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7 Best Android Task Killers

The best Android task killers listed below, deal with applications running unnecessarily in the background. These pieces of software come into play especially when you have a lot of applications pre-loaded on your device that cannot be uninstalled and which eat up your RAM and battery life for no good reason. But at the same time, you probably also have some useful apps on your phone that you do not want terminated. Simply put these on the ignore list and rest assured that they will run even if you end all others. Read on to know more about these life-saving apps.

Best Android Task Killers

1 – Easy Task Killer Advanced:

Easy Task Killer Advanced

Easy Task Killer Advanced acts as your ‘intelligent Android assistant,’ says the developer. If you keep complaining about how your phone runs out of battery just when you need it the most, then this the application is the one to consider in order to put an end to all your charging woes. Background apps are one of the reasons why the device responds sluggishly, and this tool works towards informing you about those apps that are basically responsible for causing your phone to lag. It lets you shut programs with a simple shake, to free up memory and enjoy swift operation on your device.

Price: Free

2 – Super Task Killer:

Super Task Killer

The second option to consider if your phone gets slower is Super Task Killer, another useful software on our lineup of Android task killers. Certain applications on your phone which can’t be uninstalled may unnecessarily use RAM and there’s little you could do to stop them, if not for this tool. Besides getting your device to operate faster by shutting unwanted programs, it even helps you increase its battery life. Moreover, this alternative allows you to scan through all apps and create an ignore list of the important ones you don’t want ended inadvertently.

Price: Free

3 – Advanced Task Cleaner 2.0:

Advanced Task Cleaner

Much like its counterparts, the tool in question clears up memory to speed up the phone. As unwanted apps are stopped, the device’s battery is automatically saved, which in turn lets you stay productive a little while longer, when on the move. It works with Android devices based on v2.2 or higher and even gives you the option to uninstall applications.

Price: Free

4 – Simple Task Killer:

Simple Task Killer

Simple Task Killer, an easy-to-use application on our queue of Android task killers is what you need to keep a check on battery consumption. It terminates apps with a simple touch and displays graphs to indicate free memory, CPU usage and battery life, so you know when to stop useless apps. Moreover, it lets you manage applications as you can select a program and choose to uninstall it or clear cache. The tool even ends all software at the same time.

Price: Free

5 – Advanced Task Killer:

Advanced Task Killer

One of the many options you have to stop your phone from lagging is Advanced Task Killer, as it serves the purpose of terminating apps that take up RAM for no specific reason. But in order to ensure that you do not stop necessary applications while at it, the developers have added the ignore list. You can schedule auto terminations so you do not have to manually repeat the procedure. Another neat thing about the app is its one-tap widget which ensures instant access.

Price: Free

6 – Battery Dr:

Battery Dr

Next up on our array of Android task killers is Battery Dr, which helps you bid adieu to your phone’s power issues. It basically helps you clean the device in order to maximize your battery life so you can use the handset for some productive stuff instead of having to frequently thrust it into a power socket. The multitasking application undertakes responsibilities such as monitoring and managing the battery usage as well. You can reset the battery profile and even make use of the integrated history cleaner to delete browser history and bookmarks.

Price: Free

7 – Android Task Manager:

Android Task Manager

The last application on our queue is Android Task Manager, a multi-purpose app that takes care of the system by supervising applications and the SD card, while keeping you in the loop about device information. It is compliant with practically all Android-based devices including those running Eclair or Jelly Bean. The tool can recognize and execute various commands, one of which is the shake to end feature. You are required to check the box that enables a shake to shut apps that have not been added to the ignore list. Moreover, this useful app lets you have backup folders of important data and saves them to the SD card so that you never lose anything you want.

Price: Free


So if you believe that these best Android task killers can help you put an end to unwanted applications, go right ahead and install them on your device. And once you have ensured that your phone is running smoothly without eating up too much battery, come back and leave us a comment.