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Best Android Voice To Text Apps

Best Android Voice To Text

When handset users want to give their fingers a little break from all that typing and punching in of numbers, they look to other means of input such as voice and for employing the choices in the Android Market, we have listed below 5 best Android voice to text apps. You can certainly work wonders by exerting that simple yet extremely useful gift of speech especially, when it comes to minimizing the use of your appendages.

1 – Vlingo Virtual Assistant:

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo Virtual Assistant from Vlingo Corp. is deemed as the finest voice-powered virtual assist on the Android platform. By simply talking to Vlingo on your handset, more productivity can be acquired at a faster pace. As the company suggests, commands like ‘find Italian restaurants’ or even ‘Text Jonathan, what’s up?’ can be executed with panache.

Speech outbursts like ‘Update Facebook; Red Hot Chili Peppers rocks!’ will apparently do the trick. By simply talking into your phone, you can send texts and emails, search the web, get directions, voice dial, get answers to any query and open other apps. Besides Facebook, social butterflies can even check in with foursquare and Twitter.

2 – ShoutOut – Speech-to-Text:

ShoutOut App

Holler, scream, or bellow out your voice and you can be reassured that ShoutOut – Speech-to-Text brought forth by Promptu Systems Corporation will convert it into words. The interesting app is noted to be a full-featured messaging offering that enters with voice addressing and dictation. There is also a brand new handsfree mode for a better texting experience.

As the company reveals, when you speak your message, results of the same can be spied or heard in just a matter of a few seconds. Other interesting attributes attached to this app include handsfree composition, reply and calling as well as SmartWord editing, threaded discussions, Speakable punctuation, popup notifications and text-to-speech which reads out aloud your text messages.

3 – TalkBox Voice Messenger – PTT:

TalkBox Voice Messenger

TalkBox Voice Messenger – PTT unveiled by TalkBox Limited is the third option in our line-up of Android voice to text apps. This entrant claims to redefine voice messages and make life a little bit easier. All the notes you have to convey to loved ones can simply be spoken out with the aid of your natural voice box.

Through the use of this app, you can save the trouble of painstakingly punching in the letters and numbers of your desire while sending a message or SMS across. Looked upon as an ultimate Push to Talk real-time walkie-talkie, TalkBox Voice Messenger allows Facebook Voice posts and Voice Tweets as well as Facebook Connect and Push Notification. Other features include broadcasting your thoughts across via text form and push to talk instant voice messaging with friends and family.

4 – Speech To Text:

Speech To Text Xenom

Free, simple and effective is the tagline strung forth by the company called Xenom Apps. The software embedded via the vast Market utilizes Android’s integrated Speech Recognizer to convert speech into text. This information laid out on the handset can in turn be sent across to friends, family and office colleagues, employees or acquaintances in the form of SMS or email or even copied and pasted to another desired app. Furthermore, it can speak out text as well as offer an option to alter the voice speaking language. This offering can be infused into your Android device absolutely free of charge from the Android Market.

5 – Google Voice Search:

Google Voice Search

Google seems to have a solution for just about any situation, so how can a name as big as this be given amiss in the list of Android voice to text apps. Downloadable via the Android market, users can easily search across the handset internet as well as the vast reaches of the world wide web. The software is an apt offering for acquiring vital information quickly especially when reaching your phone is inconvenient at the time of need. The process involves tapping the microphone icon by the search box and wait for the ‘Speak now’ prompt with speak – Google search results appearing on the browser.

So put those vocal cords and voice box to good use while giving your fingers some much-needed rest. For this purpose, we have laid out best Android voice to text apps. Talk the talk, seems so passé as the trend these days seems to be talk to text. As voice travels faster than type, why not simply voice your query to find the answers and the solutions.