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6 Best Android QR Code Apps

Best Android QR Code Apps

These best Android QR code apps are here to lend a helping hand when you are confused about what to pick up from the supermarket and what to stay away from. While they will be a welcome addition for all the compulsive shoppers out there, these applications may also allay the fears of all those of you who dread the word ‘shopping.’ And that’s certainly not all. They are capable of doing a lot more than that. So have a look at the list, download the software that suits your needs the best and set out on that shopping spree.

1 – QR Droid:

QR Droid

The first one in our lineup of Android QR code apps is one of the best ways to share information through a secure channel as it lets you create a code of the contact or bookmark you wish to share. To come up with your own QR code, simply follow the on-screen instructions after hitting the create button and the app will take care of the rest.

YouTube video

The application requires you to see the code through a camera and scans it without having to capture a picture or click any button. Additionally, the app redirects you to the YouTube video and projects the title or the duration of the footage if the code you are scanning happens to have a link or a mini Google map for geo-locations to make things easier for you.

Price: Free

2 – Google Goggles:

Google Goggles

The second alternative is surely one of the most interesting applications of the Google Play Store. While the search engine giant has highly simplified the task of looking out for anything and everything in the virtual world, with Google Goggles it has created an equivalent for the real world.

YouTube video

A simple picture taken from the camera brings all the information you want about the thing in question, instantly at your fingertips. The QR code scanning feature of this tool helps you with accessing information and the built-in barcode scanner can be employed for product information. The app is also armed with entertainment features such as Sudoku puzzles and essential attributes like a translator.

3 – QR Barcode Scanner:

QR Barcode Scanner

Tracking information should be a breeze with this app as it works with Barcode and QR codes alike. The versatile application’s expertise lies in reading texts and numbers as well as web links and International Standard Book Number (ISBN). The instant search feature has also been included in the software. It lets you access the website on the internet through the link it scans in the QR code or all the related information through the ISBN. An update for the software has enhanced the interface to support intuitive gestures like swipe. The function of decoding images and URLs has also been added to this candidate marked among the Android QR code apps in our roster.

Price: Free

4 – ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner:

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

The developers of this application advertise it as the original barcode scanner for Android. It comes across as a blessing in disguise for all the shopaholics, considering it brings the best online and local prices at your disposal to let you be the judge about the best place to pick up your stuff from. You only have to point your camera at the barcode and the software displays the prices of the product. The latest version of the app comes with the ShopSavvy Wallet, so you can simply punch in your credit card and shop directly through leading e-tailers such as Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Buy.com and Target.

Price: Free

5 – Barcode scanner Barcoo and QR:

Barcode scanner Barcoo and QR

If you are looking for some transparency while choosing the right product for yourself, turn your attention towards the Barcode scanner Barcoo and QR. While most other applications in this Android QR code apps queue are limited to scanning and displaying the best prices, this handy tool can be used to access test reports of the products along with the eco-footprint and the nutritional traffic light.

YouTube video

In addition to gaining the independent product information, the Barcoo app can also be used for scanning EAN as well as QR codes. And besides searching live suggestions, the new version also takes care of the bugs and certain issues related to scanning codes.

Price: Free

6 – i-nigma Barcode Scanner:

i-nigma Barcode Scanner

The last application is i-nigma Barcode Scanner, which works with most codes including Datamatrix and EAN without having to preset barcode types. This alternative makes use of the phone’s camera and can scan colored or creative barcodes too. It lets you compare prices of various products at retailers like Amazon and eBay. The scanned codes can also be shared with friends over social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter amongst others or through a text message. The multi-lingual software is also compliant with vCards, MeCards, Geo and Calendar barcodes.

Price: Free

So what are your views about these best Android QR code apps? Will you consider using any of the applications mentioned above? Feel free to drop a word or two in the comment box below.