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6 Best Android Weather Apps

Best Android Weather Apps

The best Android weather apps foretell the climatic conditions directly via your smartphone or tablet PC. Gone are the days where one would stay glued to the television or radio just to know what the outdoor conditions would be like throughout the day. Whether it’s planning a picnic, overnight camp trips, summer vacations abroad, weekends away from home or just for a pleasant evening walk, you can acquire the climatic digits before even stepping out of your home. Take a look at some of the top choices we’ve lined up for you in this department.

1 – WeatherBug:


The WeatherBug app shines brightly as it touts to offer the latest weather alerts, maps, forecast, current conditions and Doppler radar, among others. All information pertaining to the climate is brought to your portable device in real time from more than 10,000 weather stations scattered in North America and loads of other locations from around the globe. Your pre-planned activities need not be dampened by the weather as the application provides 7 day extended and hourly forecasts. Furthermore, you can also view live photos that are picked up from over 2,000 weather cameras.

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Worried about natural calamities? Well, you can now cast your fears aside as WeatherBug for Android comes embedded with ‘Always On’ alerts which forewarn you about hurricanes, floods and tornados. Daily National Weather Outlook video forecasts are also brought forth by WeatherBug meteorologists via the app. There is a Share function which enables you to share the current weather data, alerts and camera views with loved ones directly from your device.

2 – Animated Weather Widget, Clock:

Animated Weather Widget Clock

Up next in our array, we have the Animated Weather Widget, Clock app which struts in complete with a digital clock widget, live wallpapers and of course, the all-important weather forecast, animated-style.

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The climatic conditions for more than 50,000 locations from all across the world are portrayed onscreen with the help of realistic video effects that emulate rain, snow and cloudiness. This aids in providing a more lifelike presentation of the weather at present or in the near future. Other attributes include multiple scene landscapes, custom backgrounds, desktop widgets with digital clock, auto update forecast and geolocation.

3 – AccuWeather for Android:

AccuWeather for Android

The AccuWeather for Android app claims to deliver ‘accurate and localized weather’ right at your fingertips. Some of its interesting features include hourly forecasts, severe weather notices and interactive Google Maps. Adding some more sprinkle to the overall attribute list is social media sharing and personalized color themes.

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It even provides information pertaining to the weather for the next 15 days as well as special weather alarms for events like ice, rain, snow, wind speeds and probability of thunderstorms. You can glance at your portable gadget every 15 minutes to stay informed about the visibility, wind speed gusts and direction, humidity percentages and UV index as well as sunrise and sunset timings.

4 – MyWeather Mobile:

MyWeather Mobile

According to the makers of the MyWeather Mobile app, ‘weather just got personal.’ From Nigeria to your neighborhood, this software option seated in our offers instant weather updates anywhere, anytime. Detailed current climatic conditions such as humidity, high or low temperatures of the day, visibility, dew point, precipitation totals and wind speed/direction can all be perceived through the embedded software. Besides laying out animated radar and satellite maps, it also provides hourly and 10-day weather forecasts for staying abreast with the latest happenings up there. We award this application with a few extra points as it includes safety tips, hurricane tracking and weather summaries.

5 – My-Cast Weather:

My-Cast Weather

Like many of the aforesaid applications, the My-Cast Weather app also displays current conditions, severe weather alerts, hourly and extended forecasts, an animated radar and clouds, all at a glance. There are dynamic weather themes and simple graphics that are unveiled by the developer to aptly portray the weather conditions. What’s more, you can also share the climate, be it pleasant or not, with friends via Twitter and Facebook. Tropical storm tracking, StormWatch map, and background updates are just some of the other features incorporated by the software.

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An interactive forecast graph is also thrown into the amalgamation for visually determining the various types of weather data that’s chalked out for the subsequent 7-day span. You can even hold your device in the landscape mode to take advantage of the graphs and maps while also availing of the pinch-zoom gestures which can be performed on the latter.

6 – BeWeather & Widgets Pro:

BeWeather & Widgets Pro

Touting to provide a comprehensive weather and widget application, the BeWeather &Widgets Pro entrant in our Android weather apps roster brings along stunning high definition weather animations. And although you can’t control the climate in real life, you can still customize different aspects of the software to suit your liking. These include overall appearance, fonts, colors, notification settings, widgets and default weather parameters, among others.

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Further exploiting the personalization attributes, you can either set your own custom background images or avail of the in-app animations that indicate the weather outside.

We hope our best Android weather apps help you prepare well for the surprises Mother Nature has in store for you. The software options should aid you in staying as dry as a bone during the monsoons. It will even keep you warm and toasty when the snowflakes decide to come out and play. Predicting a no-school day can be fun too. Do give the applications a try and let us know which ones allowed you to plan out your day without having any weather interruptions.