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8 Best Android Podcast Apps

Best Android Podcast Apps

A list of the best Android podcast apps is jotted down to help you choose a software for managing all your news content and RSS feeds. The Android Market offers a plethora of options to its subscribers and we have narrowed down the search to some extent by listing out the best ones. So take a look and select an apt one that would keep you updated while on the go.

1 – BeyondPod Podcast Manager:

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

The BeyondPod Podcast Manager for your Android phone claims to simplify reading RSS feeds, downloading podcasts and viewing or listening to them. Besides a download scheduler, the app boasts of Google Reader integration and other features like downloading content in the background, automatic deletion at the end of playback and more. You can now have complete control over the application and choose when to download podcasts.

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Its commercial skip function lets you leave out content, while the Smart Playlist creates playlists on the basis of your preferences. The developers have also created another version of this app for the Honeycomb platform, to offer optimum performance to tablet users.

Price: Free

2 – Stitcher Radio – News and Talk:

Stitcher Radio

The next application on our list of Android podcast apps is Stitcher Radio, which is not restricted to only podcasts as it also brings radio shows and live stations to your mobile device. The Stitcher Front Page feature keeps you updated and sends breaking news audio alerts to the phone at regular intervals.

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Getting access to latest shows from channels like NPR, CNN, BBC, Fox, Carolla and others should not be a problem either. And if that’s not enough, this tool comes with the My Station attribute to let you create a personalized channel to play back your choice of shows.

Price: Free

3 – MyPod Podcast Manager:

MyPod Podcast Manager

This fully featured podcast player is said to come with a few distinctive functions which may require some getting used to, but the help options should highly simplify things. The application is known to update and download audio as well as video podcasts without synchronization with desktops, servers or other systems.

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The developers have also thrown in a browser to facilitate searching for feeds or music while the built-in dual player allows you to listen to voice and music at the same time. This configurable tool can import content from Google Reader and can be managed remotely from PC systems.

Price: Free

4 – PodKicker Podcast Manager:

PodKicker Podcast Manager

The developers of this particular software proudly advertise it as an alternative to all ‘bloated podcatchers out there’. The clean and intuitive application boasts of a searchable database that comprises of over 65,000 podcasts and based on your current subscriptions, recommends a number of other podcasts to help you stay updated. Along with streaming and downloading podcasts, it can handle your RSS and Atom feeds as well. Google Listener and Reader import is also supported besides OPML import and export.

Price: Free

5 – Podcast Player:

Podcast Player

The next contender in our lineup is the Podcast Player that is designed sans pretty buttons and skins. The absence of these inclusions adds to the tool’s efficiency, while making room for slider bar and pause/resume buttons. In order to save up on storage space, the application automatically deletes the mp3 that you’ve already listened to. It asks you for permissions like Write External Storage to delete files, Wake Lock to refrain the device from going to sleep during the podcast and Read Phone State to pause for incoming calls.

Price: Free

6 – DoggCatcher Podcast Player:

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

Another podcast player is DoggCatcher, which should assist you with finding and playing the podcasts as well as managing the RSS and news feeds on your Android device. The intuitive software automatically downloads and cleans all media files. You can either import from OPML or for the Google Reader and Listen, along with browsing through the top 100 Doggcatcher feeds.

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Some other features include recommendations, integrated A/V player, Bluetooth support and offline playback to save up on data charges, amongst many others.

Price: $4.99

7 – RSSDemon News & Podcast Reader:

RSSDemon News And Podcast Reader

RSSDemon boasts of an intuitive and user friendly interface, allowing you to easily subscribe to news, podcast feeds, blogs and more, all of which you can access directly from your mobile Android companion, even without an internet connection. Extending support to most news and blog formats, the application downloads article and podcasts for offline reading and playback. Besides choosing from the predefined feeds and podcasts, you can add in your own sources and launch a search by punching in simple keywords.

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The feed grouping tags along modes like Group View and Flat View as well as options to categorize and locate desired feeds. And like most others programs on the list, it can automatically download podcasts and articles, too.

Price: Free

8 – Pocket Casts:

Pocket Casts

The Pocket Casts application lets you stay updated with the latest podcasts as well as netcasts, by allowing you to save your favorite ones, making it easier to stream and download new episodes. As the app’s server monitors all your feeds, you can refresh as many as 100 podcasts at a time and download them over your Wi-Fi or 3G network without having to worry about the file size. It downloads in the background and notifies you at regular intervals about the availability of new episodes.

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The app can be configured to download content to the phone or SD card and you can also customize it with different images and titles for all your podcasts. And if you don’t wish to sit through the whole podcast, a simple tap on your phone’s touchscreen will let you skip through various parts.

Price: $2.99

So aren’t these programs a good way to keep a tab on what’s going on around you? Do let us know your experience of using them. And if you think the Android Market has something better to offer in this segment, drop us a line in the comment box below.