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6 Best Android Running Apps

Best Android Running Apps

Let the best Android running apps help you stay fit. Sprinting across streets, fields and tracks aids in burning all those unwanted calories as well as improves your overall cardiovascular functions. So what are you waiting for? A great body and sound mind are enough reasons for you to already get the dust off your old sneakers and put on that sweatband hiding at the back of your closet. Besides these add-ons, you would also need to port along your trusty handset filled with a few corresponding software options. Read on to find out just how a few applications can make your running routine seem like a fun experience instead of a mundane one.

1 – runstar:


Everyone can be a runstar, according to the makers of the runstar app. The software employs various user-friendly features that cut off the clutter and provide just the right amount of attributes needed to stay fit. There are four run modes infused into the software namely, distance, free, time and treadmill. It seamlessly tracks your daily progress and allows you to set time and distance specific goals. What’s more, all the results obtained through the application can be shared with friends and family via Facebook. And when you need that extra boost, just hit the in-app, orange-hued Power up! button. Besides belting out audio feedback, runstar also uploads your workouts to Dailymile.com and RunKeeper.com.

2 – My Tracks:

My Tracks

Another noteworthy inclusion in our Android running apps lineup is the My Tracks application that enables you to record and share your GPS tracks. Whether you’re running, bag packing or cycling your way to a healthier lifestyle, the software employs the phone’s GPS sensor to track your path. Vital statistics like speed, time, elevation and distance are accurately measured and can be either viewed live or stored for later use.

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Automatic voice announcements can be programmed to blare out during the course of your workout so that you’re well-informed about your progress. What’ more, this software from the house of Google can also share your track data as KML, CSV, GPX files with Google Fusion Tables, Docs and Maps to easily track your improvements. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are roped into the app as well.

3 – Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro:

Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro

Long, strenuous workout sessions can sometimes put a damper on your once-pumped up motivation. And that’s where encouraging energy boosts from friends and family come to your rescue. With the Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro app, real-time peptalk from loved ones can be acquired while on the go. Furthermore, audio feedback can be activated to chime out after every kilometer or mile.

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Pushing yourself by setting targets and let the audio coach aid you in achieving them. Other features embedded here include 3 internal programs, time and calorie goals, graphs, low power mode and history with lap times. Feeling a little competitive? Download a route and beat the champion or even go against a pal’s personal best and show him or her just how fit you are.

4 – AllSport GPS Pro:

AllSport GPS Pro

With the AllSport GPS Pro application sitting in your handset, you’ll be able to spy more than 25 fitness stats like speed, pace, distance, calories and time. The paths and places that you stride along are clocked on aerial, street and topographical maps. You are also provided with the liberty to take photographs and videos while you’re on your outdoor adventures. And you can instantly upload videos to YouTube even before reaching home to your PC. The app further allows you to check five-day weather reports to see the temperature, humidity, heat index and wind speed so that you can suit up accordingly. Planning to be part of the local races or marathons this year? Simply let this particular entrant in our Android running apps double as your personal coach as you train for each event.

5 – runtastic Pro:

runtastic Pro

A friend’s encouragement can do wonders, especially when you’re low on energy and don’t have the will power to even drag on. For that purpose, the runtastic Pro app enables you to hear positive cheers and motivational messages from your loved ones, all in real-time. Besides this interesting feature, it also includes other attributes such as calorie and pace goals, voice feedback, live tracking, heart rate support and geo-tagging.

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The virtual coach maps your activities via GPS and efficiently tracks your time, distance, altitude and speed. There is also a split table complete with dynamic mile and kilometer split. Sunset and sunrise predictions as well as accurate weather and temperature details can be acquired and saved directly in your handset. Your success stories and more can even be etched out across Facebook and Twitter.

6 – RunKeeper:


Our daily hectic schedules rarely allow us to allot specific time for workouts or even regular trips to the gym. But there are many health conscious techies out there who prefer to walk to their destinations or even dedicated an hour or two especially for sprinting or jogging. And like the other Android running apps in our roster, the RunKeeper application also enables you to track, measure and improve your fitness levels.

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By exploiting GPS, it aptly clocks your activities, distance, pace, time, heart rate, calories and path. Other interesting attributes read as manual entry for treadmill and other cardio equipment, customized interval workouts, audio cues and built-in RunKeeper FitnessClasses. To top it all off, the RunKeeper software can be acquired absolutely free of cost and even comes minus any annoying advertisements.

So did our list of the best Android running apps get you motivated enough? Well then, download your favorites, try them out and sprint right back to give us your views on the desired ones.


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