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6 Best Android Webcam Apps

Best Android Webcam Apps

The best Android webcam apps let you pair your handset’s camera with your PC. These particular programs come in handy especially when you find yourself without a snapping device especially when you need to conduct video conferences with colleagues situated halfway across the globe. With any of these options seated in your Linux-based smartphone, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your gadget to the computer and use its shutter feature to interact visually with friends, family, and acquaintances. By procuring these delights, you won’t even have to invest in a separate digital solution.

1 – IP Webcam:

Option 1

With the magic of this program sprinkled across your handset, you’ll be able to convert the device into a network camera that’s complete with a handful of viewing options, as revealed by the developer. You can further use your snapper through the internet or VLC. What’s more, you don’t even need to pre-install any sort of software or program into your computer in order to take full advantage of this one. Simply plug in your gadget and you’re good to go. A few names it’s compatible with as far as video chat is concerned read as Chatroulette, Skype, and MSN Live Messenger. You can also pair the same with tinyCam Monitor on another smartphone or third-party MJPG software such as security monitors, video surveillance software, and nearly all audio players.

Price: Free

2 – SmartCam:

Option 2

Just as the name aptly suggests, this entrant in our roster is indeed a smart solution especially when you want to acquire video and audio feedback directly on your computer. Now while most digital devices for the PC come with an annoying cord attached to it, this one allows you to use it completely wireless. This way, you get to adjust the snapper just the way you want. You can connect this program with the computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, unlike the previous one, this option requires you to download the respective PC application from the web. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to use your handset as a digital snapper with ease. It’s further compatible with both Windows as well as Linux systems.

Price: Free

3 – DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro:

Option 3

By shelling out just $4, you’ll be able to converse with loved ones using just your PC and your mobile device. This pro edition lets you avail of higher image resolutions and even provides a whole slew of video formats. You can pair your handy gadget with your PC via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth and even indulge in a little one-on-one chatter with pals over Yahoo, Skype, and MSN Live Messenger. And those of you who want to get your hands on a few extra features, well, you’ll be able to zoom in, autofocus, and even turn on the camera flash LED light while streaming. And if you own a Gingerbread-infused gadget, you can even use the front-facing snapper. In addition to this aspect, the program can also be utilized as an IP/surveillance camera directly via your internet browser. What’s more, it claims to comply with nearly all networks and computers. Lastly, there’s also a free version of the same which forays onto the scene with only minimum features.

Price: $4

4 – EpocCam Pro:

Option 4

Compatible with Windows as well as Mac computers, this contender can be utilized with a host of online chat solutions namely, MSN Live Messenger, Skype, Facebook, Google+ Hangouts, Chatroulette, Yahoo! Messenger and YouTube, to name a few. And similar to a few of the other apps listed here, this one too features a free version you can try out before purchasing the Pro edition. When pitted against the former, the Pro program further provides higher video resolutions, audio recording, and absolutely no advertisements.

Price: $7

5 – AndIPCam:

Option 5

In just 3 simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy video chats with friends and family strewn all across the globe. Simply opt for the software in question, tweak the settings according to your preferences, and proceed to hit the start button. It can further be connected to the computer either through USB or Wi-Fi. And if you want extra brightness while conducting video chats, you can seamlessly switch on the smartphone’s LED light. Upload live images of things that matter to you. There’s also a demo version which allows you only 400 pictures.

Price: $3.50

6 – WO Webcam:

Option 6

When you part ways with under $4, you can sit back and enjoy video conversations via your handset itself. As the developer suggests, you can conduct video streaming for different messengers like MSN Live and Skype, among others. Download this particular software in our roundup and connect directly to the PC through USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. What’s more, it further lends support to both back and front-facing snappers as well as offers different video resolutions. You can also avail of the Lite version that’s up for grabs absolutely free of cost.

Price: $3.99


Picture this – you’re on a long vacation abroad and already miss your friends and family, and so you decide to conduct a video conversation with them either via Skype or any other messaging software. However, the only computer you have access to doesn’t sport the digital snapper? What do you do? Well, don’t fret as the aforesaid best Android webcam apps will come straight to your aid. Simply infuse any one of them into your smartphone and voila, you’ll be able to see your loved ones once you attach your phone to the PC. So which options will you rely on for emitting images and video bits across the internet?

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