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7 Best Android Writing Apps

Looking for the best Android writing app in the Google Play store? Well, this is where your search ends. We have combed through the market to list out alternatives that fit the bill perfectly in this category and you’ll definitely find an option that suits your needs. Regardless of whether you are a student or a professional, the tools here should come in handy for you. As you are not required to struggle with your phone or tablet’s keyboard, you can expect your work to be completed within far less time. And what’s more, these programs will make sure that you never miss your paper pad and pen. Ever. So take a look.

1 – Handrite Notes Notepad:

Handrite Notes Notepad

The multitasking Handrite will act as your go-to tool as it serves the purpose of sticky notes, to-do lists, memo pads as well as journals. Thanks to it, you will never have to remember where you kept a piece of paper or forget that awesome idea you had. It ensures that you jot down everything without bothering about auto-correct or typing correctly on the tiny keypad.

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There’s a spacious zoomed area where you can enter your text and the program automatically recognizes and reproduces it on the body of the page. You can even enter symbols, numbers, pictures, equations and more. Its pro version with additional features is also available in the Play store.

Price: Free

2 – FreeNote, note everything:

FreeNote, note everything

According to the developers of this program from our Android writing app lineup, it is one of the most convenient tools in this category. Its hybrid model ensures that you can easily switch between jotting down text naturally on the assigned area and typing on the keyboard. There are absolutely no limitations to the content you can save as it allows you to paint, jot down text, record audio and videos or store pictures. And if that’s not enough, you can expect the program to tag along calendar, alarm and to-do list amongst a number of other things.

Price: Free

3 – Antipaper Notes:

Antipaper Notes

Antipaper Notes claims to be a simple and elegant app that gives you a break from tight text fields and pesky keyboards so you can note down important things naturally on your Google-certified handheld device. It allows you to make use of a stylus as well, and using the digitizer, you can note down stuff just like you would on a paper. You have multiple pens and highlighters to choose from and zoom into a page for precision. The pages you create can be emailed instantly and you have the option to change the paper pattern too.

Price: Free

4 – Handy Note Pro:

Handy Note Pro

We’ve assigned the next position in our Android writing app compilation to Handy Note Pro, which is said to be capable of replacing the traditional notebooks. You can scribble down notes, insert symbols, switch to typing, draw, drag shapes and do a lot of other things on this particular app.

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It can be enhanced using built-in art-design templates, note covers, papers and more. And for your convenience, there’s an option to save your work to Dropbox and retrieve it from any other compatible gadget.

Price: $3.99

5 – JotterPad HD:

JotterPad HD

Now here’s a minimalistic program which has been designed to be used on tablets and combines multiple top listed features. Thanks to Dropbox integration, you can save your notes directly on the cloud and access it from anywhere, anytime from a compatible gadget. Besides grouping, it comes with multiple other functions such as redo, undo, day or night mode and search to name a few.

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One of the biggest advantages of the app is that it extends support to physical and Bluetooth keyboards. Thus, you are not required to type on relatively smaller touchscreen keypads of your slate. If you like the free version, you can choose to download the pro one that tags along multiple other attributes.

Price: Free

6 – TabNotes:


As is evident from the name, TabNotes is designed to be used on any Google-certified tablet and can be utilized for the purpose of creating several notepads. The alternative has been added to our Android writing app queue because of its set of paper designs. Based on your work, you can choose a music paper, one with lines, an old one or other such pages. This useful attribute enables you to use it for jotting down notes, mathematical equations or even music notes without any hassle. This is a reason why the developers claim that the tool transforms your slate into a flexible notebook.

Price: $2.94

7 – LectureNotes:


Never again will you forget your notebook for an important class at home, LectureNotes efficiently turns your handheld device into a multipurpose pad, wherein you can scribble down your notes naturally. To make the most of all of its features, you are required to use a stylus on your device. Complete with continuous page view option, the tool allows you to type and even scroll or zoom for a better view of the text.

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Moreover, with a little assistance of LectureRecordings, you can easily record lectures and replay them through this app. Needless to say, it backs up and restores your content to ensure that you do not end up losing your notes.

Price: $4.14


Which best Android writing app from the aforementioned options managed to strike a chord with you? Don’t forget to let us know about your preferences. And if you are a fan of another similar tool that needs to be added to this particular roundup, feel free to get back to us with the name.