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Best Antivirus For Windows 7

Best Antivirus For Windows 7

Your options of the best antivirus for Windows 7 are here to alleviate those worries about your PC getting infected or data being stolen. With all the information pouring in and out of your computer’s virtual pathways, the chances of being bothered by malware and other such troubles are naturally high. What you need here is a good filter system for the scum. And what better way to acquire one wisely than by going through our list of best options first?

1 – Avira Premium 2013:

Avira Premium 2013

Next on our lineup is Avira 2013, a solution that comes to your aid with the slogan, ‘Advanced security. Enhanced privacy. Simple as ever.’ Besides just shielding your computer, you can also stay in control of your privacy and security settings, just the way you want it. Some of the features Avira boasts of include browser tracking blocker, social network protection, Android security, Avira protection cloud and website safety adviser. While the program 2013 is up for grabs at just under $30, there’s also a free product that comes minus a price tag.

2 – Microsoft Security Essentials:

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is looked upon as an easy-to-use software gem that offers real-time protection for your small business and home PCs. Keep Trojans, worms and other harmful programs away from your computer. It runs quietly in the background and shows you alerts only when you need to take action against them.

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What’s more, you’ll be able to spy a clean homepage that clearly displays the security status in green, yellow or red hues. This entrant in our roster is available absolutely free of cost.

3 – Comodo Firewall + Antivirus:


We now turn our focus to a combo serving that delivers not one but two goodies, wrapped up in a single neat bundle. The program offers the company’s Default Deny Protection and Auto Sandbox Technology on a platter. It also has the ability to sieve, block and destroy viruses as well as plan future automated scans via the integrated scheduler. Also present in your package is a real-life PC security expert called Live Expert Virus Removal. Get the complete protection and security you need by parting ways with just under $20.

4 – Avast! Pro:

Avast! Pro

Avast ye maties and prepare to see what the next inclusion in our lineup has in store for you. Firstly, Avast! Pro lets you tweak the software according to your personal preferences. It also comes complete with a silent gaming mode, SafeZone for sensitive financial transactions, Sandbox, cloud-based FileRep and Hybrid cloud technology. You can further avail of the Avast Account portal, which is your one stop shop for garnering a security report on important protection data. The starting price of the Pro version reads at just under $40. There’s also a free edition available for download if you’re little tight on those purse strings.

5 – Panda Cloud:

Panda Cloud

‘Light, secure, easy and 100% free,’ is how the endeavor describes it. The free edition provides you with some great attributes which help prevent malware and the likes from invading your PC. Some of these features include behavioral analysis protection, automatic and transparent upgrades, real-time protection, and URL and web filtering. You can also get your hands on the pro version which is tagged at just under $30. This particular edition offers a few more plus points like automatic USB vaccination, VIP support, community firewall and protection in public Wi-Fi networks.

6 – AVG 2013:

AVG 2013

AVG – these three simple letters can safeguard your system against notorious websites and malicious software. This inclusion in our roundup stops virtual threats as well as fishy files and links, dead in their tracks. It further arms you with the basic tools for controlling your online privacy settings. The program also aids in keeping your PC running smoothly, and even claims to deliver a smarter scan. Here too, you’re offered a free version as well as a paid one which costs $36.

7 – Kaspersky 2013:

Kaspersky 2013

Kaspersky 2013 forays across the scene tagged with the line, ‘protection, performance, peace of mind.’ With this program fitted into your computer, all potential threats will be monitored in real-time while deadly viruses and malware are barred immediately before they can cause any damage to your system. It also detects suspicious and phishing websites and comes fully equipped with a system watcher, automatic exploit prevention, reduced brain drain and better databases. This Kaspersky product can be picked up for just under $40.

8 – Norton:


Wave goodbye to those online nasties as Norton brings forth a virtual solution that stops spyware and malicious software from cropping up. When you pay $50, you bargain for five patented layers of protection, safe downloads, a threat-removal layer and sonar behavioral protection. It also prevents identity or password theft, and even blocks unsafe and phishing websites. With this Norton gem working tirelessly in the background, you can easily share and download content without worrying too much.


The aforesaid best antivirus for Windows 7 delights are just what the doctor ordered as a preventive measure against harmful software and malevolent material. Shield your PC before malicious programs and other threats of its ilk come knocking at your virtual door, or ‘window’ in this case. Our list is packed with various interesting options. Some of them bear a price tag while a few of the others jump onto the scenario absolutely free of cost. So which one will you allow to reside in your precious PC? Do let us know by jotting down your favorites in the box allotted below.

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