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8 Best Android Social Apps

Best Android Social Apps

The best Android social apps roster is here to help you with precise tools that let you keep tabs on the social activities of your friends. We have tried to include some of the most popular applications for common social networks, which should see you through all your social needs. And if you ask us, they are not all that bad considering they let you stay in the loop without spending even a dime. So scroll down to find out some really convenient software that will make sure you know what’s happening out there.

1 – Facebook for Android:

Facebook For Android

There’s little doubt regarding the fact that Facebook is one of the most preferred social networks of our times. And while most people are seen hanging around on this SNS, the Facebook for Android app comes across as a good option to keep in touch with friends on the website in question.

With this application downloaded on your device, you can stay connected, share pictures, update status messages, chat with Facebook friends and do much more, while on the move. And it also brings the basic information to your fingertips that subscribers usually share through their Facebook accounts, such as phone numbers and email ids.

Price: Free

2 – TweetCaster for Twitter:

TweetCaster For Twitter

Just as Facebook, Twitter currently seems to be all the rage and those who cannot do away with their daily dose of tweets should consider the next application on our array. The software is optimized for phones as well as tablets running the Google mobile OS and comes with a number of handy features such as Search Party, SmartLists, an enhanced widget, voice recognition and a lot more.

The photo effects let you edit images before you upload them, while smart filters refine tweets to display the ones with pictures, videos and links. Additionally, the zip it feature allows you to shut Twitter trends and members from your timeline without having to unfollow them. Through this app, you can also post your tweets to the Facebook account.

Price: Free

3 – Instagram:


Instagram is currently enjoying all the attention and admiration of the Android users as it is one of the newest members in the Google Play Store. This software proved its worth on the iOS platform before making a debut on Android. A simple way to share pictures with friends, the built-in filters and effects allow you to edit them before uploading to your account.

You can simply follow your friends to see, like and comment on their pictures. And need we mention that you can share your photo albums on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr?

Price: Free

4 – Google+:

Google Plus

The Google+ application on our roster is for all those of you who are a member of this newest social network by the search engine giant. You can easily access all your circles through the mobile software and determine the information you wish to share with friends.

At the same time, you get all the updates regarding what your friends are up to. Its Instant Upload feature makes sharing videos and images a breeze, while the built-in messenger facilitates faster messaging. And just like its web counterpart, the application allows you to video chat with up to 9 friends.

Price: Free

5 – Flickr:


This official Flickr app can be employed to not only click amazing pictures via the in-app camera featuring effects and filters, but also lets you share them through other sites like Facebook and Twitter or even via email. And it’s not limited to that, the application also keeps you informed about the comments and activities on your pictures. If you do not have a Flickr account, you can create one right from this software and take full advantage of the privacy settings for sharing these pictures only with the ones you want. It is also compatible with geotagging, so you will never forget the exact location where you snapped a picture.

Price: Free

6 – foursquare:


Now this is one application on our lineup that assists you in the beautiful task of exploring the world. Besides keeping up with friends and discovering newer places, it will also help you save money at your favorite locations through discounts and freebies.

The app also suggests places that you may like on the basis of the ones that you visit often. You can also have your own list of venues you want to visit or just follow those created by others.

Price: Free

7 – Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter):


And, this is the app to consider if you wish to manage your social networks through a single tool. It boasts of Facebook integration, while the developers also call it one of the best Twitter clients. The software not only supports multiple Twitter accounts, but also gives you the freedom to cross-post the tweet on as many accounts as you want along with the Facebook profile.

Moreover, the tool can display images from Instagram, Twitpic, Twitter and much more. Some other features include Retweet support, search capability, geotagging, conversation thread view and a lot more.

Price: Free

8 – LinkedIn:


The applications that we were discussing all this while were basically to keep in touch with friends and family, but LinkedIn for Android is one app that keeps up to date with your professional network.

The website boasts of about 150 million members and gives you an option to connect with them through your Android mobile device. And that’s not all, you can share information on the move, access basic information as well as keep yourself updated with what’s happening in your industry.

Price: Free

So that was our list of the best Android social apps. And if you come across apps that are on par with the ones we have mentioned here, feel free to drop in a line and let us know about it.