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6 Best Android Printing Apps

Best Android Printing Apps

The best Android printing apps help preserve virtual visual memories on paper. Pictures plucked right out from your smartphone or tablet can be framed and placed on the walls around your home or office. Another great idea is to keep them in good old photo albums for reminiscing upon. The printed pictures can also be turned into interesting postcards which can be used to stay in touch with loved ones around the globe. And why only photos? Through these applications, you can also acquire hard copies of emails, web pages, documents, contacts and presentations. So take a look at our list, download an app and get ready to hit the print button.

1 – Cloud Print:

Cloud Print

With the Cloud Print app, you can easily print data directly from the phone via your local printer. The software employs the Google Cloud Print service so you would need to configure your PC with the same if you wish to successfully print out files using this app. However, if you own a Cloudprint ready printer from Kodak or Epson, among others or an HP E-Print enabled printer, you won’t need to switch on your PC during the process.

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The internal file browser allows you to print any type of document like jpg, docx, pdf, jpeg, ods, xlsx, odp, doc, xls, ppt, txt and xps. The app also requires contact and SMS reading permissions as it has the ability to print them out on paper.

2 – PrinterShare Mobile Print:

PrinterShare Mobile Print

Need an urgent printout of your contact list or an important SMS that was sent to you by your relative? The PrinterShare Mobile Print app enables you to do just that and then some. Besides SMS, MMS, contacts and photos, it aids in producing various sorts of documents that are formulated by utilizing Word, PDF, Powerpoint, MS Office and Excel. This can be done via the device memory, SD card or even Google Docs. Web pages, Gmail emails and other digital content can be etched out on paper without much fuss. While nearby direct printing is carried out via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, nearby printing can also be done through Windows or Mac shared printers. This entrant in our Android printing apps roster works in harmony with various printers from Epson, HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother and others.

3 – Epson iPrint:

Epson iPrint

You can use the Epson iPrint app to acquire PDFs, photos and web pages of your desired content from nearby wireless Epson printers. Furthermore, it also offers support for online file services like Box, Evernote, Dropbox and Google Docs. This means that all your files stored in the aforementioned web services can smoothly be printed out through your portable gadget. You can also tweak print options such as paper size and type, one- or two-sided printing, page range and number of copies. Other attributes include checking the printer’s ink levels and status, opting for multiple photos and optimizing print quality. The ability to toggle between color and monochrome printing is also on the cards when you download the Epson iPrint app.

4 – Brother iPrint & Scan:

Brother iPrint & Scan

By downloading the Brother iPrint & Scan app and executing a few easy steps thereon, you’ll successfully be able to breathe life into web pages, photos and PDFs stored in your mobile or slab. All you need to do is connect to your Brother printer through the local wireless network and you’re good to go. The content can be printed out on different paper sizes like A4, A3, B4, ledger, letter, photo L and 4″ x 6″. According to the company, you can avail of up to 5 copies spread across either plain or glossy paper. And unlike a few of the other inclusions in our Android printing apps lineup, the Brother iPrint & Scan application doesn’t require a computer or drivers to operate. Besides allowing you to print all your precious memories on paper, it also scans documents and pictures directly to your Android-powered device.

5 – PrintBot:


Looking for a reliable way to get your pictures and data printed without exerting too much effort? How about giving the PrintBot app a whirl? It offers support for over 2800 printer models from Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, HP, Epson and Brother. And like the Brother iPrint & Scan app, your PC doesn’t have to get involved in any way while the whole process is being carried out. The software automatically scans for printers and directly prints out content via your Wi-Fi network. When you want hard copies of PDF documents and images, simply click on the file or send/share option and then opt for the PrintBot option. You can also take advantage of the PrintBot Pro version which boasts of unlimited printing and printer profiles.

6 – iCanPrint Wi-Fi:

iCanPrint Wi-Fi

The final pick in our Android printing apps array is the iCanPrint Wi-Fi application. A trio of options can be utilized to acquire the necessary documents. These include cloud printing, printers connected to Windows PC and network printers. It supports PDF files, MS Office formats like doc, xls, docx and xlsx as well as Picture formats such as jpeg, bmp, tiff, png and gif. Apart from catering to tech enthusiasts who speak English, the application can also be availed by those who a familiar with other languages like French, Spanish, German and Traditional Chinese.

With any one of the best Android printing apps sitting in your handset or slate, you can wirelessly print all your desired images, documents and files. No need to worry about copying content onto SD cards or pen drives or even using USB cables for achieving the same. So go ahead and give our acme delights a go. And don’t forget to leave your views in the comment box below.