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8 Best Android RSS Reader Apps

Best Android RSS Reader Apps

These best Android RSS reader apps have been scribbled down for all those of you who require a nifty tool to manage those RSS feeds. While they can be used for instant access to news articles from a number of sources, you can also save the feed to read at a later time. And needless to say, the developers have bestowed the noted applications with intuitive user interfaces to make the reading experience even better. Scroll right through for a comprehensive synopsis of each candidate that we have handpicked for your consideration.

1 – Feedly:


Feedly has earned the adulation from a considerable number of Android users, which is the reason why it has been added to our roster. The developers of this app call it your personalized magazine that feeds your mind on the move.

Besides fast performance, it boasts of a stylish user interface and not only lets you read content from any of your favorite websites, but also allows you to share it with friends over social networking websites or some other apps. It works just fine with Google Reader, Read It Later, Tumblr, Instapaper and websites like Facebook and Twitter amongst others.

Price: Free

2 – FeedR News Reader:

FeedR News Reader

FeedR News Reader is the next alternative in our lineup of Android RSS reader apps. This news reader application for RSS and atom feeds can be used in conjunction with Google Reader too. Featuring a customizable interface, it comes with an option to launch a search by punching in the keywords or the site name to get access to the desired news article. And as the application saves articles to Read It Later along with their images, you can go through them even without a network connection. It supports full screen views of articles and recognizes gestures like swipe and pinch-to-zoom.

Price: $1.89

3 – NewsRob (Google Reader/RSS):


Apparently the ‘Chuck Norris of news readers,’ NewsRob, automatically syncs with Google Reader in the background. The offline support function of this software lets you save articles for reading at a later time without requiring an internet connection. It downloads web pages of feeds you refer to and makes accessing news easier on your Android mobile device. The designers of this app have also integrated hardware acceleration for the Ice Cream Sandwich platform and added support for the redesigned Instapaper.

Price: Free

4 – Free Full Feed Sparse RSS Pro:

Full Feed Sparse RSS Pro

As opposed to some RSS reader apps, the application in question does not display shortened news, but the full article. It synchronizes with Instapaper as well as Google Reader and lets you make in-app purchases to take advantage of some premium features.

The interactive and user friendly software facilitates social sharing via websites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and boasts of multiple language support to cater to a wide set of audiences. It can automatically carry out feed recognition or sorting and allows storing data to an SD card.

Price: Free

5 – gReader Pro:

gReader Pro

This unofficial Google Reader client listed on our Android RSS reader apps roster claims to make reading RSS feeds as easy as checking emails. The advertisement-free Pro version can be employed to download podcasts in addition to RSS news feeds and it brings better widgets in the form of a ticker to the platter.

The application is equally supportive of the Android Honeycomb platform and lets you browse through the saved articles in the offline mode. In addition to the search function, it features Facebook, Twitter and email integration in order to allow social sharing of articles.

Price: $5.19

6 – Reader HD:

Reader HD

Yet another Google Reader client, the Reader HD application has been optimized to work in conjunction with the Honeycomb tablet platform as well as the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. You can choose either the magazine or classic layout and continue reading in the offline mode. It recognizes swipe gestures on the screen and also leads you to the next article via the navigation button. The customizable software is inclusive of themes, widgets and image gallery. It supports both landscape and portrait screen orientations. Additionally, you can listen to podcasts through this application as well.

Price: $1.99

7 – Pulse News:

Pulse News

The ability of this next application to turn otherwise plain news articles into colorful and interactive mosaics makes it worthy enough to be added into our array of Android RSS reader apps. The intuitive tool displays the article as soon as you tap on it and similar to most other tools, allows sharing stories on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or through email.

The dual view feature lets you be the judge of whether you wish to read through the summary of the article or access it directly on the website. It even syncs with Google Reader and lets you browse through news feeds without network connections.

Price: Free

8 – EasyRSS (Google Reader/ RSS):


And the concluding app in our catalog is EasyRSS that extends support to Google Reader like many of its counterparts. The intuitive application senses swipe gestures as well as lets you slide your finger on the screen for scrolling through items. Along with articles, it saves the respective images for offline viewing and lets you adjust the font size according to your personal preferences. You can manage your starred posts and view them by tags or subscriptions.

Price: Free

So try these best Android RSS reader apps for yourself and do let us know which one you liked the most.