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8 Best Android Web Browsers

Best Android Web Browsers

Hunting down the best Android web browsers was naturally on your go-to list if you’ve just bought a device running on Google’s mobile OS or are fed up (for whatever reason) with the tools you’ve been using to surf the internet on it. While it takes some time getting used to wandering the virtual world on a smaller screen after years of plugging away at the PC, there are some really competent utilities which will be willing to show you a good time if you’re ready for a change. Do read through our compilation of best options to find out for yourself.

1 – Dolphin:


Our first contender isn’t just an ordinary application. Once it becomes a part of your app tray, you’ll be able to surf the internet the smart way. Here, you can use your voice to carry out different actions such as bookmarking your favorite sites, searching for content, navigating and even sharing data on social networks.

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It employs a Gesture facility that enables you to access desktop and mobile portals by simply drawing personalized symbols on your touchscreen. You can also install add-ons as well as exploit the Speed Dial, Sidebars and Tabbed Browsing features.

2 – Maxthon:


The next inclusion in our array claims to know just how to grab your fancy. Wondering how this program will set the virtual stage ablaze? Well, it forays to the forefront packed with a host of interesting attributes like the ability to sync to the cloud and full screen capabilities, to name a few.

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Enjoy an enhanced surfing experience thanks to the useful add-ons, Quick Back feature and advanced gestures. What’s more, you can personalize your tool by endowing it with different themes and skins that are readily available in-app. There’s even a tablet version of the same that extends these capabilities to the related version.

3 – Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s official mobile utility leaps onto the scenario with customizable features as well as the latest privacy and security attributes for enjoying a safe ride across the confines of the net. With the help of smart search, desktop-to-mobile Sync features and easy-to-use tabs, you’ll be able to gain access to your favorite videos and sites quickly and without much hassle.

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A few of the other fun points associated with this program include Awesome Screen, support for HTML5 and Web APIs, Awesome Bar and multiple add-ons. There’s also a handy Reader Mode that’s thrown into the amalgamation for slapping cluttered articles across your screen, dressed in an easy-to-read manner.

4 – Google Chrome:

Google Chrome

Google’s brainchild rolls into our lineup with ‘speed and simplicity,’ according to the maker. With that said, you can expect accelerated page loading, zooming and scrolling capabilities as well as the ability to surf off the radar in Incognito mode. You can seamlessly search the vast online terrain through this application via your tablet or smartphone. You’ll even be able to sync your computer Chrome with your portable one to acquire your preferences like bookmarks, open tabs and omnibox data, anywhere, anytime.

5 – Ninesky:


What do you bargain for when you download this virtual delight? For one, you’ll be able to appreciate a safer surfing experience as well as a Smart Address Bar and Speed Dial for a more convenient way to acquire your desired URLs. What’s more, it also supports a trio of search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. Intelligent typing, cloud bookmarks and multi-touch zoom are just some of the other features that are roped in here by the developer.

6 – Opera Mini:

Opera Mini

The big O hits our roster with its Mini version. The Smart Page inclusion provides instant updates that are plucked right out of social networking sites as well as all the latest bits from the world of sports, entertainment and news. You can also keep multiple pages open all at one time and even toggle between them with ease.

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And lastly, no need to squint while reading text clips online as the app now brings forth better page sizes, toolbars and address bars that automatically adjust to the screen.

7 – Skyfire:


Get ready to tap into a richer and smarter surfing experience with this software bit. You’ll be able to hit the in-app ‘Video’ icon whenever you want to view Flash videos from across the globe. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of other built-in features like User Agent Switching, Related Ideas, Fireplace Feed Reader, Skyfire OneTouch Search, and Google Reader. Social butterflies can even exploit Facebook QuickView, Twitter integration and the Facebook Like button.

8 – Boat Mini:

Boat Mini

It’s now time to sail across the internet via a vessel that’s of the virtual sort. This user-friendly program is blessed with a simple UI and proffers quick startups, speed dial homepage and even multi-touch pinch to zoom capabilities. It also lends support to multi-tab in gallery, different themes and animation effects. You can avail of a full screen option, shortcuts and support for Adobe Flash player. And besides featuring an Incognito mode, the app also lets you assign actions like scrolling, zooming and switching between tabs to the volume key control.


We had earlier noted down browsers for the Apple iPad and Windows OS. Now even those of you who have a tablet powered by the Google mobile OS in their grasp can espy a special list created especially for this niche. The aforesaid best Android web browsers are extended absolutely free of cost and are perfectly compatible with both tablets as well as smartphones that have a dollop of some deliciously-named OS bits floating in their systems. But before you leap online, we urge you to leave your suggestions in the comment box right here.