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9 Best Apps For College Students

Best Apps For College Students

This roster of the 9 best apps for college students kicks in it some really helpful little utilities that are sure to enhance your studying process. These programs are all aimed primarily at apprentices who’re burdened with the tremendous amount of schoolwork that’s at hand all the time. No matter how happily you celebrate the end of your examinations, the next ones are always right around the corner. And there’s no cure to overcoming this frustrating feeling, is there? Well the good news is that you can at least try to lessen its effect on you. Listed below are some interesting applications that we fell should prove to be helpful tools whether you’re in your classrooms or in the confines of any other set of four walls.

1 – Graphing Calculator:

Graphing Calculator

This app’s premium feature is its ability to render graphical equations in the most simplest of fashion. It’s an excellent tool for those who’re constantly in the in the company of mathematics. Available for the iPhone, iPod touch as well as the iPad, it enables easy plotting and tracing of multiple equations on one single graph. Moreover, you also get the ability to take screenshots and email the graphs to yourself for viewing later. Similar alternatives for Android users are also available through different developers.

Price: iOS ($1.99)

2 – Trello:


Just as its description reads, Trello is the easiest way to organize anything. It acts as a usual whiteboard, but adds a completely different twist by proffering users a flurry of interesting utilities they can play around with in order to keep a track of their activities. What Trello does is that it allows you concoct boards dedicated to the various things you’re working on.

You can create checklists of to-do tasks, invite friends who work together with you and assign them tasks so they can have their work cut out, and many more such traits.

Price: iOS (Free), Android (Free)

3 – Evernote Peek:

Evernote Peek

Few apps out there employ the iPad’s Smart Cover the way Evernote Peek does. All you need to do is lift the Smart Cover partially to get a clue, and then lift it further to know the answer.

This entry to our list of apps for college students integrates itself with your Evernote account, and hence you can pull out your material from the service, and have yourself tested for your knowledge. For those without a Smart Cover, it offers a digital cover that serves the same purpose.

Price: iOS (Free)

4 – Wikipanion:


Let’s face it; Wikipedia is an essential part of any student’s life, and just as its name implies, this software turns the resourceful service into your companion.

It allows you to efficiently structure your browsing experience by providing traits like bookmarks which not only work with pages but also with individual sections within a page. Other additions at your disposal with Wikipanion include grouping of history by last visit date, in-page searching, font resizing and more.

Price: iOS (Free)

5 – Wi-Fi Finder:

Wi-Fi Finder

Have there been times when your drained out 3G or 4G data has sent you scrounging for available Wi-Fi networks all around the place? Here’s one little tool that wouldn’t disappoint you at times like these.

Wi-Fi Finder enables you to quickly and easily find free as well as paid Wi-Fi networks wherever you go. It then lets you employ the GPS function on your smartphones to deliver the route you need to take in order to get to the desired place. Its main advantage is that it works offline as well.

Price: iOS (Free), Android (Free)

6 – Paper by FiftyThree:

Paper by FiftyThree

Doodling is a huge part of what being a student is all about, and hence we’ve decided to include Paper by FiftyThree in our collection of apps for college students. This iPad application lets you create your own virtual notebooks which you can use for all kinds of purposes.

You can create sketches and paintings during boring lectures, or jot down important notes in interesting ones; it’s up to you how to use it. Despite the fact that it’s free, you do need to shell out some coin if you wish to explore diverse options.

Price: iOS (Free)

7 – Exam Support with Andrew Johnson:

Exam Support with Andrew Johnson

You struggle the whole year, and it all boils down to the little you need to write at the end of it. Exam Support with Andrew Johnson is meant to guide you during these tough times.

It is essentially an audio meditation program which helps you focus and improve your concentration so as dispense the stress out of your system. Performance, confidence and concentration is what the app aims at improving with its advanced techniques devised by renowned hypnotherapist, Andrew Johnson.

Price: iOS ($2.99)

8 – myHomework:


myHomework is another organizational tool in our compilation of apps for college students. It serves the main purpose of enabling students track their homework and classes across various devices.

The free version of the application offers features like a homework organizer, a student planner and a class schedule homework calendar. However, purchasing a $1.99 subscription which lasts one whole year allows you access to added traits such as syncing the homework across various platforms.

Price: iOS (Free), Android (Free)

9 – Readability:


No matter whether you’re a student or not, Readability is one tool that proves to be useful to everyone who reads off the Internet. It basically turns cluttered web pages into clean sheets that are a treat to the eye, if not the mind.

You can choose between white-on-black or black-on-white options when you’re reading your material, and then there are other alternatives as well, which kick in traits like archiving, sharing with friends, switching font types and sizes and more.

Price: iOS (Free), Android (Free)


With this we wrap up this comprehensive list of best apps for college students which should definitely help in enhancing your learning process. While some apps here are strictly iOS-based, useful alternatives for them can also be found on the Google Play Store if you’re willing to search.