to scan any form of document or even object and seamlessly saved it on your device or upload captured content to SkyDrive and Dropbox. What’s more, it comes with an auto-trigger that doesn’t require you to press any button to scan data. So the next time you are thinking about scribbling down a recipe or noting down an address, you can turn to the Handy Scan app and get the work done swiftly.

6. Fast Mall

Fast Mall

Many may want to agree that Fast Mall is indeed one of the most sought after apps for mothers and more so if you are a self-acclaimed shopaholic. If you are tagging your kids along and not quite familiar with a particular mall in the area, you can always employ this option to know exactly what the mall has to offer. It lets you check stores that are present in the center and accordingly decide where your course of action. Whether you are looking for a toy shop within the mall or a grocery store, the interactive maps on-board will guide you to your destination. The Fast Mall offering currently sits pretty on the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play.

7. Style Studio: Fashion Designer

Style Studio

If you have always believed in creating fashion rather than following it, then Style Studio: Fashion Designer may just be the offering capable of grabbing your attention. You can design skirts, dresses and jackets amongst other things and also use a wide range of accessories as well as materials to adorn both male and female models. It even lets you come up with your own magazine cover. Now how swell is that?

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Not only can you import images to personalize your creation, but also browse though over 30 base clothing items as well as check buttons, bows, belts and the likes to dress your model. And if you feel like flaunting your creativity, you could share your work via Facebook, Twitter or email. The Fashion Designer app is available for download from the App Store.

Many of the aforementioned best apps for mothers are most likely to instantly find favor with you. So leave a comment to let us know which of the listed offerings you will be downloading on your smartphone.