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8 Best Android Wi-Fi Apps

Best Android Wi-Fi Apps

Here we have a comprehensive roster of the best android Wi-Fi apps to let you know about tools that will make sure you connect to an available hotspot and save up on your 3G or GPRS network. Besides informing you about open Wi-Fi hotspots, you can have these apps launch settings automatically as soon as you are in the vicinity of one. And you can even share your network connection with friends using Wi-Fi or USB tethering. Scroll down to read a detailed report of your options in this category.

1 – WiFi Manager:

WiFi Manager

Believed to be an easy way of managing Wi-Fi connections, the application in question tags along beautiful widgets. It basically is your virtual assistant that discovers open networks and even connects and manages them for you. Its graphical channel radar is responsible for improving the network quality and its homescreen widgets facilitate instant operation. This application also lets you add descriptions and icons to frequently accessed hotspots. Improved graphics greet you as soon as you launch the software.

Price: Free

2 – WiFinder:


If you are on the lookout for a nice and functional Wi-Fi scanner, you can consider using this application included in our queue of Android Wi-Fi apps. It lets you connect to open, WEP, WPA and WPA2 networks and displays their list that comprises encryption, graphic level and channel. And if that’s not enough, it offers auto scan function and understands Chinese and German as well.

Price: Free

3 – WiFi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro:

WiFi Hotspot USB Tether Pro

Instead of relying on Wi-Fi networks for an internet connection, you can install this application on your Android phone to tether a laptop, a tablet or a console to it and use the 3G or 4G connection to run these devices. Apart from wireless tethering, you can also choose to connect them via USB. The app has even been optimized for the relatively fast 4G network speed and its widgets should come in handy for simple one-touch toggle. You can try out the lite version, before making up your mind to buy the tool.

Price: $14.99

4 – Free Zone Wi-Fi:

Free Zone Wi-Fi

With Free Zone Wi-Fi, you can save up on your 3G data package as this app keeps you posted about all the available free networks. Unlike a number of other applications, which display paid hotspots or those which refuse to work, this software lets you know about over 1,500,000 hotspots that are absolutely free. Whether you launch it or not, it continues to run in the background and search for available networks. And your Facebook, email, Twitter and other social networking accounts are synched automatically, the moment you are in the vicinity of an open hotspot.

Price: Free

5 – WiFi Hotspot/WiFi Tether:

WiFi Hotspot WiFi Tether

Taking our compilation of Android Wi-Fi apps further is WiFi Hotspot/WiFi Tether that is an extremely easy-to-use application. It is basically meant for the purpose of quickly launching Wi-Fi settings for instant connections. The software efficiently saves up on your valuable time as it’s a shortcut tool, helpful for those who are always in a hurry.

Price: Free

6 – Wireless Tether for Root Users:

Wireless Tether For Root Users

This application has been designed to assist users who have rooted their respective Android devices. And as opposed to other similar alternatives, which are restricted to USB and Wi-Fi tethering, the app offers the Bluetooth-tethering option for the internet connection as well. It lets you share 4G, 3G as well as 2G connections and creates an adhoc network on connected devices. The decision to allow or deny data connection to anyone remains with you.

Price: Free

7 – Wi-Fi Analytics Tool:

Wi-Fi Analytics Tool

Next up on our array of Android Wi-Fi apps is the Wi-Fi Analytics Tool that puts an end to your internet woes by analyzing and informing you about the available WLAN connections. The advanced signal strength graphs should keep you in the loop about strong connections and the app even lets you optimize your network setup so you have access to the nearest one.

YouTube video

Needless to say, it comes with a built-in Wi-Fi scanner and, as mentioned before, a channel interference analyzer, besides signal strength meter. The latest version of this application brings the Signal Strength Widget that keeps you updated about the connection you are using.

Price: Free

8 – WiFi Overview 360:

WiFi Overview 360

This tool should help you with the task of managing as well as optimizing your used wireless networks. It gives detailed information about WLANs consisting of name, strength, channel number and encryption. This universal application also projects a graph representing active wireless networks in your range and its channel checker should prove helpful in choosing the best one. It works well with tablets too.

Price: Free


The alternatives mentioned on our lineup of the best Android Wi-Fi apps seem like good enough options that let you make use of your phone’s built-in Wi-Fi feature anytime you can. And as most of these are free of charge, you surely wouldn’t regret installing them. So have you taken your pick? Don’t forget to tell us which one you’d choose for your beloved device. And if you are already using software that you think is better than the ones we have lined up, drop in the name to let us and your fellow readers know about it.


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