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8 Best Android Music Apps

Best Android Music Apps

Here’s the best Android music apps roster that lists some useful applications you may need to embark on a musical journey. The array features a number of diverse tools which work towards enhancing the music listening experience on your Android-powered mobile device. From recognizing a track to buying it on the move or from getting access to your favorite radio shows to creating your own personalized station, the list pretty much covers all that and a lot more. Read on to know more.

1 – Shazam Encore:

Shazam Encore

One of the easiest ways to find out all that you wanted to know about your favorite track or music in general, Shazam Encore seems like a good option for discovering new music for your playlist. All you need to do is hold up your phone while the track is playing and the app identifies it, gives you an option to watch the video, buy it online, get to know about the artist and a lot more. You can also have access to the lyrics in sync with the song and hum along.

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It is even integrated with social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter in addition to Spotify. And as it’s the paid version of the app that we are talking about, you can rest assured that it will be free of all the annoying advertisements.

Price: $4.99

2 – Spotify:


The next application on our list boasts of a huge library of over 15 million songs and promises to give you access to all your favorite numbers, under one roof. While you can stream music online, Spotify also lets you listen to tracks when you do not have a network connection. It lets you create your own playlist on Spotify or sync your audio collection to the Android device.

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Sharing tracks with your friends should not be a problem either, and it allows you to send them to Facebook or Last.fm too. You can use the trial version for two days and decide whether you want to splurge on the app or not.

Price: $9.99

3 – Amazon MP3:

Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 tags along the music store as well as Amazon Cloud Player for the US or the music player for the UK. Besides letting you buy music, it also allows you to save it to the cloud. You can store songs from iTunes and other MP3 folders and listen to them on the move, on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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The UK version of this software acts as a music player too. So you can download as well as listen to tracks without ever leaving the app.

Price: Free

4 – Audiogalaxy:


Another application to have found a place on our lineup is Audiogalaxy, which is a rather useful software if you do not wish to cram the phone with your huge music collection. It requires the 3G, Wi-Fi or EDGE connection to bring the playlist onto your mobile device. The application has an interesting feature for its subscribers in the US, called Mix.

It lets you choose your favorite artists, genres or cities and creates a playlist based on your selections. The three-month subscription to the Mix option will set you back by $11.99, while that of one year will cost you $35.99.

Price: Free

5 – PlayerPro Music Player:

PlayerPro Music Player

A highly organized audio as well as video player for your phone, PlayerPro Music Player lets you browse through your music by songs, folders, genres, albums or artists amongst others. The application downloads artists’ pictures or album artworks by itself or gives you an option to manually select the ones you like the most.

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The customizable software brings in album or artist reviews and the lyrics of most songs to your fingertips. And you can also create your own customized playlists so that you do not end up wasting time in searching for a track.

Price: $4.99

6 – iSyncer for PC:

iSyncer for PC

Taking our list further is iSyncer for PC, a simple application to sync your iTunes playlist with the mobile device running the Google OS. All you need to do is plug in your phone to the computer system loaded with iTunes for Windows, and it does not require any intermediary software to carry out the task. It works the other way round as well to let you sync the songs downloaded on your phone to iTunes. Moreover, the tool is compatible with podcasts and videos and its Live Lists feature lets you create a smart playlist that can be synced with the computer or the iTunes library too. Its Mac version is also available on the Google Play Store.

Price: $2.99

7 – Pandora:


One among the popular Android applications, Pandora lets you create your very own, personalized radio station for your phone. This internet radio app requires you to punch in some basic information such as your favorite band, artists, genres, composers or anything similar and the software comes up with a fully customized radio station that plays songs you would prefer to listen to.

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And if you have been using Pandora across other platforms, simply log in from the Android device and continue listening to the station custom-made especially for you.

Price: Free

8 – Google Play Music:

Google Play Music

And finally, we bring our list to an end with the addition of Google Play Music, cloud based storage for your music collection. It negates the hassles of syncing or storing tracks on the phone for on-the-go access and automatically brings all the songs you purchased from Google Play at your disposal.

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You can store up to 20,000 additional songs on your computer and listen to them on the Android device. And what’s more, it allows you to save the favorite ones for when you do not have access to an internet connection.

Price: Free

So how many of these best Android music apps have you already tried? Drop a line in the comment box and share your views with us.