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7 Best Android Word Games

Best Android Word Games

The best Android word games are here to tease your brain with letter-play. For years now, this genre has never failed to intrigue us. Daily newspaper jumble and crosswords, Scrabble, Word search and Hangman are just some of the more traditional names that have kept us busy for hours on end. Now, you needn’t be confined to the pen-and-paper sort as all these titles and more can be enjoyed directly through your Android-powered tablet or smartphone. Here’s a list of the top names currently available in Google Play.

1 – Dropwords:


Dropwords is noted to be a word-finding puzzle that has gamers racing against the clock in order to emerge victorious. It is claimed to be a fun concoction which is sprinkled with elements of Boggle and Scrabble. There are half a dozen game modes to take advantage of namely, Blocker, Relax, Normal, Hard, Lightning and Untimed. Watch as the used letters disappear and new ones plummet from above while valid words put up high numbers on the scoreboard.

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And no need to have a perplexed look on your face when you’re unsure of a particular word. You can simply refer to the trio of integrated dictionaries which include Scrabble, Webster’s and a combination of both dictionaries.

2 – 7 Little Words:

7 Little Words

Individuals who simply love to dabble in anagram games, word finds and crossword puzzles, would surely love to get their hands on the next title in our Android word games array. 7 Little Words comprises of many little puzzles, each featuring 20 letter groups, 7 clues and 7 mystery words. The aim here is to decipher the answers by merging the different letter tiles scattered across the lower half of the device screen.

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This game can be played at leisure as it doesn’t involve a time limit or even penalties for wrong answers. Although the free app includes 30 puzzles, additional ones can be acquired through in-app purchases.

3 – WordzUp!:


The WordzUp! game is set to test your skill and speed, so be on your guard and stay alert. The rules are simple. All you need to do is put on your thinking cap and find words hidden in the grid. A great addition to the other apps present in your handset or slate, it helps you build your vocabulary whilst waiting for the bus or train. You can opt from 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5 or 6 x 6 word grids and even rotate the board to suit your preference. The Word solver even displays all the words present on the board at the end of the game. And you needn’t dive into this one alone as it includes the pass-and-play multiplayer option where you can tag along a pal. Other attributes read as adjustable minimum word length, variable play times and color scheme choice.

4 – Word Search:

Word Search

The premise of the Word Search game is uncomplicated and quite straightforward. It’s your good old bookish word search with a technology twist. We have incorporated this one into our Android word games list because we know just how much you love playing retro games every once in a while.

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Here you are endowed with dynamic grids which are packed to the hilt with words that cross and intersect each other and it’s up to you to successfully pick out those words. With, a clean and colorful appearance, intuitive touch sensitivity and special tablet support, you’ll be able to spend hours buried in the game.

5 – Words With Friends Free:

Words With Friends Free

Words With Friends Free is touted to be a Scrabble-like word game plucked right out from the house of Zynga. After garnering much hype on iTunes, it drove straight to the Google Play space to enthrall Android lovers as well. Featuring familiar crossword gameplay elements, it allows you to play up to 20 games at one go.

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What’s more, the title also offers cross-platform goodness, which means that you can challenge all your friends who own an iPhone or iPad. And if your pals aren’t available at the moment, you can always play with a random opponent. There is also the option of in-game chat messaging to stay in touch with loved ones.

6 – Wordfeud:


Like Words With Friends Free, here’s another game that bears quite a few similarities to Scrabble. Wordfeud forays into our Android word games roster bringing along with it juicy multiplayer capabilities. If the aforesaid title offered you up to 20 games, this particular iteration allows you to indulge in up to 30 separate games, simultaneously.

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Your task is to create and place words on the 15 x 15 tile board that’s littered with high scoring tiles like Double Word, Double Letter, Triple Word and Triple Letter. And when you get bored of playing on the standard board, you can always alter the placements of the four scoring tiles. Also looked upon as a cross-platform game, it enables you to play with friends or challenge random opponents.

7 – WordsWorth Free:

WordsWorth Free

WordsWorth Free calls all word champs to embark on an ‘adventurous journey across Dictionaryland.’ In this title, you must link letters to form words spread across a beautiful honeycomb structure. You can earn yourself big numbers on the scoreboard by making longer words with rare letters. There are bonuses like Flowerpot, Creeper and Palindroma to be acquired while playing on 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6 and 7 x 7 grids.

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Social butterflies can challenge their Facebook friends and see who emerges as the wizard of words. Try your hand at all 3 game modes namely, Timed, Classic and Tumble while completing various levels with different rankings.

Whether it’s sipping on your morning cup of coffee or sitting at home due to bad weather, let the best Android word games show you how to have a blast with letters. But before you get lost within the confines of these delightfully addictive titles, do enlighten us on your favorite picks by leaving a line or two in the comment box below.