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6 Best Android Tablet Browsers

Best Android Tablet Browsers

The best Android tablet browsers provide an enhanced web surfing experience while on the go. Although Android-powered slabs are already endowed with a native browser, many device owners are still scouring Google Play for options that offer them something more. The list we’ve complied contains 6 acme internet browsers and included into the concoction are some familiar ones like Chrome, Firefox and Opera Mobile. So get your virtual surfboard out and prepare to ride the internet waves anywhere, anytime.

1 – Dolphin Browser HD:

Dolphin Browser HD

Up first is the Dolphin Browser HD which forays onto the scene with quite a few noteworthy attributes like Gesture, Sonar and add-ons. The former lets you unleash your creativity by allowing you to create your own unique ‘gesture’ or symbol for accessing the frequently visited desktop and mobile websites. The Sonar feature enables you to search the internet, bookmark your favorite websites, share content on social networking sites and even navigate through the web by simply using your voice.

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The final mention namely add-ons give you quick access to various tasks within the browser itself. Besides these 3 pre-loaded bits situated in your right Sidebar, there are over 60 Dolphin add-ons also available here. Other features include Speed Dial, Sidebars, Tabbed browsing and Webzine.

2 – Firefox:


Want a desktop browsing experience on your Android-powered slate? Well, we have just the thing for you in our list. The official Firefox Web browser scurries into the tab terrain with an app that is specially optimized for browsing on slabs. User-friendly and customizable, this software even boasts of incorporating the latest security and privacy features so you can safely step into the vast online space. And by customization, we mean the ability to personalize your browser with useful add-ons and a specific appearance.

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Fast web browsing and easy access to all your desired websites are among the various attributes provided by Firefox. You can further access your browser history, passwords, bookmarks and open tabs by syncing them with any other gadget. Keep in touch with loved ones by sharing content through Google, Facebook and Twitter apps. Bookmarking sites you like is easy as pie. All you need to do is swipe to the left and hit the star icon.

3 – Boat Browser Mini:

Boat Browser Mini

The Boat Browser Mini is noted to be a fast, clean and easy to use Android browser which enables you to access all your desired content directly through your slate. Doused with a simple UI, it features loads of attributes like quick start up, multi-touch pinch zoom, animated effects, private browsing and speed dial homepage. The browser further lends support to multi-tab in gallery, different themes, full screen option, shortcuts, dominant WAP website and download manager. Boat Browser Mini also supports Adobe Flash Player on devices that run on Android 2.2 and above. Sailing through all parts of the globe, it supports different languages like English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Swedish, Korean and Japanese. So as the maker of the software says, ‘take the boat, surf the world.’

4 – Opera Mobile:

Opera Mobile

Smooth, speedy surfing is what you can expect from Opera Mobile. By employing this specific browser, you’ll be able to pan and pinch-to-zoom web pages with ease. It has also been dressed with a new interface which looks great when employed with Android-powered tablets. See something on the web that’s worth sharing with friends and family? Then you’ll be glad to know that Opera Mobile is infused with Facebook and Twitter support. Whether you’re connected to be internet via Wi-Fi or wireless broadband, this entrant in our lineup works smoothly with not only tabs but smartphones as well. You can also speed dial and sync bookmarks with other portable devices or even your computer.

5 – Chrome Beta:

Chrome Beta

While at your PC, you probably turn to Google Chrome for catering to all your online browsing needs. So when you’re away from your home desktop and dabbling with your Android-powered tablet, why not rely on the same browser here as well? Touted to bring speed and simplicity to the portable terrain, it claims to offer accelerated page loading, zooming and scrolling. You can easily search and navigate directly via the omnibox in Chrome Beta. Toggle between unlimited tabs that are placed in an easy-to-view stack on the browser.

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This delight also comes in quite handy when you’re surfing the web via your computer and have to urgently run an outside errand. You can easily send all your desired pages from your desktop Chrome to the tablet with just one single click. So even if you’re offline, you’ll be able to read the content while riding the bus or traveling in the car. The Incognito mode is also thrown into the mix for browsing privately.

6 – Maxthon:


Claiming to know just how to make your mobile web sizzle, the Maxthon Mobile web browser for Android is packed to the hilt with a plethora of interesting attributes. Watch web content come alive on your slate’s screen thanks to the true full screen mode. You can even take advantage of add-ons, advanced gestures, powerful tab management and private browsing. Like most of the other options strewn across our roster, this one also allows you to share different bits of information with acquaintances through Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email and other such social media channels.

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Personalization options like a vast choice of themes and skins, tab browsing and avatars are also present in Maxthon. Easily toggle between WWW and WAP versions with just a touch and see all your favorite sites like Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, YouTube and Twitter load quickly.

The best Android tablet browsers allows you to access all your favorite websites and blogs while lounging out on the couch or waiting for the bus. Do let us know which one among the array is currently residing in your precious slate.