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7 Best Android Map Apps

Best Android Map Apps

Our best Android map apps roundup will give you the options needed to let technology lead the way whenever you’re away from home. Whether you’re planning to go hiking or traveling to an unknown land, these offerings should help you find your way around with ease. So if you’re skimming the web for ways to make your handset travel-ready, then we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Each option in our roster caters to different needs. And you’re more than welcome to pick out the ones that fill your requirements. So go ahead, run through the brief descriptions of each application that we put down just for your consideration.

1. MapQuest


You may have issues with asking strangers for directions or simply prefer having technology put in charge while traveling. Well in that case, the MapQuest app may just be the right choice for you. Amongst its many features, the key offering here is the voice-guided navigation system that assists you with turn-by-turn directions. Furthermore, the application tags along various attributes such as voice controlled search, live traffic flow, satellite maps view as well as driving and walking guidance.

If you happen to make a wrong turn when on the go, this offering is said to auto re-route in order to get you to your destination on time. It also features a Place Map toolbar for one-click access to nearby gas stations, restaurants and many more. You can access Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, to pocket the MapQuest application.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps

The next candidate on our recommendations list could probably be one of the most accurate Android map apps that you’ll turn to every now and then. Google Maps needs no introduction, so we will quickly run through the features it brings along. To begin with, the application lets you find places, rate them and even receive recommendations. The application is complete with voice-guided GPS navigation and it even allows you to check-in at places. Naturally, with this attribute you can also see your friends on the map and easily catch up with them if you happen to be nearby.

3. Maps (-)

Maps Minus

Traveling to places where network coverage is weak may tend to be troublesome. Instead of digging up Google Play for apps that come with the offline access to different worldwide locations, we’ve got an application that can deliver just the same, Maps (-). It lets you download and cache places to the SD card, which can then be used whenever you decide on traveling to regions with poor network coverage or saving data costs. What’s more, the application allows you to magnify the map for better visibility and it comes with an auto-follow GPS feature.

4. BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS

BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS

Packed with galore of features and a neat UI, BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS is next in line on our Android map apps roster. Wearing a $9.99 price tag on Google Play, this entrant gives you the liberty to dabble around in offline topo maps and it comes with GPS support too. So you can rake in the benefits of topo mapping GPS with navigation when hiking through the mountain side.

The application allows you to download the required topo maps in advance and also makes accessing them convenient from almost anywhere. You can purchase various add-ons like boundary maps, ATV, Whitewater, Equestrian and other Trail Maps, through the in-app store. Chances are, this tool might just become your favorite companion each time you plan a hiking trip with friends and family.

5. aMetro


Offering maps of transit systems around the world, the aMetro app is most likely to be quite useful if you take to globetrotting pretty often, especially if you’re the type who prefers traveling with a limited budget and getting around through public transport. So whether you’re in need of maps for metros, buses, trains or subways, this application is highly capable of delivering it all.

Apart from displaying routes between stations, you can view expected travel times as well. A simple tap on a station selects your destination and just in case you are wondering how much does it all come for? Well, this app doesn’t require you to shell out a single penny, but we’re not so sure about data rates when roaming.

6. Maps Ruler

Maps Ruler

The next candidate to feature on our Android map apps compilation is Maps Ruler. If you’re a sports enthusiasts, then chances are that you may already have this application downloaded on your device. As the name suggests, this digital ruler lets you calculate distance between two selected points. So you can figure out the shortest way to reach the desired destination. Paths can be saved or loaded whenever you like and it also facilitates carrying out measurement conversions. The app is most likely to place itself as a neat tool for athletes. It can be employed as a golf distance calculator as well. The Maps Ruler tool is available for free through Google Play.

7. Maps With Me

Maps With Me

Maps With Me is one of the many offerings that don’t require much time to become a favorite amongst users. Firstly, it comes with offline maps support from almost every country across the globe with the GPS tracking feature in tow. Basically, the application is like virtually carrying the entire world in your pocket. If you want to take a look at a map of any city in the world, all you have to do is simply launch the app and download the appropriate location files for quick access when offline. Installing maps shouldn’t be a tough job. You can head on to Google Play and download the Maps With Me application for free.

So which of the aforementioned best Android map apps are destined to become your companions for those impulsive escapades? Do drop in a line or two in the comments section below and also let us know which of these options are amongst your personal favorites.