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6 Best Android tablet widgets

Best Android Tablet Widgets

Here we are with our best Android tablet widgets roster which is packed with various options to port the required features directly onto the slate’s homescreen. So with a single tap, you can leave a reminder on the screen and throw a quick glance at the weather updates as well as connect with friends and family via a SNS. There is no denying that widgets do make things a great deal easier. Some just sit pretty asking only a glimpse so that you can read the listed information, while others bring in more utility and allow you to get on with work. So run through the array to know just which of the options mentioned below would sprinkle your Android tablet with added noteworthy attributes.

1. ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote Notepad Notes

If you have the habit of leaving sticky notes on your colleagues’ desks or on the refrigerator at home to convey messages, then dive deep into this summary. You can now leave reminders for yourself on the slab’s homescreen with the Sticky Note Widget featuring in the ColorNote Notepad Notes app. As the name suggests, this application gives you the liberty to organize the notes by color.

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You can create to-do and shopping lists as well as lock your notes with passcodes so that no prying eyes can view them at will. Furthermore, the software can sync notes to your smartphone and facilitate sharing via Twitter, email or text amongst other features. You can download this free offering from the Android Market.

2. Pure Calendar widget

Pure Calendar widget

Employ the Pure Calendar widget to get your agenda organized and maintain lists of your priorities so that you don’t miss out on an important meeting or that parents meet in school. It displays calendars from Google, TouchDown and Moto/LG Exchange. Plus, it also comes synced with Google Calendars, permits adding bi-weekly or bi-monthly events and more. It can be customized by selecting from multiple skins and different sizes to make it look all fancy. The app also shows tasks from TaskSync, CalenGoo, DGT Gtd, gTasks, Got To Do and others. With this widget out in plain sight every time you pick up your tablet, it should not be difficult to stick to the tasks and get the work done with ease. What’s more, it extends support to slabs running on Ice Cream Sandwich as well. You can go to the Android Market to download this free widget which is complete with some interesting features.

3. Facebook for Android

Facebook For Android

We couldn’t possibly miss out this option when it comes to our Android tablet widgets roster. Yes, it’s the Facebook for Android app so that you stay connected even amidst you busy schedule. Go on a photography spree to snap up unique images and upload them instantly from the Android fueled tablet to your preferred SNS. Keep in touch with what’s happening on the social scenario via the news feed. Additionally, update your status to let friends know what you have been up to. You can even open pages that you have ‘liked’, to know more about your favorite star’s life from within the software.

4. Picture Dial

Picture Dial

Next amongst our options is Picture Dial. The title of this offering is quite self explanatory and it in fact, allows you to do just that – make a call with the help of images. With this alternative, you can also send texts and emails when on the go. Naturally, you will be required to select the mode of communication wherein the options to email, SMS or ‘Ask Me’ are given on the right of the contact image to make things quick and simple. You can directly tap a few options on your homescreen to get in touch with others. The paid version of the app dubbed Picture Dial Pro arrives with themes and additional features to provide a personalized touch. Potential users can head to the Android Market to obtain this widget.

5. Wizz Widget

Wizz Widget

The Wizz Widget is actually a ‘collection’ of widgets, most of which are needed on a daily basis. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Agenda, Agenda Month View, Calendar and Google Reader. Then there are also the Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader stacks. It needs Android version 3.0 and up so that you can dabble in the benefits that this option brings. You can take a quick peek at your homescreen to read important data or social status, when in a hurry. This widget can be installed by accessing the Android Market through your slate.

6. AudioManager


Just when you probably thought that our list lacked something for audiophiles out there, we present you with this popular widget titled AudioManager. This is basically a homescreen widget complete with a volume manager which will help you to adjust and keep a tab on audio levels. This simply eliminates the need to go to settings and make any volume changes. The paid variant dubbed AudioManager Pro proffers two different sizes of the widget and allows saving and editing of audio profiles as well as creating back up and restoring the settings amongst other features. Plus, over 100 skins of this option are available on the Android Market, for the paid version, that is. It also has a built-in Scheduler that will auto-apply pre-sets created by you and can now be purchased to take up place on your Android powered slate.

This is where we end our blineup that features options ranging from Picture Dial to ColorNote Notepad Notes to proffer an enhanced user experience on your slab. Do leave in your opinion on the listed widgets and also tell us about any which should have found a place amongst the options mentioned above.